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I just discovered there's a video for Mickey Avalon's song "I'm Hot", and more importantly, I discovered that the video is Mickey dancing on stage in a strip club and giving a woman a lap dance while she stuffs money in his jeans.


Giffed for your enjoyment.

The video dates from two years ago, so it may or may not predate Magic Mike, which is the only thing I can think of with male strippers. It's surprising how something so simple can still be a little shocking. There's sexy girls dancing with him on stage, but Mickey is the stripper; he's the one grinding for money, he's the one giving the camera come-hither looks, he's the one getting felt up.

One day I want to write an essay about the male response to Mickey Avalon based entirely on Youtube comments. My boyfriend is the one who introduced me to Mickey, and he told me, "On Youtube, every other comment is from a dude saying 'He's a fag, he's a fag, he's a fag!'". There is something about Mickey that freaks them the fuck out. I seriously think it's because Mickey is so open about whoring himself but also being into girls, and in music videos he presents himself as a sex object, so even though a lot of his lyrics put him squarely into the "take ya home and fuck ya twice guy" braggadocio category, guys still find him threatening. Between raps about sexing up ladies, Mickey will casually mention "truckers get my number off the stalls at rest stops" and his male porn star buddies. The audience is never able to let their guard down entirely (and yet they still seek out his videos. Hmm.)
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