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Whenever I forget why I hateread Tumblr instead of getting my own, a gem will pop out like a dingleberry from a wildebeest's ass. More often than not, it's some variation on "skinny bitches have it soooo easy so who cares about your skinny bitch tears wah wah" but this one heaps race on top. I just love it when the self-appointed warriors of virtue tell me and people like me to shut the fuck up. My favorite part is the half-hearted way the author shoehorns in "fat women of any other race", as its obvious she could give less of a crap about fat non-black women but is obligated to include them anyway for SJW cred.

Also, on what planet is Nicki Minaj even remotely fat? She weighs like 105 lbs. Her proportions are ideal -- big breasts, tiny waist, huge ass. She is very conventionally attractive. Not only is the standard for skinny unrealistic, so is the standard for fat.

Some GOTG recs while I'm at it:

catch me drinking of your wine by egelantier is post-movie Nebula fic, and it's about her finding messages from Gamora and along the way starting the long, hard road to finding herself. Read it and then go cry.

Probable Cause by manic-intent is set pre-movie, and it's a very plotty fic about Denarian Garthan Saal and Peter Quill taking on a star-spanning crime mystery. It's slash, but my only complaint is that the pairing and the porn seems like an afterthought: it could easily have been a gen fic. Nonethless, it's very well-written.


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