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Today was the first day of Comic Con, which is also my only day of Comic Con, so I was determined to fit in as much as possible into the one day that I had. I attended two panels with [ profile] theladyscribe: one was about writing diverse characters, and the other was librarians talking about censorship. The first panel was okay, but was more about general "how to start writing", rather than really focusing on writing characters very different from yourself. Four of the panelists went on and on about Google Earth, to the point where I was like, "Is Google paying them to get name-dropped at this thing?" I was expecting the librarian panel to be boring, but it was actually quite interesting. The librarians had their shit together -- they had notes in front of them, they had their points they wanted to make, they had citations -- I like that level of dedication.

I prowled about the vendors and Artists Alley to see all the treasures for sale and take pics of cosplayers, and y'all I MET PETER S. BEAGLE and bought a DVD of The Last Unicorn which he autographed for me in three separate places.

My last NYCC event was the panel for James O'Barr's The Crow, which turned out to be exactly the kind of panel I like: no bullshit, no slides, just James O'Barr hanging out with a few dozen fans and answering questions. He talked about the Crow movie that's in development, and he seems cautiously optimistic; apparently, it's an adaptation of the comic, not a remake of the 1994 movie. They're looking to film in Detroit ("It's a ready-made apocalyptic wasteland") and Tom Waits is interested in appearing as the shopkeeper, Gideon. A fan asked if he'd spoken to Brandon Lee's family about the new movie; O'Barr said that he had spoken to Shannon Lee and that she was understanding. He told us about how Hollywood dicked over Alex Proyas, the director of the 1994 movie, and that most of the songs from the first movie's soundtrack were done as a favor by bands that O'Barr was friendly with (the exception being The Cure). He also declared, "I don't give a damn about Kitty Pryde" when a fan asked him if he read mainstream comics.

Back with cosplay pics later!
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