Feb. 3rd, 2014

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Did some research on the family of Stefan Dragutin, a thirteenth century king of Serbia, because it ties into my Fourth Crusade obsession, and HOLY CRAP I'm just mind-boggled at the short generation gaps in this family. The thing is, its all quite well-documented, so we're pretty sure Person Y was the mother of Person X. It's just, even for a medieval royal/noble clan, the immediate ancestors of Stefan Dragutin got married young and had kids young.

Cut for lots and lots of medieval-ish detail )

So yeah, by the time Marguerite de Courtenay died in a convent in Luxembourg, she had great-grandsons who were hell-raising warrior princes and future kings of faraway Serbia, and she may have been a great-great-grandmother (the birthdate of Dragutin and Katalin's son Vladislav is not known, but he could easily have been born about 1269/1270). The physical, generational, and cultural gulf between Marguerite and her Serbian great-grandsons is incredible.
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I will say this about Guardians of the Galaxy -- it's kind of cool to see two ass-kicking warrior women in a comic book who are obviously really good friends. In a boisterous "I could SO kick your ass. If I felt like it :D" mutual respect kind of way.


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