Feb. 6th, 2014

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Cool study that indicates that hype H MTDNA is a strong predictor of outcome during sepsis, with carriers of H MTDNA being twice as likely to survive a bout of severe sepsis as those who are not carriers. Perhaps this gives us a clue as to how the relatively young H haplogroup (a whippersnapper at c. 20,000 years old) spread so widely and successfully -- H MTDNA is found at tremendous levels across Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and the Caucasus before dropping down to less than 10% of the population around the area of India and Central Asia. Any mutation that conferred a benefit upon carriers would give a small but important advantage to carriers over competitors.

I am among the many millions who have type H MTDNA, and despite being an awkward/careless person who's suffered many scrapes, gashes, cuts, and pricks, I've never gotten septic. I should be grateful to "Helena", or whatever her name was, the mother of my mothers, for passing down this DNA to my goofy ass, as I clearly needed it. Of course, instead of feeling grateful, my first impulse was to gloat HAHA I'M GENETICALLY SUPERIOR TO YOU MUTHAFUCKERS instead.


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