Feb. 23rd, 2014


Feb. 23rd, 2014 01:30 am
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I went to the DGUSA taping for Revolt! tonight in Queens, NYC. :) This was my first indie show ever, and only my third live wrasslin event, so I was super-excited. The lineup was different from what was announced on the website. Instead of Gargano vs. Cima, the main event was Johnny Gargano vs. Trent Barreta. Instead of Rich Swann vs. Trent Baretta, it was Rich Swann vs. Anthony Nese. The other matches were Ivelisse vs. Su Yung, The Bravado Brothers vs. Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy, Drew Gulak vs. AR Fox, Caleb Konley vs. Yosuke Santa Maria, and Mr. A vs. Fire Ant vs. Swerve.

A bunch of the wrestlers were wandering around the merch tables and before the show and during intermission. I was feeling a little shy but I did go say hello to Chuck Taylor, Cassidy, Gargano, and Rich Swann. Of all of them, Johnny Gargano definitely seemed the shyest and most awkward when it came to dealing with the crowd. He shook my hand and smiled when I told him I was a big fan, and asked if this was my first DGUSA show. Rich Swann on the other hand clearly loved the attention and was chatting away and making lovey-eyes at all the girls, including moi! They are both MUCH smaller than I imagined. I looked up Gargano's profile and he's billed at 5'10. Let me tell you, he's maybe 5'6. I stand at 5'8, I've been measured by my doctors several times, and that's what's written on all my medical records. I have a good two inches on him. Rich Swann is about the same height. Chuck Taylor has about an inch or so on me, and is much handsomer in person. Stupid me ran down my cell phone battery so I didn't get any pictures with them.


One of the few photos I did get: Ivelisse posing with her title.

Su Yung seemed green as hell. At one point Ivelisse slipped a little climbing up the turnbuckle, so Su Yung resorted to punching her in the taint. Rude!

The fans kept singing Rich Swann's entrance song during his match with Nese. Btw, you could bounce a quarter off Nese's ass. I was totally distracted the whole time.


Yosuke Santa Maria was the only Japanese wrestler to make an appearance. He's transsexual, or something along those lines, and was playing it up in a Goldust 'mind games' sort of way -- grabbing Caleb Konley's ass, that sort of thing. Some fans were yelling, "Go for it Caleb, you might like it!" during the match. Toward the end, one guy stood up and yelled, "That little Japanese girl's all right!" after some particularly impressive wrestling from Santa Maria. Konley's foot got caught on the ropes when he tried to leap out after Santa Maria, and everyone in the crowd started freaking out, thinking he was injured. Fortunately he got up and walked it off.

But AR Fox vs. Drew Gulak definitely had the most unexpected sexual tension. AR Fox is my favorite indy-wrestler-cum-porn-star (perhaps an overly narrow superlative) while Gulak is a CZW alum with a mean streak a mile long. I'm not saying they've ever made out; I'm saying they both kinda want to. Anyway, Gulak botched a move and tried to compensate. When the fans started chanting "You fucked up" at him, he snarled, "I changed my mind!" Also, some fans behind me started singing "♪Talking bout my Gulak... ♫" to the theme of "My Girl."

Gargano vs. Barreta was fantastic, as you'd expect. They pulled off some more risky moves that had me terrified one or the other of them was gonna get hurt. I think Johnny's supposed to be a bad guy now, which is about as believable as Winne the Pooh being a iron-fisted tyrant.


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