Apr. 14th, 2014

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EDIT: Enjoy (?) this puzzling meta analysis of CA:TWS in which the plight of the Winter Soldier is explicitly compared to that of Muslim women wearing hijab. Because that's totally an obvious metaphor or something.

This is the very final note of the film, in the second stinger, and is a given for fans of the comics. Of course the “real” Bucky is going to re-emerge from “inside” the Winter Soldier, proving the indomitability of the human spirit. Of course he’s going to join the ranks of the wounded warriors, who are troubled (but not too troubled) by the violence they’ve been involved in. It is the UHS that white feminists go looking for “under the burqa,” the UHS that is waiting to be told that it is free to participate in any sanctioned sexual category, and free to participate in any form of marriage or family deemed acceptable in the West. And so on, and so on. This is the liberated UHS that operates as the ideal global consumer: completely free of unacceptable “superstition,” free of any deeply imprinted cultural trace. There should not be, inside the Winter Soldier, any “old” or “real” Bucky.

Someone's filling my prompt over on marvel-cinekink! It's Winter Soldier faking being Bucky and it's so good and I'm so excited about it. Everyone go read (CNTW, in progress).

[livejournal.com profile] redcandle17, I am looking for that Russian-language dirtybadwrong Brock Rumlow/Winter Soldier fic for you, it's on diary.ru somewhere and I just need to dig it out. A friend of mine grew up in Soviet-era Azerbaijan so I may run some of the more difficult words past her so we can understand the translation more fully ("This is the Russian word for rimjob! What in the world are you reading?!").

Some more thoughts after having seen Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier for the second time.

I didn't realize before that Natasha actually struck him in the eye. If Bucky hadn't been wearing some kind of magic bullet-repelling sunglasses, he'd have a bullet in his brain.

Bucky seems to favor his human hand when firing and knife-fighting, saving the metal arm for blocking attacks, punching, and ripping things apart. At the end, when he hits flesh wounds on Steve twice before plugging him through the abdomen, I wondered if his aim was off because he was firing with his metal hand (his right arm being broken). I'm full of questions about the prosthetic arm -- how much sensation does he have? Obviously he can sense pressure to some degree, or else he'd never be able to handle ammunition, etc. But can he sense heat? Cold? Can it be removed? How heavy is it?

[livejournal.com profile] redcandle17 pointed out that not only does Bucky choose to jump after Steve at the end, he then swims ashore with one broken arm, a metal arm, while dragging Steve's unconscious body.

While we're at it: fanpoodles, your opinions on Captain America tell me way more about YOU and YOUR damage than they do about Captain America, the character, man, or franchise, WW2, or 40s mores. I really cannot see how you could watch two Captain America movies and one Avengers movie, and come away thinking that Steve would pinch a woman on the ass, be surprised at racial integration, or have problems accepting a black man (or a black woman for that matter) as an authority figure. Do you think Peggy Carter would've put up with any man telling her to get in the kitchen and make him a sammich? How can you think Steve, who had a black soldier and a Japanese-American soldier in his Howling Commandos, and who in comicsverse had a close childhood friend who was gay (Arnie Roth), and who almost married a Jewish woman (Bernie Rosenthal), would belittle minorities? How can you believe that Steve, who grew up in the politically volatile NYC of the 1930s and 1940s and attended artsy-farsty school, would be a stereotypical Bud Light-swilling Republican?

It's more realistic! Fuck you.
Cap's more interesting if he's a racist, misogynistic homophobic prick! Fuck you.
He's called Captain America! Well, people call you a dumb motherfucker, you don't see me holding it against you.


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