Apr. 21st, 2014

transemacabre: (Rose Red)

The look on Gamora's face!

(I am 200% behind this ship. Maybe we'll get Angela in a GOTG sequel?)

Plus, some recs for Captain America: The Winter Soldier:

  • The Skull's Super Joy Division by Lauralot (references to rape/non-con, torture)
    Summary: A prompt from the Captain America kink meme. Both Steve and the Winter Soldier discover the Nazisploitation genre, and in particular, a film about them. They do not take it well.
    My thoughts: The unusual premise pinged my interest right away, especially as I'm the person misguided enough to sit through all of Ilsa: She-Wolf of the SS. There's elements of very dark humor (such as the Winter Soldier noting that the HYDRA uniforms in the porno are not regulation!), but ultimately the fic is a serious take on exploitation, in its various forms.

  • Reconstruction Site by EmilianaDarling (some violence, references to brainwashing)
    Summary: In which the Winter Soldier leads Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson on a wild goose chase through Eastern Europe so that he can learn more about the man who actually thinks he can be saved.
    My Thoughts: So this is more of the sort of post-CA:TWS fic I was looking for: less of the Winter Soldier being a catatonic homeless mess, and more of him being the dangerous, wounded individual we see at the end of the movie. The ending manages heart-warming without giving in to sappiness.

  • Personal Gratification by redcandle17 (rape/non-con, abuse of power, brainwashing)
    Summary: Written for the marvel_cinekink prompt Pierce/Winter Soldier (noncon/dubcon), Pierce doing terrible things to a mind-wiped obedient "asset."
    My Thoughts: The domestic details, such as Pierce's pyjamas his daughter gave him for Christmas, serves to put the horrific abuse in stark relief. A VERY dark story about the corruption and abuse of power.
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