May. 1st, 2014

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Can anybody hook a girl up with a high rez picture of the Winter Soldier's file from Kiev?

In lieu of payment, gaze upon Anthony Mackie's beautiful eyelashes.

A Sam-centric fic is coalescing right now. For my WWE peeps, I'm also working on the next chapter of The Maelstrom's Cup, which should be out soon-ish.

I get so much secondhand embarrassment when I go on Tumblr looking for pics (okay, Tumblr gives me a LOT of secondhand embarrassment for a lot of reasons), but especially when I see posts and reblogs about "weaponized femininity" and "eyeliner so sharp it could cut your basic face off" and fantasizing about ruling men with their sexuality. There are not enough eyerolls in the world. Tumblrina, you are 14-years-old and you spend 20 hours a day on your Tumblr. You ain't running the streets in your stilettos, if you can even walk in them, and men are not video game characters that can be controlled if you find the right keysmash.

I Netflix'd the movie Angel Heart, starring Mickey Rourke pre-uglification, Robert Deniro, and Lisa Bonet. I thought it was shockingly good, very beautifully-shot and the scenes in New Orleans filled me with nostalgia. If you're looking for a noirish horror movie on Netflix Instant, highly-recommended.

I also Netflix'd Political Animals for SebStan, which was good, as well as a couple episodes of Gossip Girl, also for SebStan, which was so bad that I screamed due to the burning in my eyes and backed out. Sebastian, I know you had to pay the rent, but you didn't have to stoop so low. You could've come to me, we could've worked something out.


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