May. 16th, 2014

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So far, mothers have been almost as conspicuously absent from the Marvel Cinematic Universe as they were from most of Disney's princess movies. Tony Stark's mother, Maria, who in the comics he loved so much he named his charitable foundation after her, barely warrants a name, as her husband takes center-stage in Tony's daddy issues. Steve Rogers' mother, Sarah, who was a truly remarkable woman (she raised Captain America. You bet your ass she was remarkable) is only mentioned briefly after her death. So far the only MCU mom who we ever get to see on the big screen is Frigga.

I was surprised to see when I checked the Guardians of the Galaxy IMDB page that Meredith Quill -- mother of Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord -- appears in the movie and she's being played by British actresss Laura Haddock (DaVinci's Demons). Not only that, but Haddock even briefly speaks about the part to a magazine, saying: "My part is very personal, very important to the story, but quite a small part. But [still] very important certainly to [Star-Lord's] journey." Plus, Meredith comes along with a sister, a mother of her own, and a female best friend!

This tells me a few things:

1. There will be a flashback to Peter's conception/childhood
2. Meredith Quill and her fate are considered important enough to the story that she will be portrayed onscreen
3. Meredith will interact not only with her son, but also with female relatives and a female friend

That right there is three things I was not expecting from this movie. I hope that soon we will be seeing GoTG on the big screen, and getting to empathize with Meredith Quill's human frailties and quirks, her love for her child, and her fate.

Meredith and Peter from Guardians of the Galaxy #0.1.


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