Jun. 16th, 2014

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I've finally recovered from my stint at Special Edition NYC -- I had a great time, it was just exhausting, as I worked at my store's booth most of the con. This was a much smaller con than previous Comic Cons, being devoted entirely to comic books (imagine that!).

I got to go to one panel, Re-imagining the Female Hero, which included (among others) the fabulous Gail Simone. There were a lot of the usual questions -- the Bechdel test, Red Sonja's boobs, etc. -- but one of the panelists had an interesting point that media featuring female protagonists unfairly gets shoved into a 'pink ghetto'.

A buddy cop movie starring two women is a chick flick.
A father-son movie is a father-son movie. A mother-daughter movie is a chick flick.
A boy comes of age movie is a coming of age movie. A girl comes of age movie is a chick flick.
And so on.

While I was working on Father's Day, a dad brought his twin daughters over to have their photo taken with our Wonder Woman cosplayer. They were about three years old and were dressed as mini-Batgirl and mini-Robin. So cute! Mini-Batgirl told me, "I'm a princess."

I asked, "So you're princess Batgirl?"

"Uh-huh," she said.

"Is your sister princess Robin?"

"No," she said.

"Your sister's not a princess?"

Mini-Batgirl pondered this for a moment before conceding. "Okay. She's a princess, too."


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