Jun. 18th, 2014

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I am currently praying on my hands and knees for Guardians of the Galaxy to spawn a really kinky, iddy fandom. I want all the tropey idfic! Badwrong Gamora/Nebula pseudo-incest fic! AUs where Peter is prince of the Spartax and he conquers Hala/Earth/Zen-Whober and takes Ronan/Drax/Tony Stark/Gamora as his body slave but they FALL IN LOVE dun dun dun! Tentacle penises and other bizarre alien anatomy! Sex pollen! Yes, even the inevitable Rocket/Groot porn. Just please let this fandom fulfill some of its potential and not degenerate into fluffy coffee shop AUs.

This is a good post explaining and deconstructing some of the common SJW fallacies that infest fandom spaces. Good reading for anyone who's been like "Wait, did this heifer just exploit MY experiences to further HER agenda, and I'm supposed to be GRATEFUL? WTF!"

I found it on the intarwebs: For anyone who's been beating themself up for sacrificing their ethics for Chik-Fil-A's delicious waffle fries, please watch DWV's "Chow Down (at Chick-fil-A)". They are so fierce I can hardly handle it! The rap break is so 90's Left Eye Lopes, nice work.

BTW, my best friend attending Mississippi College with one of the Chik-Fil-A heiresses, who drove a cow-themed car. Yeah!


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