Aug. 9th, 2014

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As some of y'all know, I hateread Tumblr fairly regularly. I come across a lot of things I find bizarre and/or disturbing, but among the most troubling, at least to me personally, is the casual dehumanization of the incarcerated. Like, a Tumblrite will furiously blog about how wearing a necklace makes you a culture-appropriating shitlord, and then a post later this same person is saying: We have prisons full of criminals to test drugs on.

Or: guys getting raped in prison! #misandry!

I see these things, and I think -- You are so immature, so naive, and so thoughtless. You have no concept of the seriousness of the things you casually say. Their impact means nothing to you. This subject has never touched you in any way, in your sheltered life, and you think it never will. Prisoners aren't real to you. They aren't human to you.

This is something I rarely bring up, and I may never talk about it on here again, but I come from two generations of prisoners. I have a parent AND a grandparent who were both incarcerated here in America. This is not ancient history, I'm not talking about some long-ago convict ancestor; this affected me, in the here and now. And I'm not going to talk about their crimes, because I don't want any apologetic "oh, but they weren't the bad ones!" platitudes. How can I express how disturbing it is to see my family talked about blithely as though they were lab rats? How do you think I feel at seeing prisoner rape chuckled about by these children?

Think for a moment about how you might feel.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled fannish squee.
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I was talking to [ profile] theladyscribe about how my brain always fizzles out at A/B/O AUs because I just can't accept how anything even remotely approaching modern society would come about in such a scenario. And anyway, how would such an unnecessarily complex reproductive system evolve? It's a little silly considering all the weirdo shit I will handwave without a problem, but that's just how my brain works.

My point is, we were talking A/B/O and Soulmate AUs. Soulmate AUs -- like TiMER or ones where people magically have the names of their soulmate written on their wrists, or where they soulbond after physical contact, etc. -- skeeve me out a little because it seems like a way to enforce monogamy. I'm all in favor of monogamy but I'm also in favor of free will. These AUs seem to present a world in which adultery is not only subject to public stigma, but next to impossible. The aforementioned AUs where the name of your soulmate is written on your wrist -- is there an accepted catch-all name for this AU? -- what does that mean when, for most of human history, the vast majority of people were illiterate? Or suppose your soulmate's name was written on you in Cyrillic or Chinese or Georgian. Would translators make bank off of transliterating soulmate names? What if you're Meredith Quill and your soulmate's name is written in some unfathomable alien language? What the fuck do you do then?

[ profile] theladyscribe suggested a world in which only one gender has their soulmate's name written on their wrist, which prompted me to wonder what that would mean for trans people. Would everyone know you were trans at birth?

I would be intrigued by a romantic comedy where, like, everyone only has a first name written on their wrist. So a girl named Leslie with the name 'Chris' on her wrist might meet three guys named Chris and two girls named Christine all with 'Leslie' on their wrists, and have to figure out which one is her Chris!


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