Nov. 2nd, 2014

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This whole "not like other girls" thing that pops up here and there is the speshulest snowflake thing to ever speshul snowflake. It's not like you aren't a carbon-based lifeform like other girls, you were just a tomboy or you like math. These things are well within the usual range of experiences for women the world over. Do you really think that you have some special character or a depth of feeling unknown to any other girl in existence?

"Not like other girls": assuming that everyone else fits 100% into the role society pushed on them and that you and you alone rebelled or felt unsuited for what the world expected of you. There's always a faint whiff of disdain towards traditionally feminine girls, as well. Let me tell you something -- my BFF is the most traditionally feminine girl I know. She bakes, she knits, she loves horses and romance novels. She's also a biologist with a second degree in math. Another friend of mine glories in all things feminine, and she's a military vet who slept with her M-4 on her bedpost. Don't go assuming that because you aren't privy to our secret selves and inner worlds, that we are without them.
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It sounds like we will be getting three different black guys in the next Avengers movie. SPOILERS )

Also, everyone on Tumblr freaking out about Wanda and Pietro being 'neo nazis', CALM YO TITS. If you think Marvel is going to portray two of their superheroes as Neo Nazis, then you are an idiot. Yes, an actual idiot. I always doubt that we have anything to worry about as far as Wanda and Pietro getting screen time; "emotionally unstable, incredibly powerful girl in a co-dependent relationship with overprotective male" is exactly the dynamic that gets Joss Whedon's gears turning.


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