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I am crying real tears over the report that Marvel sent Bill Mantlo, creator of Rocket Raccoon, a copy of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie that he could watch from his bed. Mantlo was struck by a hit-and-run driver in 1992 and suffered a traumatic brain injury. He cannot walk or feed himself, and he can barely speak. But he got to see Rocket travel the galaxy and save the day ♥

BTW, Bill Mantlo also created White Tiger, the first Puerto Rican superhero. I'm going to channel Anthony Mackie and say that Marvel needs to make a White Tiger movie, I don't care if it makes $5, and send it to Bill Mantlo so he can see it, too.
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Y'all, me and my girls [ profile] redcandle17 and [ profile] theladyscribe saw GOTG last night and it was soooooo good. Highly recommended, two thumbs (or tentacles) up, certainly the funniest MCU movie so far and full of the Power of Friendship, brightly colored action, and glee.


Also, predictably fandom is already doing the concern-trolling handwringing over Gamora's portrayal in this film. I find it amazing that when we do get action heroines in Marvel films, the fandom rallies to downplay her accomplishments and compare her unfavorably to Natasha, proving once again that no matter what, female characters will be marginalized and be pitted against one another.

In defense of Gamora )
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I'm not impressed with the ascension of Iggy Azalea and her "ghetto" accent that's faker than Lil Kim's current face, or Macklemore and his ilk. No, I like my white rappers like I like most of my music: raunchy and comedic.

Mickey Avalon is an former male prostitute and current rapper who's songs sound like the soundtrack to a sleazy porno you'd watch in the back room of a sex shop in Hollywood with a suspiciously sticky floor. I confess a special fondness for Mickey because I dated a guy just like him when I lived in L.A. -- a dark-haired, dark-eyed, tattooed, bisexual musician with an occasional coke habit, the bad boy type that gives your mom heart attacks. Mickey's even Jewish just like my ex, who's second language was Spanish and who's third language was Hebrew. (Y'ALL I WAS SO YOUNG AND INNOCENT. Jesus Christ.) What I'm trying to say is that Mickey Avalon is aural herpes. His compatriot/collaborator Simon Rex/Dirt Nasty is somehow even raunchier; he's a legit ex-porn star and every one of his songs is a litany of pussy pussy pussy.

Love the 70's style going on here! Who goes to the club and dances to "I'm so faaaaancy" when you could get down to this?
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Apparently today is 'post random stuff on lj' day.

A dance-off, Russian style! At 3:18, when the Russian b-boy takes a turn on the pole, is the bit that elevated this from "cute idea" to "okay, this is fucking cool" for me.

Katey Red is a six foot tall black trans woman from New Orleans who makes awesome bounce music. All her music is about being a ho and sucking dicks; don't bother looking for deeper meaning in a Katey Red song. That will only dilute the purity of what she does. My favorite Katey Red song is actually "Melpomene Block Party", which doesn't have a music video, but does give us these immortal lyrics:

I'm a sissy under a lotta stresssssss
Ooooo When I suck a dick I suck it bessssssst

Samuel Shaw is Christy Hemme's obsessed stalker from TNA wrestling, and this vid for them is so creepy it is beyond belief. Jesus fucking Christ. This is art.
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I am currently praying on my hands and knees for Guardians of the Galaxy to spawn a really kinky, iddy fandom. I want all the tropey idfic! Badwrong Gamora/Nebula pseudo-incest fic! AUs where Peter is prince of the Spartax and he conquers Hala/Earth/Zen-Whober and takes Ronan/Drax/Tony Stark/Gamora as his body slave but they FALL IN LOVE dun dun dun! Tentacle penises and other bizarre alien anatomy! Sex pollen! Yes, even the inevitable Rocket/Groot porn. Just please let this fandom fulfill some of its potential and not degenerate into fluffy coffee shop AUs.

This is a good post explaining and deconstructing some of the common SJW fallacies that infest fandom spaces. Good reading for anyone who's been like "Wait, did this heifer just exploit MY experiences to further HER agenda, and I'm supposed to be GRATEFUL? WTF!"

I found it on the intarwebs: For anyone who's been beating themself up for sacrificing their ethics for Chik-Fil-A's delicious waffle fries, please watch DWV's "Chow Down (at Chick-fil-A)". They are so fierce I can hardly handle it! The rap break is so 90's Left Eye Lopes, nice work.

BTW, my best friend attending Mississippi College with one of the Chik-Fil-A heiresses, who drove a cow-themed car. Yeah!
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Let me be perfectly clear: if you send hateful messages, death threats, or wish harm on another human being because they dared to have an opinion contrary to your own on the BuckyNat ship, or any other ship, whether on lj, Tumblr, or any other platform, your behavior is cruel and unacceptable. YOU are everything that is wrong with fandom. I don't care what your excuse is. "Cool motive. Still an asshole."

Captain America would be ashamed of you.

On an unrelated note, girljanitor of Tumblr's medievalpoc has recently been exposed as a crackah ass crackah. Ordinarily this wouldn't be a big deal -- one doesn't have to be non-white to run an art blog comprised of shoddy research -- but girljanitor has explicitly presented herself as a POC for some time and used that cred to cry "racist!" at anyone who criticized her blog or challenged her statements (and calling someone a racist on Tumblr is the equivalent of lobbing a grenade into a town hall meeting). Notably, she's guilty of pulling more-oppressed-than-thou rank on actual POC, ethnic and religious minorities, and shouting them down.

For anyone who's suffering from wank burnout, I highly recommend the Historically Accurate Steve blog, run by my flistie/first-rate human being, [ profile] theladyscribe! Get lost for hours in fascinating posts about the world that created Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes (and their creators, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby).

Also over on little-details, there's a great post about the possible family background of Natalia Alianovna Romanova, aka the Black Widow. A must-read if you're like me and you get geeky about Russian patronymics.
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If you're a native New Yorker or just a wannabe, check out my friend John Powers' reinterpretation of Jay-Z's classic ode to NYC, "Empire State of Meh".

I was not born and raised in New York City, but I've lived here for four years. Here's a few things the songs and movies never prepare you for:

1. When you can doze off on the train and wake up just in time for your stop.
2. The reason you NEVER get in the empty subway car. Just, don't.
3. Peeing every time you happen to find a public bathroom, because it could be HOURS before you locate another one. Like, even if all you can muster is a trickle, you try to pee anyway.
4. Long distance relationship: When you live in Flushing and he lives on Staten Island.
5. You know the city has broken your friends when they decamp to Hoboken. /shudder
6. JLO walks past you in Times Square and your only reaction is to be pissed because her entourage is blocking the damn sidewalk and you HATE having to walk through Times Square as it is! (true story)
7. A tourist carelessly steps on your foot while walking backwards to gawk at the buildings. You yell at him, he facetiously says "I love you!" and you flip him double-birds and say, "Fuck you!" (also a true story)
8. Your oven is used as a storage closet.
9. You've seen hookers race each other to a limo.
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Like a nugget of gold discovered in a mound of turds, the tumblr Falling Down On Purpose is a fascinating blog exploring professional wrestling via narrative theory, specifically focusing on Joseph Campbell's Hero With a Thousand Faces. Her analysis of CM Punk's classic hero's journey and Bray Wyatt as the "herald or announcer" of adventure is well-worth spending a few hours reading. This is the sort of thing I wish I could do. I can only hope to see some analysis of the Shield from her soon.
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Discovered a fascinating tale, told by the Iraqi poet and qadi al-Tanukhi (died 994 AD), which contains not only a sort of zombies (?!) but also a lurid tale of incest, and I thought, Self, the people on livejournal need to know about this.

Incest appears frequently in medieval story-telling; there's a 300+ page book, Incest and the Medieval Imagination (2001) by Elizabeth Archibald, which is just about the theme of incestuous desire in medieval literature. All this proves to me is that medieval people were every bit as kinky as their modern-day descendants on lj, just that they didn't have kink memes back then so had to disguise it as a good morality fable.

One night I (the narrator of this story) looked out of my house towards the cemetery [of al-Khayzuran], as I usually do when I cannot sleep. And look! The tombs opened up, and their occupants came out, with disheveled hair, dust-colored, barefoot, and naked, and they gathered in one place there. In the end there was no tomb left occupied. They made a lot of noise, crying, praying and beseeching God not to have that woman buried with them who was to be buried the following day.

Why has the zombies of Baghdad in such a tizzy? Well, the recently-deceased woman had, by means of a trick, slept with her own son, conceived a child, and then killed it at birth. Not satisfied with what she had done, the wicked woman slept with her son again, and conceived another child, a girl who was so beautiful that she could not bear to kill her. So the mother/grandmother arranged for the baby to be brought up by a poor family, and then brought her into her household at the age of nine and passed her off as a slave. After more stratagems, the brother-father married his sister-daughter, who gave birth to more children.
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I started reading The Monk (which is available for free on Project Gutenberg) on long subway rides about a week ago, after finding out that this book is one of the prototypical Gothic bodice-rippers. Having finished it, I am overcome with the desire to direct a classy, big-budget porno about it.

Imagine! A young, handsome priest tormented by his illicit desires for a beguiling woman who has disguised herself as a boy to join his monastery and seduce him! What part of that is not supposed to be a wild turn-on? The Ambrosio/Matilda sex scenes in the book verge on porn as it is. You could add in a few more sex scenes to make it a proper porno -- hey, Don Raymond and Agnes had to conceive that baby somehow. Maybe up the debauchery in the nun procession towards the end. It's even got (unintentional) brother/sister incest to arouse the kinksters. Find a crumbling monastery somewhere that's hard enough up for money to let a porno shoot there, and raid The Borgias costume bin and we'd have a hit!
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Genealogical fun fact for fans of Showtime's The Borgias, Renaissance Italy, or art: Paul Gauguin was a descendant of Pope Alexander VI via the pope's illegitimate son Juan Borgia. You may remember Juan from the delightfully trashy TV series; he's the one who talked to his penis. Anyway, here's how the descent goes:

1. Pope Alexander VI, born Rodrigo Borja, had illegitimate issue by Vanozza dei Cattanei, including:
1.1. Juan Borgia, duke of Gandia, married Maria Enriquez de Luna [descended from Alfonso XI of Castile], and had issue including:
1.1.1 Juan Borgia, duke of Gandia, married Juana, illegitimate daughter of Alonso, archbishop of Zaragoza [himself the illegitimate son of Fernando II of Aragon by his mistress, Aldona Ruiz de Ivorra) by his mistress, Ana de Gurrea. They had issue, including: St. Francisco Borgia, duke of Gandia, canonized 1670. He married Leonor de Castro Melo e Menezes [descended from Alfonso IX of Leon and Sancho IV of Castile] and had issue, including: Isabel Borgia, married Francisco Gómez de Sandoval Rojas y Zuñiga, marquis of Denia and count of Lerma, and had issue, including: Leonor Gómez de Sandoval Rojas y Borja, married Lope de Moscoso y Castro, count of Altamira, and had issue, including: Pablo de Moscoso y Sandoval, married Maria Tamariz y Verdugo and had issue: Juan Santiago de Moscoso y Tamariz, married Maria Gómez-Butrón y Calderón and had issue, including: Juan Elias y Gómez-Butrón, married Petronila Zegarra y de la Cuba, and had issue, including: Gaspar Moscoso y Zegarra, married Petronila Pérez y Oblitas, and had issue: María Mercedes Moscoso y Pérez, married José Joaquín de Tristán y Carassa, and had issue including: Mariano de Tristán y Moscoso, brother of the last Spanish Viceroy of Peru, Juan Pio de Tristán y Moscoso, and friend of Simon Bolivar. He went through an invalid marriage ceremony with Anne-Pierre Laisney, and had issue: Flora de Tristán, feminist and author of The Emancipation of Women, married André Chazal [brother of the painter and engraver Antoine Chazal] and had issue, including: Aline Chazal, married Guillaume Clovis Gauguin, and had issue: Paul Gauguin, artist.
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Came across a great meta-post on what was actually going on with regard to gays in the military during WW2 (surprise surprise many served), and what your standard issue GI Joe would or would not have known about them. Excellent reading especially for Captain America fans. Homosexuality and Captain America's Military by cap-chronism.
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Possibly due to my disinterest in anime, I *totally* missed out on the hilarious English dub of Ghost Stories, the silly tale of several ghost mystery-solving Japanese children, dubbed over by a posse of English-speaking voice actors who's epic levels of Don't Give A Fuck can be appreciated even by moi. It's crude, rude, and not even a little PC.

"Monsters only eat evil people, like Republicans!"

"I'm too young to die! The one person I've had sex with is my babysitter."

"I want HUGE breasts!"
"And when I get older, I want to fondle said breasts."

"It could never work between us! Not because you're a rabbit, but because you're black!"

"You see kids, the boy bunny has a penis. He puts that penis into the girl bunny's vagina. Then the girl bunny acts like she owns that penis. Anyway..."
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This is how much my priorities do not match up with other people's priorities;

Someone was complaining about Clint/Kate and said it was because "he's thirty-something and she's a teenager and ew not right"

And I'm like: WHUT THAT'S THE BEST PART oh em don't mind me carry on.

Actually the age difference is the second best part. I'd say the best part is the identity porn. Oh boy do I loves me some identity porn. I'm obsessed with the concept of these people having two different personas (or sometimes more than two, lookin' at you here Hank Pym) and how living separate lives affects them psychologically and socially.

This vid has nothing to do with what I was talking about, but it's hella good so watch it anyway. I've seen other 'fancastings' with Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Barney/Trick Shot, but there's no way you could convince me him and Jeremy Renner are brothers. Norman Reedus is much more believable

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Found this awesome old Smithsonian footage of Civil War veterans in the 1930s showing off their 'Rebel yells' -- the famously eerie Confederate war cry. Listening to this, you get a good idea of why the sight of hundreds or thousands of young men charging at you, bayonets at the ready, and howling for your blood would've been so terrifying on the Civil War battlefields!

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I finally got around to creating a station for myself on Pandora Radio, adding a lot of my favorite artists to the mix and seeing what Pandora spat back out at me. I'm enjoying a lot of the songs Pandora recommends, but what I really find fascinating is checking the 'Why was this song selected?' button and seeing what different features, or 'genes', seem to turn on my brain. According to Pandora, I like:

A subtle use of vocal harmony
Call and answer vocal harmony (antiphony)
Folk influences
Minor key tonality
Varying tempo and time structures
Extensive vamping
A subtle use of paired vocal harmony
Punk roots
Electronica influences
Repetitive melodic phrasing
Vocal central aesthetic
Dirty electric guitar riffs

I find it fascinating that these traits reappear consistently, from band to band, across genres, in the music that appeals to me.
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As a follow up to my last post, I just discovered that Twiggy Lawson, the famous 60s model collaborated on a song called "I Only Want To Be With You" with her namesake Twiggy Ramirez (part-time transvestite, part-time musician in such bands as Marilyn Manson, A Perfect Circle, and Nine Inch Nails). This is like a cracky crossover fanfic, only with real people!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Guess which one has a penis

The only thing that would make this better would be if the Twiggys had gotten married and officially changed their names to Twiggy Ramirez-Lawson and Twiggy Lawson-Ramirez.
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So I was trolling Youtube today, reliving some of my childhood memories and mourning the slow, ignoble demise of MTV. Flisters, I am so old I remember when MTV played music videos. MTV was shocking, and everything was awesomely low-rent up until about 1998. I mean, they hired VJs right off the street and every year there would be the insanity of the VMAs. Somebody was always getting into a fight, or a bassist would be climbing some scaffolding, or Madonna would be rolling around onstage showing off her panties -- my point is it was wild.

So I stumbled upon Marilyn Manson's 1997 VMA performance of "Beautiful People" and I was like, Omigod I thought I dreamed this! Watch it, it's a thing of beauty, people. I remember that it was this year or the next when Marilyn Manson was banned from playing in Mississippi because of the Antichrist thing. Check out how the audience is frozen in their seats with shock (and how fetching Twiggy looks in his dress). Why can't award shows put on more performances like this? NSFW!

Most lolarious Youtube comment: I had my goldfish in a bowl in front the computer screen and they all died before it was over.


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