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Whenever I forget why I hateread Tumblr instead of getting my own, a gem will pop out like a dingleberry from a wildebeest's ass. More often than not, it's some variation on "skinny bitches have it soooo easy so who cares about your skinny bitch tears wah wah" but this one heaps race on top. I just love it when the self-appointed warriors of virtue tell me and people like me to shut the fuck up. My favorite part is the half-hearted way the author shoehorns in "fat women of any other race", as its obvious she could give less of a crap about fat non-black women but is obligated to include them anyway for SJW cred.

Also, on what planet is Nicki Minaj even remotely fat? She weighs like 105 lbs. Her proportions are ideal -- big breasts, tiny waist, huge ass. She is very conventionally attractive. Not only is the standard for skinny unrealistic, so is the standard for fat.

Some GOTG recs while I'm at it:

catch me drinking of your wine by egelantier is post-movie Nebula fic, and it's about her finding messages from Gamora and along the way starting the long, hard road to finding herself. Read it and then go cry.

Probable Cause by manic-intent is set pre-movie, and it's a very plotty fic about Denarian Garthan Saal and Peter Quill taking on a star-spanning crime mystery. It's slash, but my only complaint is that the pairing and the porn seems like an afterthought: it could easily have been a gen fic. Nonethless, it's very well-written.
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So it seems like [ profile] guardian_kink ended up being the GOTG kink meme with some staying power, and HOLY SHIT, someone filled my prompt. It's called Unnatural Hungers, and go read, it's so good. It's about Ronan being very Blue Kree when it comes to his attraction to Gamora and Nebula.

Plus: I have never thought of Batista as cute, but this pic of him and a teeny baby raccoon is just adorables.

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The look on Gamora's face!

(I am 200% behind this ship. Maybe we'll get Angela in a GOTG sequel?)

Plus, some recs for Captain America: The Winter Soldier:

  • The Skull's Super Joy Division by Lauralot (references to rape/non-con, torture)
    Summary: A prompt from the Captain America kink meme. Both Steve and the Winter Soldier discover the Nazisploitation genre, and in particular, a film about them. They do not take it well.
    My thoughts: The unusual premise pinged my interest right away, especially as I'm the person misguided enough to sit through all of Ilsa: She-Wolf of the SS. There's elements of very dark humor (such as the Winter Soldier noting that the HYDRA uniforms in the porno are not regulation!), but ultimately the fic is a serious take on exploitation, in its various forms.

  • Reconstruction Site by EmilianaDarling (some violence, references to brainwashing)
    Summary: In which the Winter Soldier leads Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson on a wild goose chase through Eastern Europe so that he can learn more about the man who actually thinks he can be saved.
    My Thoughts: So this is more of the sort of post-CA:TWS fic I was looking for: less of the Winter Soldier being a catatonic homeless mess, and more of him being the dangerous, wounded individual we see at the end of the movie. The ending manages heart-warming without giving in to sappiness.

  • Personal Gratification by redcandle17 (rape/non-con, abuse of power, brainwashing)
    Summary: Written for the marvel_cinekink prompt Pierce/Winter Soldier (noncon/dubcon), Pierce doing terrible things to a mind-wiped obedient "asset."
    My Thoughts: The domestic details, such as Pierce's pyjamas his daughter gave him for Christmas, serves to put the horrific abuse in stark relief. A VERY dark story about the corruption and abuse of power.
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    Heartlines by Tangerine (A03)
    Marvel (X-Factor), Monet St. Croix/Theresa Cassidy. Woooooow. This is really well-done, the sort of story I wish would be canon, because it's so compelling and satisfying. M is the focus for much of the fic, and she's complex, prickly, coming to terms with the depth of her emotions for Terry, and all-around a well-characterized person.

    One of my favorite things about WWE fandom is the MVs. Wrasslin in general has a long ways to go re: representation of women, but the fans' worship of the Divas as goddesses is impassioned and sincere. This is a fantastic MV about the Divas from what is arguably their greatest era, 2000-2004, with bonus points for focusing more on their actions and interpersonal conflicts than romantic storylines. They're not just romantic props, they are warrior goddesses.

    Delicate in Every Way but One by spibsy (A03)
    WWE fandom, Bray Wyatt/Dean Ambrose. The author takes what could be a crack pairing and plays it straight, and it's actually good. She also nails Bray Wyatt's speech patterns -- you can almost hear his dialogue being spoken in his voice. Besides, who can resist the thought of a magical realism romance fic between Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt, of all people?
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    I started reading The Monk (which is available for free on Project Gutenberg) on long subway rides about a week ago, after finding out that this book is one of the prototypical Gothic bodice-rippers. Having finished it, I am overcome with the desire to direct a classy, big-budget porno about it.

    Imagine! A young, handsome priest tormented by his illicit desires for a beguiling woman who has disguised herself as a boy to join his monastery and seduce him! What part of that is not supposed to be a wild turn-on? The Ambrosio/Matilda sex scenes in the book verge on porn as it is. You could add in a few more sex scenes to make it a proper porno -- hey, Don Raymond and Agnes had to conceive that baby somehow. Maybe up the debauchery in the nun procession towards the end. It's even got (unintentional) brother/sister incest to arouse the kinksters. Find a crumbling monastery somewhere that's hard enough up for money to let a porno shoot there, and raid The Borgias costume bin and we'd have a hit!
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    Fear my Comedian header bitches! I snagged it from the talented [ profile] ashlibrooke.

    Also, a few prompts from the Watchmen Kink Meme at [ profile] watchmenkink that DESPERATELY need to be fulfilled for reasons of lulz or hot pr0no, or both:

    X-over: Ozymandias/Lex Luthor- fucking while rolling around on money.

    Jon/The Grand Canyon

    For when you need a really big hole

    And one that WAS done: Comedian/Squid: Eddie psyching himself up to do what must be done. That thing ain't gonna rape itself!(Though it totally could.)

    Also, HOLY SHIT I actually wrote two ficlets, one for the Watchmen Kink Meme and another for the ASOIAF Kink Meme. Both are het. What is the world coming to? I will add them here soon.
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    So I probably shouldn't have stayed up all night reading an anthology of Gothic literature, because I had to turn on the bathroom light and crack the door before I could fall asleep. BUT BUT BUT! Bret Harte's "Selina Sedilia" is sooooo funny, a perfect parody of overwrought, over-the-top Gothic romance.

    Here we have Selina, scion of an accursed race, monologuing about her doomed love for Edgardo.

    "The seventeenth," she repeated slowly, with the same fateful shudder. "Ah!--what if he should know that I have another husband living? Dare I reveal to him that I have two legitimate and three natural children? Dare I repeat to him the history of my youth? Dare I confess that at the age of seven I poisoned my sister, by putting verdigris in her cream-tarts,--that I threw my cousin from a swing at the age of twelve? That the lady`s-maid who incurred the displeasure of my girlhood now lies at the bottom of the horse- pond? No! no! he is too pure,--too good,--too innocent, to hear such improper conversation!" and her whole body writhed as she rocked to and fro in a paroxysm of grief.

    She's about to light a fuse to blow the western tower, where her kids are hidden, and the parish church, where the record of her first marriage is held, sky-high when the ghost of her great-grandfather appears to her with these ominous words.

    "I do. Understand me,--I do not object to the eccentricities of your youth. I know the fearful destiny which, pursuing you, led you to poison your sister and drown your lady`s-maid. I know the awful doom which I have brought upon this house! But if you make way with these children--"

    "Well," said the Lady Selina, hastily.

    "They will haunt you!"

    "Well, I fear them not," said Selina, drawing her superb figure to its full height.

    "Yes, but, my dear child, what place are they to haunt? The ruin is sacred to your uncle`s spirit. Your aunt monopolizes the park, and, I must be allowed to state, not unfrequently trespasses upon the grounds of others. The horse-pond is frequented by the spirit of your maid, and your murdered sister walks these corridors. To be plain, there is no room at Sloperton Grange for another ghost. I cannot have them in my room,--for you know I don`t like children. Think of this, rash girl, and forbear! Would you, Selina," said the phantom, mournfully,--"would you force your great-grandfather`s spirit to take lodgings elsewhere?"

    Meanwhile, Edgardo angsts.

    "It wants but a few minutes of the hour," he said, consulting his watch by the light of the moon. "He dare not break his word. He will come." He paused, and peered anxiously into the darkness. "But come what may, she is mine," he continued, as his thoughts reverted fondly to the fair lady he had quitted. "Yet if she knew all. If she knew that I were a disgraced and ruined man,--a felon and an outcast. If she knew that at the age of fourteen I murdered my Latin tutor and forged my uncle`s will. If she knew that I had three wives already, and that the fourth victim of misplaced confidence and my unfortunate peculiarity is expected to be at Sloperton by to-night`s train with her baby. But no; she must not know it. Constance must not arrive. Burke the Slogger must attend to that.

    So he hires Burke the Slogger to destroy the bridge carrying Wife #4 and Edgardo Jr. However...

    But the next moment the train leaped across the chasm, striking the rails exactly even, and, dashing out the life of Burke the Slogger, sped away to Sloperton.

    Selina gets some news.

    "An accident has happened on the railway, and a man has been killed."

    "What--not Edgardo!" almost screamed Selina.

    "No, Burke the Slogger!" your ladyship.

    "My first husband!" said Lady Selina, sinking on her knees. "Just Heaven, I thank thee!"


    The wedding is still on. Selina's illegitimate daughter Alice escapes confinement and hides in her mother's boudoir. Seeing a fuse, she seizes a match.

    Suddenly the ringing of the chimes of Sloperton parish church met her ear. Alice knew that the sound signified that the marriage party had entered the church, and that she was secure from interruption. With a childish smile upon her lips, Alice Sedilia touched off the slow-match.

    Selina's nephew Rupert arrives from India, determined to prove his aunt cheated him out of his inheritance. Just then ---

    At the same moment he beheld a dense cloud of smoke envelop the churchyard of Sloperton, and the western tower of the Grange seemed to be lifted bodily from its foundation. The air seemed filled with falling fragments, and two dark objects struck the earth close at his feet. Rupert picked them up. One seemed to be a heavy volume bound in brass.

    A cry burst from his lips.

    "The Parish Records." He opened the volume hastily. It contained the marriage of Lady Selina to "Burke the Slogger."

    The second object proved to be a piece of parchment. He tore it open with trembling fingers. It was the missing will of Sir James Sedilia!

    And this charming epilogue, in which everyone gets their just deserts:

    Five more ghosts were added to the supernatural population of Sloperton Grange. Perhaps this was the reason why Sir Rupert sold the property shortly afterward, and that for many years a dark shadow seemed to hang over the ruins of Sloperton Grange.
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    I know I'm not the world's greatest feedback giver; that's partly because sometimes I just like something for what it is, and saying 'good job!' sounds silly, and other times because I have difficulty talking one-on-one with people, even friends, even through the internet. But I've been dwelling on some of my favorite fics, which happen to be written by people on my flist, and I thought maybe if I did it like a rec, it'd be easier telling other people why I liked your fic than it is telling you I liked your fic.

    And I don't really consider this sucking up, because I'm not much of a bullshitter and to be honest, if I thought your writing sucked or was only so-so, I probably wouldn't have friended you in the first place. Obviously, this doesn't apply to my non-fannish friends, of whom there's like five.

    So we'll start with [ profile] redcandle17. She writes ASOIAF fanfic, one of the few non-comics fandoms I'm into, and surprise surprise, one of the tiniest. What can I say, I like being in small fandoms. It makes me feel elitist. Anyway, she writes a lot of great Sandor/Sansa fic, but my favorite SanSan fic is actually You Get What You Want (It's Not Enough). The split between Sansa and Sandor's viewpoints is just perfect -- Sansa is just naive enough, and Sandor's just cynical enough. Also, I love it when sex isn't portrayed as all soft light and gasping. There's something about realistically portrayed sex (especially a first time. Especially a first time with a virgin) that's way hotter than any sanitary fantasy.

    On the slash side, I think If the Walls of White Sword Tower Could Talk is just fantastic. We've actually got three hot pairings -- Jaime/Arthur Dayne, Arthur/Oberyn, AND Oberyn/Jaime, and god, what more could you ask for -- and there's this humorous side to it that's rare as a blue rose in ASOIAFic.

    Just about everything ASOIAF Red writes is pretty awesome, but I want to point out two stories really quick -- For Warmth and Fool, because they're Theon-centric, and I think Theon must be one of the hardest characters to write well. He's such a nasty little punk, and Jon can be boring, but amazingly Red can write BOTH of them in "For Warmth" and it's fantastic, which is a hell of a lot harder feat that writing, say, a Dorne orgy fic. So there you go. Go read Red's stuff and write her lots of juicy feedback and then write her the ASOIAF pairing fic of her choice to make her happy, because she deserves it. Peace out.


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