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First up, your moment of Tumblr Zen:

Talk about missing the point. Work on your basic reading comprehension, blastortoise. Comic books are 80% pictures, how fucking hard can it be?

How boss was Queen Stephanie McMahon on RAW?! Holy shit, when she tearfully accepted Brie Bella's demand for a match against her at Summerslam, and then smacked Brie off the ring apron and snarled, "I'm gonna make you my BITCH!" and then flung the mic at her?! And then Triple H and like 3 other guys have to bodily drag Stephanie out of the ring to separate her from Brie! This is one of the things I love about wrasslin. There is no feminine-mystique 'closer to the earth' nurturing bullshit with the female characters. They are every bit as vicious, self-serving, and ambitious as their male counterparts. Forget John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar. I hope they both lose. I am here for Queen Steph vs. Brie. I want to see them fuck each other up!

Brie Bella Stephanie McMahon Segment by wwefan53
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This is a reaction post to Wrestlemania XXX: Hardcore Backdoor Slut Wrestling. Open spoilers below cut.

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So the feud between Paige and Emma on NXT for the championship sort of blows my mind. I mean, we have two young women, who are at the top of their game, both HUGELY popular, challenging each other and having these incredible matches... and their rivalry develops into respect and even friendship for one another.

I encourage anyone to watch their kick-ass match for the championship from last year, which should prove why both Paige and Emma are two of the best in their industry. That move at about 5:10, the Dil-Emma, is SICK!

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Shaking and crying over the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy trailer! One more day! Y'all may not know who they are yet, but in a few more months, you will. Yes, you will.

There was some catty bullshit on ONTD about Lita's induction into the Hall of Fame, specifically about her and Trish Stratus' looks. For laughs, I checked the ljs of the catty bullshit-stirrers, and quelle surprise, not a selfie to be found. Whatever. Go ahead and tear down strong, accomplished women who made it in a man's world. As if y'all's catty asses would or could EVER have even a fraction of Lita and Trish's beauty, courage, and bicep width.

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I will say this about Guardians of the Galaxy -- it's kind of cool to see two ass-kicking warrior women in a comic book who are obviously really good friends. In a boisterous "I could SO kick your ass. If I felt like it :D" mutual respect kind of way.

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I should have skin as thick as steel-reinforced concrete by now, but still I am disappointed in the cattiness I see in fannish circles, including lj and tumblr. It pisses me off ridiculously because, let's face it, fandom is predominantly a female space, and yet a lot of the catty, shaming, jealous comments are coming FROM women AT women. There's a lot of lip service paid to the idea of being feminist, not body or slut-shaming other women, and 'girl power', but often the women getting the most static are the most accomplished, independent, and outspoken women.

You might think that fandom would embrace someone like Kate Upton, who's not only beautiful and a successful model, but also looks like she eats on a regular basis and isn't afraid to call out bullshit when she sees it. But on ONTD all I see when a post about her shows up is snippy little comments about her weight, attractiveness, or implications that she should "know her place". Are y'all for fucking REAL? I've also seen a lot of troubling comments about Zoe Saldana, that she's not "black enough" or whatever. Like there is some World Authority on Blackness sending down mandates from on high.

Other case is that of Sam Taylor-Wood, accomplished director and photographer, and her husband, actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson, best known for playing the titular role in the Kickass series. He's 23 years younger than her, and the fanbrats are forever saying that he's going to leave her any minute, that Sam is too old/haggard/ugly for him, all sorts of nasty things. Look, obviously Aaron loves her. They're married, they have two kids together, and he took her last name for fuck's sake. You know what, I hope those two stay together FOREVER. I hope, of all the celebrity marriages, those two go the distance and fanbrats everywhere scream into their pillows in frustration that Aaron goes home to Sam every night.
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Picspam for "the baddest bitch", Wendy O. Williams of the Plasmatics. If you don't know who she and the Plasmatics were, you don't know metal (or punk!). Some images are NSFW.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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I would just like to point out that although AJ and Kane have shared a grand total of something like fifteen minutes of screen time together, they STILL have more sexual chemistry than her and Daniel Bryan. Check out the ecstatic cheers of "KISS KISS KISS" at 1:35 as the fans think we're about to see Kane and AJ practice their tonsil hockey on one another, followed by screams of outrage and disappointment as Bryan drags her out of the ring.

As for CM Punk, I resolutely ship CM Punk/Myself, and well, there's no room for AJ in the middle there.

Onto the AJ/Daniel Bryan wedding on Raw 1,000. Although it would've been cool to see Kane or Punk running in at the last moment to say "I object!", I think that the way it played out is a lot more triumphant for AJ's character. She totally pulled one over on Daniel Bryan, got her revenge, and now has what it seems like she most wanted all along: real power and influence on Raw. At 10:19, when AJ is like "Niggah, fuck yo flowers", is that not boss as hell?

One of the things I like most about wrestling is that the fans get to participate in a fashion at live events. Not only are "pops" and "heat" absolutely essential, but its great fun listening to the crowd going APESHIT during Daniel Bryan and AJ's vows. The panicky "SAY NO SAY NO" chants from thousands of fans is something you just don't get in many other media.
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I feel ya, Tigra! I'm a girl who likes to dress slutty, and I don't like getting static for it (and don't step to me with that bullshit, either; you won't like what I have to say!).


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