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I can't believe I actually had to explain to someone on FFA that Sebastian Stan is not a character, but an actual human being, during a discussion about SebStan's fanbrats calling him things like "Romanian trash" and suchlike on his instagram. WTF. Either they have no idea what they're talking about, or their grasp of reality is so shaky that they can no long comprehend the difference between an actor and the character he plays.

Is anyone attending Special Edition: New York con on the 14th-15th? I will be there working part of both days, but I will have some free time and we can go see some panels. There will be a lot of creators there, so this is a great opportunity to get some stuff signed.

NYCC '13

Oct. 12th, 2013 04:23 am
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I only attended Thursday at Con, but I had to wait till VERY early this morning to post about it, because between working two jobs and having a relationship (almost a third job in of itself) I simply had no chance to sit down and give the subject due attention.

Thursday at NYCC was sooooo relaxed in comparison to previous years. No one elbowing me in the ribs! No fighting my way past long-ass lines!

I got into the only panel I really wanted to see, which was the GLBT in Comics panel, featuring (among others) my homegirl Marjorie Lui and Greg Pak. They and the other panelists all had interesting things to say about gay representation in comics and how its gotten so much easier for them to get gay themes into comics now, as opposed to just a few years ago. Greg Pak talked for a bit about Korg/Hiroim from his run on Hulk, which was totally cute. When asked if there are any couples they're dying to write, Greg Pak immediately said he'd already gotten his wish in getting to write Hercules/Howlett. Marjorie said she'd love to make Daken/Johnny Storm canon! After the panel I got to speak to both of them briefly, and they're soooo nice. I told Marjorie that I, too, hope that Daken/Johnny happens one day, and her eyes lit up in slash fangirl glee. "Me too!" she said. I felt like we understood one another.

These girls held hands the entire time. So cute!

Later that evening, there was a comedy show featuring Brian Posehn, Janeane Garofalo, and Trevor Moore (from The Whitest Kids U Know), among others. Garofalo was all over the place -- it didn't seem like she'd prepared at all for actually performing. Moore, Posehn, and the other guys were all pretty funny. Moore played guitar and sang, and I was dying at some of his songs.

NYCC '12

Oct. 21st, 2012 12:06 am
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Some ComicCon highlights:

-- Sat in at a Grant Morrison panel; it was wonderful and he was charming!
-- Shook Geoff Johns' hand
-- Stood five feet away from Carrie Fisher, aka PRINCESS LEIA
-- Also stood two feet away from Kelly Kelly and the Bella Twins. The Bellas are shorter in real life than you'd think. Kelly Kelly is every bit as beautiful in person.
-- Jim Steranko hit on my friend Samantha. I quote: "I would do many things to you, but let you down is not one of them." -- Steranko.
-- Tried to sit in on the Terry Pratchett panel, but some n00b had messed up the microphone so it was impossible to hear what The Pratch had to say. However, someone was holding a "Occupy Ankh-Morpork" sign.
-- SO MANY LOKIS holy crap
-- Saw two Dazzlers, which astonished myself and Samantha. Any positive integer of Dazzlers is astonishing.
-- I was nommed by an Alien Queen

Overall, however, I will say I did not find NYCC '12 to be as much fun as '11 or '10. I saw a lot of "mainstream" booths there, for things like spas and manicures. I came here for comic books, not to be sold more beauty products. Overall, I felt the lack of emphasis on the comics and scifi professionals. Samantha thinks its because there were *so many* high-profile guests this year, that the con turned into people standing in a lot of lines. There weren't enough panels, either: almost everything was impossible to get into a full hour before the panel started. The only ones I caught the entire weekend were the Grant Morrison panel and the DC comics panel, which were mucho cool but I'm used to seeing like four panels per NYCC.

And now for what you really care about... COSPLAYERS!


NYCC '11

Oct. 31st, 2011 06:07 am
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Lo, it is time for 2011's NYCC report! Our adventure begins with our intrepid heroine (that would be me) have surgery on the same Friday that the con started. I stubbornly got right up and went to the con, and let me tell you, Comic Con is an interesting experience when you're stoned on painkillers.

Highlights include:

-- Meeting David Mack (so sweet!) and MR. FABIAN NICIEZA, who was so excited to sign my Born Better TPB! Srsly, he's adorable. I want to take him home with me and have him write me Zemo stories.
-- Seeing the nerd rock band Kirby Krackle perform and then meeting the guys and hanging out. My friend Sam is their #1 fan and knows them really well. :)
-- Went to the Queer Women in Comics panel, which was really insightful, and got a signed copy of Dolltopia by Abby Denson
-- Saw my wifey [ profile] redcandle17 for a little bit!
-- Met Jewel Staite (Firefly, but I mostly remember her from Space Cases because I'm a '90s kid) and Ian McNeice (from about 4 million movies but seen recently on Dr. Who) and most importantly STAN LEE! All of them were lovely, but Stan was every bit as adorable and kindly as you would hope. <3 <3 <3

And here we have Ms. Marvel and Wonderman!

SPOON! It's The Tick, Arthur, and American Maid!

Most of the Batclan, with bonus Joker!

Sam and I hanging with Oscar the Grouch <3


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Who's going? I got my 3-day pass!


Oct. 10th, 2010 02:02 am
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Since I live in NYC and I'm of course a hopeless, hopeless fangirl, I got a weekend pass to ComicCon. Some highlights:

-- I spent time with [ profile] caia_comica
-- Today I met [ profile] mizzmarvel and the rest of the Boostle squad.
-- Saw Voltaire perform on Friday night (he was phenomenal!) and got his autographed CD and a hug today. Voltaire is a good hugger. I highly recommend Voltaire-hugs to all interested parties.
-- Saw some entertaining cosplayers, including a Monica-Captain Marvel cosplayer and a couple of Daken cosplayers.
-- Got Naomi Novik's (Temeraire) autograph for my BFF.
-- Got within a foot and a half of James Marsters, but decided not to bug him because he was busy taking photos with fans.
-- Briefly met and spoke with Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente, several other comics professionals, and attended a panel where the speakers were Jerry Robinson (creator of The Joker) and John Romita, Sr.
-- Met Giuseppe Camuncoli, who is GORGEOUS and has a sexy Italian accent.
-- Got a hug from Cobra Commander, who was wearing a 'Free Cobra Hugs' sign.


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