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For purposes of shit-stirring, storyline-generating, and producing plotbunnies for my fic, I hereby present my arbitrary and totally biased list of people Daken needs to make out with, and soon, with or without the use of sex pheromones:

The Who: Kaine/Scarlet Spider

The Why: Daken/Kaine would be based on pheromones/deux ex machina, but once Kaine got his head together, this would be explosive like TNT. Kaine is more violent and unpredictable than Spider-Man, with more offensive abilities -- can you even imagine how bloody a feud between him and Daken would be?

The Who: Sinthia Schmidt/Sin

The Why: It would be spectacularly hot, and also have potential for a storyline with Crossbones and/or Captain America. And couldn't you just SEE the looks on their dad's faces?

The Who: Shinobi Shaw

The Why: Shinobi and Daken are like mirror images of one another: both half-Japanese, both grew up unknown to or neglected by their powerful and charismatic fathers, both have dreams of world domination. Shinobi perfected the sort of Caligula-esque debauchery the Strucker twins always aspired to, and I think Daken would appreciate that sort of thing. Plus, Shinobi's powers make him a fun match-up for the inevitable fight.

The Who: Clint Barton/Hawkeye

The Why: a) bizarro symmetry what with Daken/Bullseye-as-Hawkeye and now Daken/Hawkeye-original flavor b) Hawkeye's kissed Loki, Moonstone, and Black Widow (back when she was a baddie) so why the fuck not go for broke.

The Who: Mary Walker/Typhoid Mary

The Why: I feel like we need to throw in someone unpredictable here. Someone who could give Daken just as hard a time as he could give her. Who better than Typhoid Mary, the most unstable and dangerous of all Daredevil's femme fatales, and if you know anything about Daredevil, you'd know why that is one hell of a superlative. It'd be especially intriguing if Daken developed different relationships with her depending on her personas: Mary Walker, Typhoid, and Bloody.
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Aren't they amazing?! They're like Daken and X-23 came to life and are walking around in the flesh!
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Daken must surely be one of the most "love 'em or hate 'em" characters in comics. If you love him, you LOVE him (if not neccesarily admire him or make excuses for what he does; I've never known a fandom less prone to rationalizing their favorite character's evil deeds). If you hate him, he's a worthless psychopath who sets the portrayal of bisexuals in media back about twenty years.

This is not an apologia. This is just a discussion, from my viewpoint, of why I find Daken so intriguing as a character.

Daken is not a character you (universal you) is really meant to LIKE. And I'm not saying that in a "oh you plebeians can't ~understand~ the depth of his character" sense, I'm saying that he's a Complete Monster or very close to one.

That said, you really have to like the concept of the villain protagonist to be a Daken fan. Daken at his best is a fantastic schemer and its so much fun to see him play people like puppets on strings; but because he's also so nasty, when his plans go awry, as they often do, its satisfying to see him get his comeupance.

There's also the little matter of his sexuality. It's rare to see a male character wield his sexuality like a weapon in the manner Daken does; he's a male vamp. There's also the good old fashioned interplay of sex and violence that's so potent. One of the intriguing aspects to villainous characters is that they're inherently *pro-active*: they provide the passive heroes with a threat to move against. And as such, Daken is very aggressive and threatening, and that can be exciting to see.

It can hardly be overstated how much FUN it was to see Daken in the Dark Avengers. He hit on all his teammates. He thwarted Norman Osborn at every turn. When it all came crashing down, Daken abandoned them and escaped in style. I'd say most of Daken's fandom stems from this period.

Is there anything else to Daken than sex, mind games, and killing? Yes, its hard to find, but its there. Daken obviously has a soft spot for his dead mother, Itsu, whom he has never known. On a couple of occasions, we've seen him express something approaching sympathy or concern for young orphaned children (a state he knows all about). I'm not sure Daken is incapable of feeling real emotion other than hate, but I think Daken *thinks* he is.

This article brilliantly explains something about Daken's character that I have a hard time expressing. Dark romantic heroes are very appealing -- brooding, sexy, with wounded souls. They need salvation. There's also the hint of *danger* -- Edward Cullen is a vampire. Rochester is hiding a dark secret. But there's a reassurance to those stories because we, the readers, know that the heroine is their One True Love, that she will be the one to reach him. So there's implicit but never EXPLICIT danger.

Daken is the blackest version of the dark romantic hero. Everyone who meets Daken -- Mystique, Johnny Storm, his own father -- each and every one of them thinks, "I've got this guy figured out. I can handle this." And each and every one of them is WRONG. They can't handle Daken, they can't control him, and they can't change him. He's the dark romantic hero without a wounded soul to protect.

Daken is the EXPLICIT danger we all are fearful of in the classical dark romantic heroes. Rochester would never burn the house down with Jane in it and collect on the insurance. Edward would never pick his teeth with Bella's pinky bone. But Daken might very well destroy you. The only people he really cares about are himself and a dead woman. And as the article points out, there's always that potential in Daken, however slight, that he can be reformed, that he will meet someone who will get through to him. But knowing Daken, and knowing what he's capable of, would you want to be the person who THINKS s/he's The One... and turn out to be *wrong*?

In summation, Daken is not Made of Awesome nor is he a role model. He is, I believe, something quite special, and a great character to explore if you're intrigued by deviant psychology and villain protagonists.
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Okay, first of all I am a day late and a dollar short, but fuck it, I've been doing important shit like ~SAVING THE WORLD~ and I can't be expected to follow fandom's every fart. But the ONTD/Eli Roth saga is better than anything in the tabloids, for real-real. The fangirls are ripping each other apart over accusations of slutdom, and now Omar Doom has gotten into it by admitting he'd love to see photos of pert fangirl breasticles, too.

Oh God, say it isn't so! OF COURSE Roth and Doom love the attention. They've probably both been dreaming about hundreds of girls sending them naughty photos since their voices starting breaking. They're horny dudes. It's like being mad at a dog for licking it's balls. IMHO, the fangirls either need to OWN THIS SHIT ("hell yeah I cyber'd the hell out of the Bear Jew") or STFU.

In completely unrelated news, Daken has been sighted in a Japanese music video. I bet he didn't even audition or anything, he just wandered on set and made everyone molest him with his pheromone powers. Also, BLING BLING LIZARD.
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To those who are currently writing that great Daken fic over on the Marvel Kink Meme, I would just like to remind y'all that Daken was born in 1946. I flinch every time I see him described as "the younger man" in fic when he's usually older than anyone he's paired with by several decades. I'd understand if the fic was written from the POV of a character who doesn't know and has no reason to suspect that Daken is well past sixty, but most of the time the fic is written in third person omniscient. I imagine that this mistake happens a lot because of Daken's eurotrash, kid-with-a-bad-attitude persona, but c'mon y'all, he's old enough to be Bullseye's grandfather. Hell, he might be Bullseye's grandfather.

TL;DR: Daken is older than all of these people:

Emma Frost

... so don't call him 'the younger man' in comparison to them, thanks.

But more importantly -- Daken big pimpin' in DW #77! )
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With apologies to [ profile] terana. You know you're my boo.

Me, [ profile] caia_comica, and [ profile] harmonyangel were hanging out the other day and talking about how Daken should marry Harry Osborn. Hear me out.

Daken lives for torturing people, and this would piss off two of the people he hates the most: Norman Osborn and Wolverine. Can't you just see Logan and Norman sitting across from each other during the ceremony, each boring holes in the other with their eyes, until Norman snaps from fury and begins beating Logan with his Goblin glider? Plus think of all the excellent snark and angst that would result, much of it from Peter Parker.

I think it should be called Dark Reign: Dark Wedding.
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I only really knew Daken from scans of Wolverine: Origins back in the day on scans_daily, where he was much hated. He is the long-lost son of Wolverine and his Japanese wife Itsu. He's got a weird punk mohawk haircut, lots of tattoos, and a 'tude so big it should have a moon orbiting it. He's also, as it happens, an evil nasty crazy horny son of a bitch.

So of course I'm now totally in love with him. And if you will, flist, give me a few moments of your time, I endeavor to -- not make you fall in love with Daken -- but perhaps to show y'all why he's got some redeeming qualities as a character.

Daken's trying to sleep his way through the cast of Dark Avengers, and he deserves points for THAT, at least. )


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