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Let me be perfectly clear: if you send hateful messages, death threats, or wish harm on another human being because they dared to have an opinion contrary to your own on the BuckyNat ship, or any other ship, whether on lj, Tumblr, or any other platform, your behavior is cruel and unacceptable. YOU are everything that is wrong with fandom. I don't care what your excuse is. "Cool motive. Still an asshole."

Captain America would be ashamed of you.

On an unrelated note, girljanitor of Tumblr's medievalpoc has recently been exposed as a crackah ass crackah. Ordinarily this wouldn't be a big deal -- one doesn't have to be non-white to run an art blog comprised of shoddy research -- but girljanitor has explicitly presented herself as a POC for some time and used that cred to cry "racist!" at anyone who criticized her blog or challenged her statements (and calling someone a racist on Tumblr is the equivalent of lobbing a grenade into a town hall meeting). Notably, she's guilty of pulling more-oppressed-than-thou rank on actual POC, ethnic and religious minorities, and shouting them down.

For anyone who's suffering from wank burnout, I highly recommend the Historically Accurate Steve blog, run by my flistie/first-rate human being, [ profile] theladyscribe! Get lost for hours in fascinating posts about the world that created Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes (and their creators, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby).

Also over on little-details, there's a great post about the possible family background of Natalia Alianovna Romanova, aka the Black Widow. A must-read if you're like me and you get geeky about Russian patronymics.
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Can anybody hook a girl up with a high rez picture of the Winter Soldier's file from Kiev?

In lieu of payment, gaze upon Anthony Mackie's beautiful eyelashes.

A Sam-centric fic is coalescing right now. For my WWE peeps, I'm also working on the next chapter of The Maelstrom's Cup, which should be out soon-ish.

I get so much secondhand embarrassment when I go on Tumblr looking for pics (okay, Tumblr gives me a LOT of secondhand embarrassment for a lot of reasons), but especially when I see posts and reblogs about "weaponized femininity" and "eyeliner so sharp it could cut your basic face off" and fantasizing about ruling men with their sexuality. There are not enough eyerolls in the world. Tumblrina, you are 14-years-old and you spend 20 hours a day on your Tumblr. You ain't running the streets in your stilettos, if you can even walk in them, and men are not video game characters that can be controlled if you find the right keysmash.

I Netflix'd the movie Angel Heart, starring Mickey Rourke pre-uglification, Robert Deniro, and Lisa Bonet. I thought it was shockingly good, very beautifully-shot and the scenes in New Orleans filled me with nostalgia. If you're looking for a noirish horror movie on Netflix Instant, highly-recommended.

I also Netflix'd Political Animals for SebStan, which was good, as well as a couple episodes of Gossip Girl, also for SebStan, which was so bad that I screamed due to the burning in my eyes and backed out. Sebastian, I know you had to pay the rent, but you didn't have to stoop so low. You could've come to me, we could've worked something out.
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...Well, fuck.

I wish there was more that I could say or do about this, but unfortunately I, along with the rest of fandom, am powerless to help these poor fanfic writers sentenced to prison for promoting "homosexuality, gore, and violence". I have always been against the mainstreaming of fandom, mostly out of fear of nightmare scenarios like this one.
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So there's fresh wanking about the new Guardians of the Galaxy trailer on fail-fandomanon. Alongside a lot of squee and some furries who already fancy Rocket Raccoon, there's quite a few people who're like "Why does the universe need another Straight White Guy superhero movie?" and complaints about the lack of female characters. GOTG actually has more female characters in major roles than any of the previous MCU films, with Gamora, Nebula, and Nova-Prime (played by Glenn Close) sharing the big screen. But okay, sure, it's reasonable to ask why Mantis, Phyla-Vell, and Moondragon didn't make the cut.

But this comment in particular just rubs me the wrong way. You want more female characters, but you yourself reduce Gamora to "the sexy one" in your own comment? Gamora is the most dangerous woman in the galaxy/universe. She's the one with the history with Thanos. She's the last Zen-Whoberian. Never mind, she's just the "sexy one". That's all she is to you? I mean, if it were Mantis, what would she be? The "Vietnamese one"? Is Phyla the "lesbian one"? Is ticking off marks on a diversity checklist all they're good for?

Also good for boggling/lolz are the multiple "long time Marvel fans" who claim to have NEVER heard of any of these characters. One person claims to have read comics for 15 years but only recognizes Phyla as "Hulkling's half-sister who was also gay". Can't even identify Phyla by name. Like, are y'all for FUCKING REAL? You claim to be Marvel fans, but you can't even name Gamora, who debuted in 1975? You're such big fans but don't even recognize Mantis and Moondragon when they were Avengers decades before this movie was even a gleam in James Gunn's eye! Okay, whatever, not asking y'all to have encyclopedic knowledge of these characters, but don't front like you're some big Marvel fan when you don't know who any of these superheroines are and have no personal stake in the movie or their character arcs. Y'all don't even know what y'all talking about!
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I just started cackling like a hyena when I came across this on someone's profile:

Outside of fanfic, God is the most important thing in my life...

I'm sorry, I'm a godless atheist with no respect for religion, but it seems to me that if you believe in God, shouldn't God be, like, WAY above fanfic in the list of important things in your life? Fuck! Priorities, y'all!
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As astute readers of my lj and the [ profile] plantagenesta comm may have determined, I have a hate-on for popular historical fiction author Sharon Kay Penman, best known for her novels Wales: Land of Tragic Brawny Princes and The Splendour of York: The Story of Richard III's Dick. I just REALLY dislike her writing and it pisses me off that she got so successful on such paint-by-numbers crap.

Take this bit from Time and Chance, where Ranulf, Penman's OC and by-the-way Henry II's uncle and by-the-way also half-Welsh and by-the-way married to his perfect blind Welsh cousin, becomes Mr. Exposition.

"My nephew is about to go to war against the Count of Toulouse and he has issued a summons to his barons, myself included, to meet at Poitiers on June twenty-fourth."

I've bitched about this before, but WHY IS RANULF THERE? What purpose does this character serve in this book? Why are we supposed to care about him and his marriage and his stupid old flame, Annora? There is way more at stake in this book than Ranulf blathering about receiving a summons from the king. Is it too much to ask that we get some chapters about Thomas Becket? Yes? Fuck you, Penman. And fuck you, Ranulf. You are barely a person.

Okay, now look at this dialogue from her novel, Lionheart. One of these dialogue tags belongs to Richard I, king of England, fabled "Lionheart", warrior king of the Third Crusade. One dialogue tag belongs to his mother, the formidable Eleanor of Aquitaine. One belongs to his notorious brother, John. Can you guess which one belongs to who?

1. "Jesu, but you gave me a bad moment there! I thought you truly did not want to go."
2. "So... tell me of the meeting with Sancho and his son. I assume he was contented with the dower?"
3. "I do not think Longchamp will be able to meet Richard's expectations."

The answer is: meaningless, because everyone in Penman's books has the exact same speech patterns and turns of phrase. You could cast Keanu Reeves in EVERY speaking role for the movie and lose nothing. Every character delivers exposition in the same deliberate, 'I got this from wikipedia' tone. Every character is impressed by the same things, falls in love the same way, and gets angry at each other the same way.
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A thread about fetuses (surprisingly enough, not abortion-related) got fairly wanky on FFA, and a nonny added something to the discussion that actually made my jaw drop.


How can you say, even in jest (and apparently she's not joking), that a medical professional should be more willing to sterilize you because you're black? I'm all for people getting sterilized if that's what they want, but to sincerely believe that an OBGYN should look at you and see, not a patient, but a black person, and that they should be eager to sterilize you because of that, is beyond disturbing. I'm not exactly a SJW, god knows I'm not, but y'all are aware that ethnic minorities and other "undesirables" have a long history of being forcibly sterilized or having their children taken by the states in which they live, right? And to imply that you expect that sort of treatment is... jesus fucking christ.
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A Tumblrite shoplifts beer, gets drunk, then goes back to shoplift a DVD from Walmart and gets caught. Now she's asking everyone to donate to pay her fine, because... um, she wants your money.

Wow, there is entitled, and then there's entitled. I particularly love the way she refuses to take responsibility for her actions, in no way promises to clean up and act right, and seems resentful of her parents who are trying to help her. She's just outright panhandling to strangers on the intarwebs so she doesn't have to spend her own money (which she has, in the form of her tax return) so as to enable her stupid behavior. Oh boy, fuck all those people I was gonna donate to on Kiva. That single mother in Mongolia can stick her kid back in her vagina for all I care, this person obviously needs my money more.

So please, Tumblr, show me that not everyone is selfish.

Someone's not doing their part, is she? It's not even like she stole to put food in her mouth. When someone tells her to pay the fine herself, this is her reasoned and classy response:

Actually, I don’t have the money to pay the civil demand. And…you do know reactions like this make me want to drink more and/or cut myself, right? Way to go.

Here is a cactus. Please shove it up your ass



When people continue to be meany poo-pooheads and question her motives, she pulls the race card. As far as I can tell, there's no mention of her race in previous posts and little reason to assume she's one race or the other. But if you're mean to her by asking her questions, that makes you a racist.

There has been racism (I’m a WoC, specifically half black/ndn and half white), and such examples by calling me things like “a menace to society” and “a piece of shit” and so on is not helpful in the slightest. One even accused me of threatening them with “cactus rape”. (I was just being snarky when I told them to fuck off) Come on, people wouldn’t say that if I had been purely white.

I think her math is off somewhere -- or do NDNs and black folks only count as half-a-person, so if you put two together you get one full person? I mean, I've got mixed ancestry too, but I'd just say I'm Mestee, not "half black/ndn and half white." Also, LOL CACTUS RAPE again.

Her 'about me' page is also pretty amazing:

I’m also the core of a multiple system that includes 2 AtLA fictionkin (each a Water Tribe Avatar), 1 therian (Yakutia snow sheep), 1 otherkin (water faerie), and a sailor moon AU fictionkin. There are over 200 people that walk in and out as they please (both soulbonds and headmates), another 100 that are more median, and about 50 or so permanent residents besides me. My daemon is-most likely due to the water tribe influence of my fictionkin-a slightly frosted over/hydrokinetic reindeer named Tuktu.

A hydrokinetic reindeer named Tuktu lives in her head. This is the kind of thing I'd think was a joke about
Tumblr users, but as far as I can tell, she's completely earnest about it. Alllll righty then.
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1. Fishing-for-compliments. "Omigod, this fanfic is so bad, I'm sorry, I shouldn't even be posting this!" If you say something like that about your own work, you know what? I'm gonna believe you. Yeah, your fanfic probably sucks and you should probably have kept it to yourself.

2. M/M sex scenes where one half of the slash pairing thinks to himself how, at last, he can be as rough as he wants to be because his sex partner is a big tough man and not some fragile woman. Um, have you ever had sex with a woman? Women are not china dolls. If you fuck a woman vigorously, her leg will not pop off or something. And a penis isn't a battering ram, for fuck's sake.

3. "Blown pupils". Has any turn of phrase ever metatastized across fandom so quickly and so widely?
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More terrible than the bed bugs crawling up your legs! Hell, more terrible than the herpes crawling down Paris Hilton's legs! It's Social Justice Warrior language-policing time again, in which a bunch of goons who barely passed Sociology 101 clutch their pearls and tell us all how badly we human.

When you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes back.

For those who haven't got a spare brain cell to sacrifice to this nonsense, here's a quick rundown: Author writes a fic. Author writes Character A calling Character B a silly word that's meant to be a playful nickname. Readers call out Author for using this word. Author is shocked. Author apologizes. Author edits fic. SJWs scream at Author. Author grovels. This is reported to Fanficrants. FFR posters clutch their pearls.

And by the way--

You read that write, ladies, gents, and gentlequeers. The "slur" word? Potato. I guess it's triggery because of, um, all those times people have been falsely accused of being starchy tubers? I dunno.

One soul on FFR said, quote:

Agreed. The OP seems to believe that the author needs a white knight to defend them from an "angry SJW", when in fact the anon was likely expressing how much slurs can hurt in general, and the OP was choosing to focus on how that one anon was somehow "disproportionately offended" over a slur that is in fact hurtful to far more than just one person. Slurs, whether said in ignorance of the fact a word is a slur or not, still harm people, and said people have a right to be angry when this sort of thing is not isolated cases stemming from ignorance. It's systemic, and ignorance perpetuates it.

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This is a self-indulgent post in which I will bitch and complain about stuff in Sharon Kay Penman's historical fiction that I don't like.

Sharon Kay Penman writes primarily about the Plantagenet dynasty of medieval England, and she is often hailed as Our Lord and Savior of historical fiction. This despite the fact that her writing is very stitled and "samey". By "samey", I mean the tendency some writers have that all their characters kind of talk alike and have the same tics and stock expressions. You know those Migratory Slash Fandom writers who flit from fandom to fandom, fitting the new hot slash pairing of the week into their favorite tropes like a square peg into a round hole, so that their Arthur/Eames is indistinguishable from Stiles/Derek and Stiles/Derek is indistinguishable from their Bond/Q? Well, Penman does something like that, except she gets paid for it. I like to say that she can only write about four characters, and they are Overly Noble Knight, Spitfire Heroine, Bad Boy, and Good Wife. For instance, King John, Prince Davydd, William de Braose, and Geoffrey of Anjou are all Bad Boys. Ranulf's wife, Joan of Wales, Matilda of Boulogne, and Marguerite of France are all Good Wives. And so on.

Penman also is the master of the "As You Know, Bob..." moment, when one character turns into a dumbass so another character can patiently explain something to him that she should by all rights now already. This is also called infodumping, and it needs to be killed with fire.

Example, from Here Be Dragons:

"I'm not going back," Llywelyn said, at once capturing their undivided attention.
"You both know the history of my House, know how my uncles Davydd and Rhodri cheated my father and my other uncles out of their rightful share of my grandfather's inheritance. They carved Gwynedd up between them as if it were a meat pie, forced my father, Owain Fawr's firstborn, into exile, brought about his death whilst I was still in my cradle. His blood is on their hands and they've yet to answer for it. I think it time they did."

He is telling this to his BEST FRIENDS Rhys and Ednyved. Why the fuck do they need to be told this? They grew up with Llywelyn. It's not like they're gonna say 'Holy shit man, what do you mean you're a prince and your uncles are nogoodniks who deserve to die? I had no idea. Tell me more.' Llywelyn's only known them since they were small enough to be bathed together.

Here's another one, from When Christ and His Saints Slept:

"I'll tell you what I know," Stephen said reluctantly. "Your father and others were hunting in the New Forest with his brother the king. William Rufus was shot by mischance -- took an arrow in the chest -- and died there in the woods. He had no sons, which meant his crown would be claimed by one of his brothers. Robert was the firstborn, but he was on his way back from the Holy Land, and your father... well, he was luckier, for he was within riding distance of Winchester, where the royal treasury was kept. He headed for Winchester at a gallop, and by sunset he was calling himself England's king. As you know, Robert eventually challenged him, and ended his days confined to the great keep of Cardiff Castle in South Wales. More than that, I cannot say. No man can."

Stephen here is talking to his cousin Ranulf (Penman's OC illegitimate son of Henry I) who has grown up at court and knows his dad. So why the fuck does he need the whole ugly saga repeated like Stephen is reading aloud a page from a history book? It ain't like Ranulf has been living in a hole in the ground all his life. And I think Ranulf probably knows already that his uncle Robert was a Crusader prince, as that was kind of a Big Fucking Deal back in the day.

If you're gonna infodump, try to do so in a way that doesn't come across as A) repeating something out of a history book, B) telling a character something they already know, and C) failing to advance the plot or develop the characters in any way, shape, or form. I mean, if Stephen HAS to tell Ranulf this story, how does his telling reflect Stephen's feelings about it? Is Stephen trying to get Ranulf to think a certain way about his father? We don't know, because Penman doesn't put any personality into this scene. It's just there. Stephen and Ranulf are just talking heads.

While I'm at it, here's something that's bothered me since I first read When Christ..., which is ostensibly the story of the civil war between the empress Maude and her cousin Stephen for the throne of England: Why are Maude and Stephen guest-stars in their own book? It's like Penman wanted to write a book, but didn't actually find Maude and Stephen all that interesting. You get barely any personality from Stephen, so there's no sense of tragedy about him, and Maude is sort of halfway between an Overly Noble Lady and a shrew. I mean, this is a conflict for the ages, a human drama on an epic scale, and Penman fast-forwards through the book to get to Maude's more interesting son, the future Henry II. Half the good stuff happens off-screen. And instead of giving Maude and Stephen page time, Penman invents a fictional half-Welsh brother for Maude, Ranulf, so he can go adventuring in Wales and Find Himself, because that's what I bought a book about The Anarchy for.

I may be back later with more Penman rants. I got a lot to bitch about when it comes to this author.
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Ah, batshit crazy fanbrats. Good to know nothing's changed in fandom and I can go along being embarrassed to be associated with the whole thing.

1) A fan pretended to be Tom Hiddleston's old makeup artist and got him to friend her and her "sister" on Twitter. She then told him a friend of hers would be in town and wouldn't be so kind as to show her around? Tom Hiddleston is a nice man and said yes. Then it came out that the makeup artist was a fake, her sister was a fake, and the "friend" was presumably the crazy fanbrat herself, desperately trying to get close to Tom Hiddleston.

If I were Tom Hiddleston, I'd lock myself in my house and never leave again.

2) Jeph Jacques, creator of Questionable Content, posted a story about a character who is uncomfortable with wearing a bathing suit because she has poor self-image. SJWs respond by complaining that she's not fat enough and call him a horrible person.

He has an emotional breakdown and stabs himself in the hand, severing two tendons, requiring a stay in the hospital. His breakdown was apparently partly caused by the response from SJWs.

This is why we can't have nice things.

Fan Dumb

May. 8th, 2012 12:57 am
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Already saw someone displaying their limited knowledge of media history when they complained that Avengers seemed like a rip-off of Doctor Who. Doctor Fucking Who of all things. And I'm like:


But I managed to restrain myself. The first person to suggest that Hawkeye is a "rip-off" of Katniss from the fucking Hunger Games series will not be so lucky.
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The "Korra is a white savior in brown skin" wank in Avatar: The Last Airbender fandom just proves to me that some Social Justice Warriors are so obsessed with white people that they manage to make a fandom set in a world populated entirely by POC all about white people. It'd be funny if it weren't so pathetic. And it wouldn't be so pathetic if Gisei Nashi Ni of dumbthingswhitepplsay wasn't throwing her cheap two cents in; GNN is, btw, the same person as smallblackangel who posted this breathtakingly racist rant about black people on her lj. Oh thank God GNN's here to teach us about racism, given she's such an expert!

The more amusing aspect to this wank is that the circular logic and SJW word salad ("This word means what I need it to mean! DIAF!") could be used to prove that up is down and that black is white. I could take any random bit of media and use enough buzzwords and bad tactics until I got you to believe ANYTHING.

Just to prove a point, here's my interpretation of Tupac's "Keep Ya Head Up", in the style of GNN.

In this song, Tupac displays his male privilege by speaking in positive terms about young women and single mothers, encouraging them repeatedly to "keep ya head up" and demand respect from society at large and men in particular. His justification for talking about motherhood is that he has a mother, not exactly an accomplishment on a planet inhabited by six billion people, all of whom either have or had mothers.

Pictured: THE MAN

Tupac also stole the name of Tupac Amaru, a noted Incan monarch. By stealing the name of Tupac Amaru, this so-called "Tupac" is appropriating the experience of Hispanics and monarchs.

By talking down to them in such a way, Tupac is symbolically rendering them the underclass. As young African-American women and Hispanic monarchs are coded as "the lesser", Tupac becomes the omnipresent all-knowing authority figure.

Therefore, Tupac is the White Man.

Anyone who disagrees with my thesis can step on a Lego.
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So on [ profile] fail_fandomanon, the most recent post is well into 4000+ comments, and as FFA posts are closed at 5000 comments on ffa, this means everyone is twiddling their thumbs waiting for a new post to go up. So I toss out a thread to try to pass the time.

Yes, that's my OP, and *that's* some assclown who's mama must've been frightened by Waylon Jennings driving a pickup truck when she was carrying him/her.

Because of course it's mandatory to comment on an anonymous thread on ffa, and because I didn't make it Non-American Accessible, I'm an imperialist troll. Good to know!

I would just like to say at this point, that in my time in fandom I've seen some vile things. I've seen people turn on their so-called best friends. I've seen plagiarists. I've seen self-hating female misogynists. I've seen people telling other fans to go kill themselves. I've seen BNFs threatening to sue minors for talking about how another BNF is a known plagiarist. I've seen hypocrites who talk down to black people and then make tumblrs to educate whitey on how not to be racist (change starts at home, fuckers). I've seen and heard it all, s'what I'm saying. And hell, I ain't a perfect person. I'm not even sure I'm a good person. But hell, I laughed this shit off. This is minor leagues, y'all. And just look at this shit! THIS IS FUCKING FUNNY!

I would also like to mention that on this same ffa post, there's a thread with a pack of comments that asks the nonnies about their *personal finances*. Now, I ain't your mama. I guess it's up to you to decide whether or not you want to share your personal financial information with strangers over the internet, even anon. It just tickles me that MY thread is the wanky one, and not the one asking folks about their finances. Maybe because that one gives people a chance to talk about their favorite subject: themselves.
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Long ago, in the days of yore (aka 1990) a farmer in Michigan found a Super 8 film camera attached to balloons had floated into his field. The camera film was found to contain bizarre footage of what appeared to be a dead body surrounded by strangely dressed men. The footage was sent to the FBI, and much nail-biting ensued until it was discovered that the footage was of the Nine Inch Nails music video for the song "Down In It".

That bastion of journalism, Hard Copy, reports:

Y'all, there are so many lolarious bits of this video that I can't choose between them. So I turn to you, flisties, for your wisdom. I need to know what the most lolarious moment in all of this hot mess is!

[Poll #1801753]
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An updated collection of tweets and quotes from my favoritist sex-and-food-obsessed porn star, James Deen. I think he's hilarious and plus, he refuses to do porn scenes that he finds too "rapey". What's not to love? Uh, I guess this should go without saying, but as he's a porn star, his website and Twitter are in no way safe for work. Head's up, y'all.

Read more... )

As a bonus, I discovered this list of common triggers while making a list of everything I will warn for in my fanfics. This list, from the Kyriarchy and Priviledge 101 blog, includes such things as "snakes", "insects", and "slimy things" alongside common triggers such as suicide and rape. I have to say, I think it's sad how the word 'trigger' has become synonymous with squick.
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Over on [ profile] norsekink, the mods put up a list of triggery content that must be warned for in fic. Aside from common triggers, like rape and self-harm, the mods in their wisdom decided to include... pregnancy!

Look, I try to be a good girl about putting warnings on my fics. Sometimes I think I make my fanfics sound scarier than they are, because I will warn for stuff only alluded to or mentioned very briefly, to be on the safe side. I also have no problem with common triggers, like the aforementioned rape and self-harm. But pregnancy? Pregnancy. For real-real? Should I warn for farts and sneezes and morning wood and other banal things that human bodies do sometimes? Another poster on NK reasonably points out that s/he has a trigger for car crashes, which is much more unnatural than pregnancy, but wouldn't think of asking for a trigger warning for it. Due to some awful stuff in my past, I don't like reading about people being beaten with crowbars, but that's kind of a specific trigger and I'm not going to demand that everyone on a kink meme abide by a warning for goddamn crowbars.

I can understand warning for miscarriage. It might be upsetting to someone who's suffered one. I can understand warning for mpreg, as that's a kink that's about as mainstream as furry porn (which is to say, not very). I can understand warning for a graphic birth scene, as that's a little TMI. But warning for pregnancy leaves me befuddled. It makes me wonder about the people who find it triggery -- can they not leave the house, for fear of seeing a pregnant woman waddling down the street?

Fuck it. I am not warning for pregnancy in my fics, which means I won't be writing on NK. Flist, should I note my not-warning-for-pregnancy stance in my userinfo, so that people won't wander into my lj and be ~traumatized~ by mentions of pregnant people?
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So today I scared the hell out of myself reading the 'sagas' of Amy Player aka a lot of other names and the Final Fantasy 7 cult house. My time in fandom has generally been a lot of fun, but over the years you will encounter crazies.

In my mind, there's like two kinds of crazy. There's 'sad crazy', like those women who think they're married to Snape on the Astral Plane. Crazy, yes, but they're probably not a threat to anyone but themselves. Then there's CRAY-CRAY. This second group are the sort of people who, a few hundred years ago, would've been living in a cave and yammering to saints and angels only they could see. But because we live in the age of internet, video games, and anime, the CRAY-CRAY amongst us can instead go online and not only proclaim to 'really' be Sephiroth or faeries or whatever, but find others willing to enable their delusions.

A note on real selves vs. imaginary selves: If you sincerely believe yourself to be a video game character, or some kind of animal, or a Hobbit, or whatever, then go ahead and believe that. That's your right. I reserve the right to think you are stupid and deluded.

What happened with Amy Player and his cronies, and the FF7 cult, is that these fucktards set out not only to live out their delusions, but to draw other people into their psychedelic fantasy worlds, use them for whatever they were worth, then disgard them when no longer useful. This behavior is straight up psychopathic and narcissistic. What's sick is that they prey on the most vulnerable people they can find -- people who feel "strange", lonesome, and rejected, people who have a difficult family life, people who are naive and inexperienced (Amy Player likes to manipulate teenage minors), people who find the real world disappointing and long for something magical in their lives.

Just look at how Maya, a person who barely escaped being a victim of the FF7 cult, describes herself:

I'm easily intimidated.
I'm nervous.
I have low self-esteem.

Somewhere, a psychopath is salivating over that description. That's EXACTLY the kind of person they can get their hooks into. And like most psychopaths (another notorious fandom figure, Usagi Kou, comes to mind) they're brilliant at finding willing victims. They're crazy, not stupid.

Jen would court people by telling them how "special" they were, inviting them to join her "family". Amy Player is a talented con artist who can convince people that his outrageous lies are the truth, skipping town and moving onto new victims whenever caught.

One thing I noticed about almost all the testimonies from escapees of the FF7 cult is that when they first moved into the cult's house, they would go along with whatever Jen (the leader) wanted, because they "wanted to be a good guest". When Jen hit them up for money, they'd go along with it, and before you know it, they're working for the cult, doing everything Jen wants, buying her whatever she wants. Jen becomes more and more controlling, listening in on their phone conversations, reading their journals, monitoring their internet use, etc. This sort of controlling behavior is very common in abusive boyfriends/husbands, too. It's a means of seperating you from your support group -- your friends and family -- and making YOU dependant on THEM.

One unfortunate part of dealing with these people is that some of them are very good at not appearing insane at first. The thing is, sooner or later the mask will slip, and you will see the CRAY-CRAY underneath. I met a girl through a friend who, at first, seemed very intense but otherwise very friendly and funny. The first couple of times I met her, I really liked her. But then one day, out of nowhere, she started telling me, "You know, people think I'm a freak because I'm sexually attracted to serial killers, but I can't help it!" That is one of the only times I have ever stopped, looked at someone, and thought, Danger! Danger!

But Mipp! I hear you cry. You're being SO MEAN to these poor CRAY-CRAY people! They can't help it!

My perspective is like so, when it comes to abusers, flakes, liars, unreconstructed alcoholics and addicts, and yes, the CRAY-CRAY:

Some people are broken.
That is unfortunate.
It is not my job to fix them.

Straight up, end of story. It is not worth spending my time, energy, effort, money, or precious years of my life to try to fix your CRAY-CRAY.

So please, please take care who you associate yourself with, online and offline. I'm not saying be afraid, and I'm not blaming the victim, I just want y'all to be safe, healthy... and sane.
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This article caught my attention, and then this Foreign Policy magazine article by Golnaz Esfandiari gave me food for thought. I recall a couple of years back when the revolts in Iran were taking place, and seeing people here and there in fandom and elsewhere excitedly changing their location to 'Tehran', as some kind of symbol of solidarity with the Iranian people, or occasionally claiming it would help confuse "them" -- "them" being the Iranian government, I suppose -- and back then I was like "Whut". There were news articles trumpeting how crucial Facebook and Twitter were to the revolutionaries. People were tweeting breaking news on Iran hither and yonder, some of which turns out to have been misinformation the Iranian authorities were deliberately feeding them.

So what is the deal with this whole phenomenon? Well, this is just good old-fashioned slacktivism, created by the desire to MAKE A DIFFERENCE, to do something to help those activists but in such a way that does not demand:

1) your money
2) your time
3) your effort
or, most importantly,
4) that you at any point put your own life and liberty at risk.

It's the same mentality that spawns worthless internet petitions, or promotes hoaxes like that "bonsai kitties" thing that was all the rage on Myspace back in the day. One problem is that, well, to be honest with you, the only things that do MAKE A DIFFERENCE are time, money, effort, and sometimes, tragically, lifeblood.

The other, bigger problem with the slacktivist thing is that it diverts attention from the people who really did put themselves at risk and go out and fight for their rights, even if that right was to cast a vote between Evil and Slightly Less Evil. Instead of being heroes for their cause, they're just the faceless mob who needed our help to be educated in the ways of social networking, which of course was going to pave the way for their future democracy. The whole mess is even more ridiculous when, as points out, social networking is a laughably bad way to try to plan any sort of revolution. As we've seen in the last couple of years, these totalitarian regimes have no problem pulling the plug on the cell phones and internet, feeding the news media false information to be eagerly lapped up, harassing and arresting Iranians abroad by tracking their internet history, or hell, just swooping in and arresting would-be protesters as soon as they arrive at the pre-arranged demonstration site.

I must wonder if part of the appeal of things like the so-called Twitter revolution are people's desire to be part of something historic. Going to wash bedding and scrub floors at your local animal shelter is, of course, a worthy effort that actually creates a small but important impact on your community, but it's not very glamorous. Whereas feeling like you contributed to the downfall of an oppressive regime, even if done from behind the safety of your laptop screen, is much more romantic.


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