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I don't get what the point is of the male/male scenes in True Blood if they keep happening in dream sequences and never have any effect on the plot or characters. The most recent example is like the third time this has happened on that show. I enjoy fanservice as much as the next girl, but it sort of rubs me the wrong way. Like the showrunners are pandering to the fangirls rather than actually developing and presenting queer desire. I think this might be what people mean by queerbaiting on the rare occasions when they're not just delusional or bitching about pairings they don't like.

In other news, both Angel Haze and Siya (of Oxygen's Sisterhood of Hip-Hop) are openly lesbian/bi and in relationships with women (Haze is with Ireland Baldwin, daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger). Ten years ago I could never have imagined two openly gay black female rappers being on TV and putting out music videos!
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I am currently praying on my hands and knees for Guardians of the Galaxy to spawn a really kinky, iddy fandom. I want all the tropey idfic! Badwrong Gamora/Nebula pseudo-incest fic! AUs where Peter is prince of the Spartax and he conquers Hala/Earth/Zen-Whober and takes Ronan/Drax/Tony Stark/Gamora as his body slave but they FALL IN LOVE dun dun dun! Tentacle penises and other bizarre alien anatomy! Sex pollen! Yes, even the inevitable Rocket/Groot porn. Just please let this fandom fulfill some of its potential and not degenerate into fluffy coffee shop AUs.

This is a good post explaining and deconstructing some of the common SJW fallacies that infest fandom spaces. Good reading for anyone who's been like "Wait, did this heifer just exploit MY experiences to further HER agenda, and I'm supposed to be GRATEFUL? WTF!"

I found it on the intarwebs: For anyone who's been beating themself up for sacrificing their ethics for Chik-Fil-A's delicious waffle fries, please watch DWV's "Chow Down (at Chick-fil-A)". They are so fierce I can hardly handle it! The rap break is so 90's Left Eye Lopes, nice work.

BTW, my best friend attending Mississippi College with one of the Chik-Fil-A heiresses, who drove a cow-themed car. Yeah!
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On Penny Dreadful, rugged hero Ethan Chandler (aka The Wolf-Man) and hedonist Dorian Gray (aka Broadway's Spider-Man) hooked up last episode for some sexy absinthe-fueled man-on-man action.

It's been SO AMUSING watching the show's dudebro fans melting down on IMdB over this. The denial is great. Watch the clip, it's not like "Oops, I slipped and my dick went in ya!" But really, it seems to me that the denial over Dorian/Ethan becoming canon is mostly because Ethan is the traditionally masculine hero type and the audience surrogate into the world of the show -- if he's bi, then by extension the male audience members who over-identify with him feel a little bi, too.

In other news, [ profile] theladyscribe and I went to ninja class last night, then had a serious discussion about the MCU and Chris Evans' dick. We also visited one of the last ol skool anarchist squats in the Lower East Side! It was sweet.
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So guess who works at a comic book store now? And guess who speed-read YA: Resolution right as it went up on the rack tonight, waiting to be delivered into y'all's hot little hands bright and early tomorrow morning? And guess who's got some SPOILERS for anyone interested...? Moi! moi moi moi!

Here's a hint... it's all GAY... )
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Okay, for those not in the know, the debate has raged for some years within the history geek/academia circles as to how gay, if at all, Richard I of England was. Yes, that Richard, he of Lion-heart fame, from the Robin Hood stories. After a few years of quite a few people thinking he might've been gay/bisexual, the pendulum has swung the other way and now people are loudly insisting that there is no good evidence that he was queer in any way, shape, or form.

Here's the thing. Unless we find some incredibly authentic letters in his own hand talking about how much he loved cock, or invent a time machine or something, we will never know for sure if Richard was gay or not. We have theories, we have debates, we have wishful thinking, but we will probably never know for sure. That being said, the next big question is: does it matter? Maybe its not crucial for the big picture, but obviously people find it interesting, and fuck it, that makes it worth researching. In all honesty, you'd probably find more folks interested in Richard's sexuality than in his fiscal policies, and plenty of people write long-winded research papers on fiscal policies and no one questions that.

Another big question is, is there any evidence one way or another? Well, there's contemporary writings that suggest there was something going on, but no one ever comes out and says that Richard liked mansex. He was accused of things that we would probably consider sexual sadism today, and I find it bizarre and in a sick way almost amusing that people are so quick to "defend" Richard from charges of homosexuality, when I personally think the charges that he committed and/or abetted rape and coerced sex of womenfolk are a lot more damning. Anyway, right here is usually when people tell me something along the lines of, 'If Richard had been gay it would've been a major slander; the chroniclers wouldn't have been quiet about it, his enemies would've used it against him. It wouldn't have been hinted at.'

Here's where I think our own experiences color our expectations. In the world I grew up in, the world most of you probably live in or have living memory of, being called a homosexual is one of the worst things someone can be called. There are people who kill themselves not because they ARE gay, but because they're straight but CALLED gay. So we assume it was the same for medieval people, that Richard being gay would've been even worse back then and that of course everyone would talk about it and he would be infamous.

But here's the thing. In the medieval time period, people didn't have the same concept of sexuality that we do today. To put it very basically, homosexuality was an act, not a state of being. While some people surely knew they were different, if they committed a homosexual act they could repent and do penance. If you did it again, repent and do more penance. Moreover, I found a couple other examples from the medieval time period of prominent individuals being accused of homosexual acts in an almost off-hand manner, and while it wasn't hardly meant to be complimentary, nor does it come across like the accuser thinks this is some unparalleled obscenity.

1) The notorious emperor Heinrich IV was accused of homosexual acts, blatantly by his contemporary Manegold of Lautenbach who says Heinrich took part in "the uncleanness of sodomitical filth" (sodomitica colluvionis immuniditia). Isidore of Seville says as much as well. But that charge ranks in their books right alongside Heinrich's other vices of banging concubines, fathering illegitimate children, and committing "incest" -- this last one probably referring to the charge that Heinrich's son Konrad made that his father had offered to share his second wife (Konrad's stepmother) with him. If even half the charges about Heinrich IV were true, he was without a doubt one of medieval Europe's kinkiest monarchs.
2) The relationship between the Byzantine emperor Michael III and his companion and successor (and murderer) Basil I is well-attested by, among others Luitprand of Cremona, Genesios, and Theophanes Continuatus, none of whom actually explicitly say they were humping. You'd have to be really determined to believe otherwise, or really naive or something, to think they were just hetero dudebros. Maybe the part where Luitprand describes how Michael first saw Basil after a wrestling contest, all sweaty and glistening and muscular, and was like, I need some of that in my life! will clue you in. Luitprand in particular makes it as obvious as possible as to what he's talking about; you can almost feel him elbowing you in the side while going "Eh! eh!". It wasn't politic at the time to just say it, as Basil's dynasty lasted for a couple more generations and it generally isn't a great idea to immortalize the emperor's grandpa in print as a male hooker.

So my point is we do have evidence that other medieval monarchs either committed homosexual acts or were at least accused of them, but the charges seem to have ranked alongside other types of adultery. It wasn't thought of as the atom bomb of sins. Whatever Richard was up to, if some kind of queerness or homosexuality was involved, it doesn't surprise me so much if it was considered part and parcel with his other 'vices'.
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Taken from his 1999 book, The Long Hard Road Out of Hell, and oriented towards the man creatures (because, as Manson puts it, all women are by nature bisexual). He openly admits to having broken rules 1, 2, 12, 20, 26, 30, 33, and 38 as of 1999, so I'm sure he's gotten around to the others by now.

1. If you get someone else's sperm on you.
2. If you've ever owned a Smiths album.
3. If you get hard while sucking another guy's dick. If you don't, you're straight -- unless he gets sperm on you.
4. If Michael Stipe is in the room with you, and you're having sex with a woman, you're bisexual.
5. If you're at a gay bar, you're not gay. But if you're at a straight bar and you talk to another guy longer than you talk to a girl, you're gay.
6. If you tap your feet to a Smiths song.
7. If you discuss art for more than 45 minutes.
8. If you've ever worn a beret.
9. If you kiss a guy and he has a hard-on, you're not gay unless he has a hard-on, too.
10. If you have any kind of sex -- with a male or a female -- to the Smiths, you're gay.
11. If your only purpose in life is to get girls pregnant so they can have more girls to have lesbian sex together.
12. If you jack off and you get cum on yourself.
13. If you get a boner watching Gilligan's Island.
14. If you don't get a boner watching Bewitched.
15. If there's a Smiths song on in the bar and you're in the bathroom with your dick in your hand.
16. If your name is Richard and you go by Dick.
17. If you're friends with anyone named Dick.
18. If you don't cheat on your wife, you're only using her as a prop to make people think you're not gay.
19. If you're friends with a model.
20. If you fuck a girl who likes the Smiths.
21. If you don't eat meat because the Smiths album Meat is Murder had an impact on your life.
22. If you do anything spiritual.
23. If you fuck a pregnant woman and she's carrying a boy, you're gay. If you get sperm on the amniotic sac, the baby will grow up to be gay, too.
24. If you've ever had a haircut like Morrissey.
25. If you've ever had a haircut while a Morrissey or Smiths album was playing in the room.
26. If you've ever talked about or owned a crystal -- especially if its crystal meth.
27. If you've ever put band-aids on your nipples as a fashion statement.
28. If you've ever spent more than a week on South Beach.
29. If you're not thinking about tits right now.
30. If you still liked Judas Priest after you heard the rumor that Rob Halford was gay.
31. If you get a hard-on while taking a shit.
32. If you know what sperm tastes like (especially if it's your own).
33. If you kiss a girl with tongue after she's swallowed your cum.
34. If you get hard while reading this.
35. If you know the names of anyone who's ever been in the Smiths besides Morrissey and Johnny Marr.
36. If you're a male model.
37. If you get choked up listening to "Boys Don't Cry" by The Cure.
38. If you're a clothing designer.
39. If your first, last, middle, or only name was Morrissey.
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As I mentioned in this post, it's striking and somewhat depressing how many of Marvel's GLBT characters are villains, anti-villains, or spent a substantial period of their career as villains. I feel this came about because of two reasons: firstly, that media has a long history of allowing villainous characters to display controversial or 'wicked' characteristics such as homosexuality, which would be unthinkable for heroic characters (think of all the lesbian vampires in film that appeared LONG before any lesbian could take center stage as a heroine); and secondly, because like one-fourth of these characters were outed during Fabian Nicieza's tenure on Thunderbolts, and not only is the cast of Thunderbolts comprised entirely of villains and ex-villains, Nicieza LOVES his gay characters. Seriously, if Nicieza's writing it, somebody's gonna be gay.

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I was inspired a while back to try to figure out what was the first gay kiss shown on-panel in a Marvel 616-verse comic book, and that in turn led me to collecting a list of 9 gay kisses to date. My criteria were as follows;

1. That the kiss be on-panel
2. That it be lip-to-lip, and have either an implied or blatant sexual/romantic/erotic element to it
3. That it be between two members of the same sex

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