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[ profile] redcandle17, remember when we were discussing the very important subject of Sebastian Stan's eye color? I think I found the perfect pic. The dark makeup helps his eyes stand out from his face.

In other news, I am legit considering buying The Architect on Amazon Prime just to see SebStan's sex scene with Paul James. I can't believe that no one's put that up on Youtube or even gifed it or anything. You disappoint me, fandom.
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~OH SNAP! CM Punk will be at Wizard World NYC in June! I applied to be a volunteer for the con, in hopes of stalking getting to see him from afar. Look at this sexy piece of ass, can you blame me??

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One of Manson's best videos, this is from 1999 but both the song and the video could've been released yesterday. What do you want to bet the people who made The Cell (2000) took a lot of inspiration from this video?

Best Youtube comment: beautiful. he's always horrified people with his embrace of the mechanical vs. the man, the human vs. inhuman, the ethereal vs. the real, the male vs. the female... this is the pinnacle of the latter. he is so male he's female, so female he's male, so horrifying he's beautiful, so evil he's holy... love it.

Runner up Youtube comment: i am a heterosexual man and Manson is the only man i would consider fucking. Dudes got swagger like crazy. But i would still feel really uncomfortable the whole time becasue im jus [sic] attracted to men. But i had to chose one it would be him.
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While I think CM Punk was at the pinnacle of his hotness about 2007-2008, I think Dirty White Boy CM Punk from his indie days was pretty delish, also. Of course I would still marry him right now or at his earliest convenience.


Blond CM Punk beckons you.
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So I was trolling Youtube today, reliving some of my childhood memories and mourning the slow, ignoble demise of MTV. Flisters, I am so old I remember when MTV played music videos. MTV was shocking, and everything was awesomely low-rent up until about 1998. I mean, they hired VJs right off the street and every year there would be the insanity of the VMAs. Somebody was always getting into a fight, or a bassist would be climbing some scaffolding, or Madonna would be rolling around onstage showing off her panties -- my point is it was wild.

So I stumbled upon Marilyn Manson's 1997 VMA performance of "Beautiful People" and I was like, Omigod I thought I dreamed this! Watch it, it's a thing of beauty, people. I remember that it was this year or the next when Marilyn Manson was banned from playing in Mississippi because of the Antichrist thing. Check out how the audience is frozen in their seats with shock (and how fetching Twiggy looks in his dress). Why can't award shows put on more performances like this? NSFW!

Most lolarious Youtube comment: I had my goldfish in a bowl in front the computer screen and they all died before it was over.
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An updated collection of tweets and quotes from my favoritist sex-and-food-obsessed porn star, James Deen. I think he's hilarious and plus, he refuses to do porn scenes that he finds too "rapey". What's not to love? Uh, I guess this should go without saying, but as he's a porn star, his website and Twitter are in no way safe for work. Head's up, y'all.

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As a bonus, I discovered this list of common triggers while making a list of everything I will warn for in my fanfics. This list, from the Kyriarchy and Priviledge 101 blog, includes such things as "snakes", "insects", and "slimy things" alongside common triggers such as suicide and rape. I have to say, I think it's sad how the word 'trigger' has become synonymous with squick.
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I've written here before about how the only celebrity, if you can call him that, I follow on Twitter is delightfully sleazy porn star, James Deen. So here's an update for those of you who live in ignorance of the nuggets of wisdom that fall from this man's lips (err, fingertips? I dunno.)

Ok to everyone that had shit to say about gay people... Really??? It's 2010!!! Who gives a shit what anyone does in their bedroom???

I got mistaken for a gay male escort!!! Awesome... Now I feel pretty :-)

I'm gonna say it... I don't care what it does to my career... Terminator 2 is the best of all the terminator movies!!!!

Not gonna lie... I think I have a duct tape fetish!!! That shit can do anything how could it not be able to give you orgasms???

Bruce willis is pretty fucking bad ass... If I was in need of a person to save my life I would want it to be bruce willis
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Mozart L'Opera Rock is (you guessed it!) a French rock opera about Mozart, which I didn't know existed until yesterday. Woe. It's ridiculously lavish and combines the ornate look of the late 18th century with the rock mentality and oddly emo haircuts of the modern era. I mean, take a look at this hotness:

That's Florent Mothe, aka Mr. Sexyfine, as Salieri. Now, did the historical Salieri actually look like that? I'm not sure, but let's pretend he did, shall we?
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I remain grumpy and "get off my lawn"ish about this newfangled Twitter shit, even what with the young whippersnappers on my flist posting excitedly about their favorite star's latest Tweet. But lo and behold, Mipp has joined the 21st century, and found a celebrity to stalk via Twitter. Who is The Chosen One? Porn star James Deen (JamesDeen) on Twitter, that's who. How did I chance upon his Twitter? You don't need to fucking know how, that's how.

Deen is rather sexually obsessed, which isn't surprisingly considering he's a good-looking guy in his early twenties who gets paid exorbitant sums of money to bang beautiful women all day, every day. But its gems such as him crowing over his grandma getting a medicinal marijunana card, or him complaining that his hotel doesn't have Cartoon Network that's really endearing. Damnit, the porn star just wants some toons.

Consider also these statements:

Vaginas are pretty cool... No point to that... Just saying

I think that the higher up you go in vegas hotels the more they expect you to do cocaine... every surface is covered in glass

Wow!!! I've been in A LOT of pornos!!! I'm gonna start wearing shirts that say "you don't know me, but you've seen my penis"

Vegas isn't as fun without my mom brother and my brothers boyfriend..

Somebody just asked me where they recognized me from and when I said porn they told me they didn't watch porn... I think they were lying

Seeing dethklok live was kinda Like watching a metal musical... Like ohantom of the opera on crack... Lots of crack... It was rad

This guy on house is supposed to be in a coma and he keeps moving his hand... What an asshole all he needed to do is lie there... Prick

Wow I have been in A LOT of porn... I feel sorry for every male in my family who wants to jerk off

Deen obviously loves living the sleazy American dream, partying with midgets and porn stars, and scheming of ways to sleep with famous actresses. There's no false modesty, no 'higher calling', no protests of wanting to live a normal life. Y'know, I appreciate that kind of honesty.
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Since I saw Rocky Horror onstage for the first time the other day, I've renewed my obsession with Tim Curry. I found the extended cut of his song "Toxic Love" from Ferngully (y'know, he was the voice of Hexxus, the evil bus exhaust). And HOLY SHIT, how the hell did I not pick up on how salacious this song was as a kid? I know the movie cut is toned down, but Tim Curry could sing "Happy Birthday" and make it sound filthy. I can't believe this made it into a G-Rated movie. Man, being an 80s/early 90s kid was harrowing. We had Labyrinth, Dark Crystal, AND Tim Curry sexin' it up in Ferngully.


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