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I realized I never posted these here, even though I wrote them years ago!

Author: Yours truly.
Characters: America. No pairings.
Genre: Angst (is environmental horror a genre?)
Rating: M for Mature, for possibly disturbing implications and imagery. No violence, adult language, or sexual content.
Warnings: Dark themes, psychological torment, possible eating disorder (warning to be on the safe side). This story was written without political agenda, although I could see how it might be viewed otherwise, and it is not a reflection of my own thoughts or feelings or criticism of any kind. Sometimes art is just art.
Summary: Written for the kink meme; this version is somewhat edited and cleaned up. America is aware of his flaws and the mistakes he has made, but is powerless to stop himself.

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This next one is a little hard to classify because it's not exactly fanfic, but not quite a fan poem or filk, either. Think of it as the sort of thing England might've made Colonial America recite to learn his letters.

Title: Alphabet
Characters: England, Colonial America
Rating: T for Teen
Warning: Dark imagery and disturbing themes presented in a whimsical manner

A is for Africa, from which we fetch our slaves )
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Title: My Heart In Your Hands
Author: Mipp
Characters: Russia, America
Rating: M for Mature themes
Warnings: Apocalyptic imagery, power abuse issues
Summary: America finds Russia's heart, and learns his real name, putting Russia under his spell for a brief period of time.

Based on this prompt for one nation gaining control over another by learning their human name.

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Title: BC Bud
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Canada, America, England, France, Russia; one-sided France -> England, America/Russia
Rating: M for Mature Themes and portrayal of drug use.
Warnings: Drug use portrayed in a humorous manner. Bad language. Mild sexual content.
Summary: Canada and America get high together and cause all sorts of problems.

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Title: After Techno-Crucifixion
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia/Terminator
Rating: M for Mature Themes, Violence
Prompt: In a certain Hetalia/Terminator fusion universe (or more then one of them...) the entire Skynet collectives (including the bioroids, etc) eventually managed to become 'alive enough' and 'sapient enough' to generate a Skynet-tan.

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Okay, so for this fic to make any sense whatsoever, you need to know that on the Hetalia Kink Meme one of the most popular requests is to see America being gang-raped by basically the entire cast. As in so popular there are several epic fics written on this topic. Now I'm sure you could write many psychology papers on why people would want to read about the personification of their nation being brutally raped over and over, but really, I'm here for the lulz. And nothing is lulzier to me than the thought of America (who canonically can bench-press a Volvo) being gang-raped like Jodie Foster in The Accused. So when someone posted a request for America to turn the tables on his attackers, I happily obliged.

WARNING: Inappropriate attempted rape-related humor. Lots and lots of VIOLENCE.

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A special note: this fic is about Hurricane Katrina. I barely made it out of New Orleans myself, and the last thing I'd ever want to do is trigger bad memories for another survivor. Contains mentions of hurricanes, death, injuries, trauma. So please read at your own discretion.

Written for the [ profile] hetalia_kink prompt: A parental!America comforts his colonies/states during their times of need.

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TWO Hungary/Turkey pieces for the [ profile] hetalia_kink meme! I am a sad, sad fangirl.

Title: If only I could be a nightingale and sing in the gardens
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Pairing: Hungary/Turkey
Rating: T for Teen

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Title: Best Safety Lies in Fear
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Pairing: Hungary/Turkey
Rating: M for Mature Content, sexual situations, violence

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Beware! Because these entries were written for the Kink Meme, there may be questionable or disturbing content. There will assuredly be ADULT content. Use your best discretion. Consider this a blanket disclaimer for this entire post.

Title: Untitled
Pairing/Characters: Chibimerica, Russia, England, Chibicanada
Prompt: anon wants country A and country B interacting when country A is a child. country A, being young and naive, declares that "when i grow up i'm going to marry country B". country B can be sort of uncomfortable or amused, depending on your interpretation. later, when both are adults, country B brings up that country A proposed to him/her all those years ago.
Rating: T for Teen
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Title: Vision at Maciejowice
Pairings/Characters: Poland
Prompt: A soldier fought for his country and is now on his deathbed. He gets the honor of meeting his country. Expecting a beautiful young woman (how they're usually portrayed), he is disappointed to find his country is a man.
Rating: T for Teen
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Titles: Sacred Darling and My Strange uncles From Abroad, both available on [ profile] breeding_world
Pairings/Characters: America/Russia, England, Alaska, Ukraine
Warnings: Mpreg. Hey, they're anthropomorphic representations of nations. Who says they breed like normal humans?
Prompt: Russia/America - Alaska as their illegitimate child
Rating: M for Mature Content

Title: now i bleed roses
Pairings/Characters: America/Japan
Prompt: US and Japan falling in love during the occupation after the end of WWII.
Rating: G for General

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