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I've been seeing a lot of memes going around my f-list on the subject of 'Female actors/characters/creators that inspire you'. This is sort of a difficult subject for me, as many of my interests are in heavily male-dominated fields, plus I've been in a near-total pop culture blackout since HBO's OZ went off the air in 2003.

And then I thought... WENDY O. WILLIAMS!

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Seen this one on a couple of ljs, but stole it from [ profile] ang_band.

❀ everyone has dirty fandom secrets or guilty pleasures or unpopular opinions.
❀ list five of yours.
❀ profit.

1. I genuinely like a lot of Frank Miller's stuff. Not ASSBAR, but I loved 300 and Sin City. I saw The Spirit movie in theaters and thought it was more bizarre than bad. I don't see how his obsession with whoreswhoreswhores is any worse than Garth Ennis' love for anal rape and asplodey heads, or Bendis' hard-on for Luke Cage and sentence fragments.

2. I don't give a FUCK about your thoughts on slash. I don't give a fuck if you think its feminist, anti-feminist, anti-gay, heteronormative, part of the homosexual agenda, OOC, disrespectful to the source material, disrespectful to gays, etc. Think whatever you think, and believe what you believe, but don't expect me to give a flying fuck. I have been in fandom since 1998, and I have heard it ALL. I have been lectured so many times about why I supposedly love slash, and why that makes me sexist, or anti-gay, or what have you. I am so tired of being informed why I enjoy what I enjoy.

3. On a related note, I sincerely believe that a lot of the hateration for certain slash pairings (I'm using Cable/Deadpool as an obvious example) comes not because there's no subtext, because holy crap is there subtext, but because they're not conventionally hot yaoi guys, and I think that pisses certain people off because they prefer to think that all slash fangirls are into is getting their rocks off wanking about hot guys. Now, Cable is certainly attractive in a silver fox sort of way, but neither he nor Deadpool is by any means your typical bishounen. And I think that drives certain people *crazy*, because they're shipped and slashed and squeed over just as ardently by fangirls as some 'prettier' pairings.

4. I love writing for Hetalia, but unfortunately I've come to feel that reading Hetalia fic has retarded my writing skills. The overall quality of fic is not as high in Hetalia fandom as I'm used to. This is probably old hat to those of you who're involved in giant fandoms, but I've also never been involved in a fandom as entitled and bitchy as Hetalia fandom. HAY GUESS WHAT AUTHOR ANON IS NOT YOUR BITCH.

5. I fucking loved scans_daily, the old one, and I've never quite recovered from it being taken down. I still can't bear to remove it from my communities list. I had some of my best fannish experiences on there. I spent hours scanning and cropping and writing funny commentary and reading and squeeing and face-palming. If s_d hadn't existed, it is unlikely I would've gotten involved in LJ Marvel fandom. I wouldn't have met and befriended Caia and Ang Band and Harmony Angel and Redcandle17, all of whom I consider friends both on LJ and IRL. Even while it was up and running there was a lot of bitchiness over s_d, and I remember talking to Skalja one day and saying, "I just know some day I'm gonna turn on my computer and s_d's gonna be gone." And lo and behold, it was.
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Because I do enough anonymous writing, it's time for y'all to do some.

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If you've ever watched your favorite DVDs, and then found yourself eager to hear exactly what the actors, directors, writers and even production designers thought about making the episode, the movie, or whatever - you'll know sometimes the best parts of DVDs are hearing the commentaries. Getting into an actor's feelings about the character they play, getting the background behind a writer's plans and metaphors, even just getting the stupid anecdotal stuff that makes you laugh, it's all good.

Ask me about any story, and I'll do a DVD commentary for it! Satisfy your curiosity!
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My Political Views
I am a left social moderate
Left: 5.12, Authoritarian: 0.59

Political Spectrum Quiz

I expected that I would score farther to the right than a lot of folks on lj, but as usual I'm WAY more liberal than is normal for MS.
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Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things. Facts, habits, or goals all count. At the end, choose 5 people to be tagged. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

Well, I wasn't tagged but I thought this sounded like fun, so here goes.

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Put your MP3 player on shuffle, and write down the first line of the first twenty songs. Post the poem that results. The first line of the twenty-first is the title.

You may be able to tell I love angsty, dark music about tortured love and betrayal. Just a little bit. Also, I decided not to cheat so I kept the non-English lyrics that popped up. Make of them what you will.

She's In Love With Herself

Me dedico a seguir pistas, rastros, en huellas digitales soy especialista,
When I pretend -- everything is what I want it to be,
Just when I made up my mind, I don't want you at all now,
I don't understand. You look just like the man in the picture
by our bed. Wir teilen Zimmer und das Bett.

(I've always loved you! Love dumpling!)

Why every time I try to tell you how I feel,
it's like a hiccup and it won't come.
Speed toward hell, how many nights I've been in bed,
excited over you. You gave me this, made me give.
I speak in verses, prophecies, and curses.

Cold was my soul, and untold was the pain,
I faced when you left me a rose in the rain.
You say you stand by your man, tell me something
I need to understand.

I, I against I, flesh of my flesh and mind of my mind.
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Name a character from one of my fandoms, and I'll give you either (a) three facts about them from my personal canon/fanon, (b) a reason he/she sucks, (c) a reason he/she is awesomecakes, (d) three things that never happened to that character or (e) three people that character never fell in love with and why. You pick the character. I pick the letter.
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Stolen from [ profile] harmonyangel, throw out a list of three characters from a canon I'm into, and I'll tell you which I'd fuck, marry, or kill. If you want, I'll throw three names backatcha.
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There's been a meme about priviledge making the rounds on lj, where you bold the priviledges you grew up with and/or possess now. Here's my take.

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Name a character and I'll tell you three (or more) facts about them from my own personal headcanon.
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Via [ profile] swordslady.

1. Baron Helmut Zemo
2. Marc Spector, Moon Knight
3. Sam Wilson, Falcon
4. Victor Mancha
5. Andreas von Strucker, Swordsman
6. Ronan the Accuser
7. Steve Rogers, Captain America
8. Danny Rand, Iron Fist
9. Jean-Paul Beaubier, Northstar
10. Matt Murdock, Daredevil
11. Namor
12. Erik Magnus Lehnsherr, Magneto

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Comment to this post with the name of a character that I have written in fic. Or geeked out about.

I will comment telling you the following:

a. What initially prompted me to like the character enough to write about him/her.
b. One of his/her best traits.
c. One of his/her worst traits.
d. How easy/difficult I find it to write the character.
e. The story/chapter/paragraph/phrase where I feel that I truly captured the character*.
f. My plans (if any) to write the character in the near future.
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Via [ profile] caia_comica. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write a drabble or ficlet with the same first line (from any of the above) and leave it in my comments here.

Robert Reynolds has never had to crawl into a bottle to find a demon. But sometimes it helps. (Mass Hypnosis)

The first time it happened he tried to blame it on something: the heat of the moment, he was feeling vulnerable, a stress reaction, they were both so lonely. (After the Affair)

Elijah Bradley had never been a Boy Scout, but he knew about being prepared. (Worst Case Scenario)

The bar was too dark, too stuffy, and too loud. (Dark Horse Bet)

Robbie finds the letters in the oddest places. (Love Letters)

They meet on the rooftops, in one of those seedy back-alleys that one can always find if one turns the right (wrong) corner in New York City. (Collision Course)

It was a normal morning in the Folding Castle, a warm morning that promised to be muggy, and most of the Thunderbolts were downstairs in the kitchen for breakfast. (Thunderbolts: The Reality TV Show)

Tony Stark is only human. (Only Human)

It was the fifth Sunday in February, and the clocks were striking thirteen. (Nonsuch World)
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Snagged from [ profile] caia_comica

Name a character from one of my fandoms, and I will tell you in at least 100 words what that character loves best about another character from the same fandom.
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Trying to stick with Marvel fandom here. Also, I'm totally awful at the OTP thing because I'll happily 'ship characters in various combinations, or just as friends, depending on my mood.
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So, after a long and drunken night on the town you awaken groggily from champagne-colored dreams to find yourself in a strange bed, in a strange bedroom, on a strange side of town. Your head pounds with a handover and you can't find your pants. Worse yet, you roll over to find yourself in a compromising position between these pairs. What do you do? What do you say? Where oh where will you flee?
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A post by [ profile] brown_betty got me thinking -- what Marvelverse OT3s could have the most confusing names?

Nate/Nate/Nate -- Nate Grey, Kang, and Mister Sinister. Frightens me just thinking about it.

Stephen/Steve/Steven -- Doctor Strange, Cap, and Moon Knight in his "Steven Grant" persona.

Terry/Tessa/Teddy -- Siryn, Sage, and Hulkling. Don't know how to make this one work.
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I'm the first to admit I'm not the most innovative of people.


Piggy-backing from [ profile] caia_comica, I signed up for the AnonyMeme challenge. Go and tell me what you want to see me write.
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Pretend for a minute that the only contact you have ever had with me is through my fic. We've never exchanged LJ comments or emails, never hung out in chat or on YM, never talked on the phone or met each other in person, none of that stuff. The only thing you know about me is the kind of fic I write.

What kind of person would you think I am? How would you describe my attitudes and opinions about real-life issues? Or, to use the rephrased question:

Based on the way I write my characters, and the way they speak, think, and behave, what would that say to you about my attitudes and opinions about real-life issues?


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