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Translated my Runaways drabble, Herald into French. Didn't render the dialogue into guillemets because... kiss my ass, that's why! ;)

Also, I may have slipped out of the present tense from time to time, because staying in the right tense isn't one of my strong points in English, let's be honest.

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Title: The Thousandth Man
Pairing: Thor/Loki
Warnings/Ratings: See Part I.
Summary: Now stranded on Earth, Thor and Loki endeavor to get Mjolnir back. Also, they take a shower. Together. And ride a bicycle.

This fic has fanart by the talented [ profile] essencerare!

Earlier parts: Part I, Part II.

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Why yes, I ship Doctor Doom in a het pairing, thanks to Doctor Doom and the Masters of Evil. And when I saw this prompt over on [ profile] marvelkink_v2, I knew only two people on the internet would dare to fill it, and Paul Tobin doesn't keep a livejournal as far as I know. So you get me instead.

Title: Incarnation of Temptation
Rating: T for Teen
Pairing: Doctor Doom/Princess Python
Summary: Post-mini series, Doom requests the pleasure of Python's company at a ball in Latveria.

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Title: Join the holy orgy Kama Sutra
Pairings/Characters: The whole damn Dark Avengers team. Having an orgy.
Warnings: Non/dubcon implications. Sex pollen pheromone-induced orgy. Daken.
Notes: Written for the [ profile] marvel_kink meme.

The doors opened with a soft hush, and Daken got to savor the look on Norman Osborn's face. )
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Yes, I finally wrote Doom slash.

Title: All the Devil's Men
Fandom: Marvel Comics
Characters/Pairing: Doctor Doom/Iron Man (Victor/Tony)
Rating: M for Mature.
Warnings: Sex! And it's Doctor Doom slash. I repeat: Doctor Doom slash.

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Title: Sometimes Your Words Just Hypnotize Me
Fandom: Marvel Comics' Dark Wolverine
Rating: M for Mature Content
Pairing: Daken/Bullseye
Warnings: SPOILERS. Dub-con. Disturbing content. It's supervillain slash, y'all. Use your best judgment.
Notes: Written for the Marvel Rare Pairs Kink Meme.

Biggie biggie biggie, can't you see/Sometimes your words just hypnotize me )
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I dunno how frequently I'll be online after this Thursday, as I'm going to be building houses for poor people in New Orleans and I don't yet know how much internetin' I'll be doing.

Hushed My Voice (ASOIAF, Theon/Cat, prompt: breastfeeding/pregnancy)

Kiss Me, Kate (Marvel Rare Pairs, Clint/Kate or Hawkeye Squared)
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Rom, Marvel Comics. Magneto/Magda, M for Mature.

Untitled, Young Avengers. Billy/Iron Lad, M for Mature.

Plus two drabbles I wrote a long time ago, but never linked on here because I suck:

The Landing Gets You, Daredevil/Spider-Man, G for General.
Sweet Dreams, Daredevil/Spider-Man, M for Mature.
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I've been unusually productive lately.

Words are Weapons, Marvel movieverse, Emil Blonsky/Tony Stark, slash, M for Mature.

Every Tuesday, Young Avengers, Eli Bradley, G for General.

Little Black Dress, DC, Piper/Trickster, T for Teen.
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Title: Coffee Break
Fandom: Marvel Comics' MODOK's 11
Pairing: Living Laser/Puma
Rating: M for Mature like whoa. Seriously, y'all. It's pr0no.
Synopsis: Just how do you have sex with someone who you can't touch?

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Wedding Bells is a Young Avengers fic, which despite the title is not fluff. Rated M for Mature, het and a blink-and-you'll-miss-it allusion to slash.

Ode to Ligeia (Poe in the Theme of Green is the [ profile] seasonalmarvels fic I wrote for [ profile] terana, Norman Osborn channeled through Edgar Allan Poe.

Orpheus Descending is my attempt at a 'fix-it' for Piper and Trickster.
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This is the second chapter of [ profile] ang_band and I's tragi-comedy Marvel/DC crossover series, which we like to call Zemo: Year One. The first chapter, Spoiled, was written by [ profile] ang_band.

Title: Ace of Spades
Rating: M for Mature
Fandom: DC/Marvel
Summary: Zemo has crash-landed in the DC Universe and is rescued by Spoiler. Now joined by his "faithful sidekick", Fixer, Zemo attempts to prove to their newfound friend Spoiler that he is a GREAT HERO.

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Recent Fic

Sep. 5th, 2007 10:55 pm
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Breaking All the Rules (of Elementary Biology) is the Void/Sentry mpreg fic everyone's been dying to see. Wait, you're telling me no one's been dying for Void/Sentry mpreg? Oh. Damn.

There he goes (Talking in his sleep) is sorta kinda Piper/Trickster, which means OMIGOD I've ficc'd DC again. *hugs Marvel characters* Don't worry my darlings, I still love you.
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I wrote a Jim Hammond (Human Torch I)/Mystique fic for [ profile] marvel_100: Body and Soul.

I wrote five Runaways drabbles, each featuring a different character, for [ profile] the_leapfrog.
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Title: Worst Case Scenario
Fandom: Marvel Comics' Young Avengers
Rating: G for General
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Title: Variations on a Theme: 3 mornings the Sentry never awoke to
Fandom: Marvel Comics' The Sentry
Warning: Death, sexuality, general pervertedness

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Title: Dark Horse Bet
Fandom: Marvel Comics
Rating: G for General
Note: Set in an AU developed by myself and [ profile] remix17, branching off somewhere around Thunderbolts #100
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Because my brain is a strange place (it's all [ profile] slashthedrabble's fault, really!), I wrote a new fic, Love Letters. Marvel Comics The Sentry, for all three of you who've read it. G is for General, so should be safe for the kiddies. Or, y'know, as kiddie-safe as Sentry/Void ever is, which is NOT VERY.
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Civil War-era Iron Man fic. Can be gen or subliminally slashy, depending on your preference.
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HOLY SHIT IT'S FEMSLASH. Spider-Woman/Joystick, takes place after their fight in New Tbolts #13-14. M is for Mature, so no little kiddies.
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