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After posting my own results, it got me to think about MBTI-typing some of the Marvel characters for fun. I thought I'd start with some of the core X-Men, as almost everyone is familiar with them, and they make good examples.

Cyclops -- ESTJ. Scott is ESTJ up and down, back and front, left and right. ESTJs are good soldiers, being respectful of authority, hard-working, and responsible. They are so organized they are anal-retentive.

Wolverine -- ISTP. He fits the profile of the lone wolf ISTP to a tee. He even has problems with authority (see Cyclops, above). He lives in the here and now (Sensing), he's not a long-term planning, visionary Intuitive (N) type.

Jean Grey -- ENFJ. I think this type suits Jean the best. ENFJs are loving, charismatic, and have a keen grasp of people. Their Judging is focused on understanding and managing the people in their lives.

Professor Xavier -- INFJ. Some people think he's an INTP but I disagree. Xavier is about PEOPLE first and foremost, which makes him a Feeling (Fe) type. He's a visionary (INFJ) not a mad scientist (INTP).

Gambit -- ESTP. Interestingly, this is also what I've typed Hetalia's France as: a debonair, risk-taking, wisecracking ESTP.

Rogue -- ESFP. Typing Rogue is hard because her upbringing and her powers have seriously impacted her life in ways that MBTI is not designed to handle. I think ESFP is a good fit for her, nonetheless. She's a fun-loving, out-going, sensual girl with a lust for life and love.

Nightcrawler -- ENFP. In contrast, Kurt is relatively easy to type. He's obviously Extroverted (E) and a warm people person (Feeling) but also possesses strong values. His swashbuckling side also fits in well with the ENFP type.


Mar. 26th, 2010 12:16 am
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