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It sounds like we will be getting three different black guys in the next Avengers movie. SPOILERS )

Also, everyone on Tumblr freaking out about Wanda and Pietro being 'neo nazis', CALM YO TITS. If you think Marvel is going to portray two of their superheroes as Neo Nazis, then you are an idiot. Yes, an actual idiot. I always doubt that we have anything to worry about as far as Wanda and Pietro getting screen time; "emotionally unstable, incredibly powerful girl in a co-dependent relationship with overprotective male" is exactly the dynamic that gets Joss Whedon's gears turning.
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1. A Black Widow movie GODDAMNIT

2. Chris Evans announces his engagement to [ profile] theladyscribe

3. Spoilers for the upcoming DC movies, like that time WCW spoiled the outcome of the WWF championship match before it happened.

4. They ceremoniously light the Ant-Man footage on fire, promise to do better next time.

5. Movies starring Chris Pine, Chris Tucker, and Chris Jericho.
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Your daily dose of Tumblr Stupid: "What kind of nasty able-bodied gaze is necessary to probe that deep into a character’s medical care?"

A) Bucky is A FICTIONAL FUCKING CHARACTER. He is not a real person! You cannot violate the privacy of someone who doesn't exist!

B) You can’t say a mobility/access device breaks someone’s bodily integrity, not even in the context of a failing in medicine to inform the patient. You don’t get to decide what is or isn’t integral or belonging to the body. Oh, fuck you. Why is it the people who scream "ABELISM!" the loudest are always the most abelist cuntfaces imaginable? Bucky was not a 'patient' of HYDRA. He was a prisoner of war and a guinea pig. They did not give him 'medicine'. They grafted a metal arm onto his body to turn him into a killing machine against his will!

C) Disabled people have a right to refuse assistive devices. Bucky was not given a chance to exercise that right. If he went to Tony Stark or T'Challa or whoever and said, "Get this thing off me, remove as much of it as possible," that would be his right. It's also goddamn abelist to presume that a disabled person would of course be happier with an assistive device than without one, even against his will!

D) Can we stop cowering to these people? "Thank you for calling me out! Thank you for not letting me slide!" Grow some balls/ovaries. Anyone who 'calls you out' is not necessarily in the right. Sometimes they are motherfuckers like otterplotter (who is, by the way, according to his own Tumblr, "non-visably disabled." So it's not like he knows anything about having A FUCKING KILLER CYBORG ARM FORCED ON HIM.) These motherfuckers want to see us grovel, see us apologize. They want to suck the joy out of everything, even speculating and writing meta. Filthyyuckystevebucky is so groveling that I half expect him/her to lick otterplotter's taint in gratefulness for being "called out". Have some self respect, jesus fuck.
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We now have a Bobbi Morse/Mockingbird for Agents of SHIELD: Adrianne Palicki, who also played Lady Jaye in one of the G.I. Joe movies, and Wonder Woman from the failed TV pilot from a few years ago.

Ant-Man is shaping up to have the oddest cast of a big Marvel blockbuster movie: aside from Douglas, Rudd, and Lilly, it's also got Michael Pena, Wood Harris from The Wire, the rapper T.I., Bobby Cannavale, and John Slattery returning as older Howard Stark. Evangeline Lilly's haircut looks super-cute, but why give her a Janet Van Dyne-do when she's not playing Janet?!

In other news, the lizard king Benedict Cumberbatch has been cast as Richard III in the mega production of The Hollow Crown: The Wars of the Roses, which I hope means he's now out of the running for Dr. Strange. Of the other rumored candidates, I'm hoping Edgar Ramirez gets it. I also think Jared Leto could give us a decent Strange.
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So it seems like [ profile] guardian_kink ended up being the GOTG kink meme with some staying power, and HOLY SHIT, someone filled my prompt. It's called Unnatural Hungers, and go read, it's so good. It's about Ronan being very Blue Kree when it comes to his attraction to Gamora and Nebula.

Plus: I have never thought of Batista as cute, but this pic of him and a teeny baby raccoon is just adorables.

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Is Batista (Drax) the first Asian-American action hero in a major Hollywood blockbuster who is not also a martial artist? I can think of Asian martial arts heroes, and Asian protagonists who are not action heroes, but I can't think of another non-martial artist Asian action hero in a big Hollywood movie. (Batista is, in case you didn't know, half-Filipino, half-Greek.)

At the beginning of the movie, we see that Peter's mom Meredith is SPOILERS ) Later on we also learn that Peter himself isSPOILERS ) Depressing thought: Is this what caused Mama Quill's fate? SPECULATION ) :(
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I am crying real tears over the report that Marvel sent Bill Mantlo, creator of Rocket Raccoon, a copy of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie that he could watch from his bed. Mantlo was struck by a hit-and-run driver in 1992 and suffered a traumatic brain injury. He cannot walk or feed himself, and he can barely speak. But he got to see Rocket travel the galaxy and save the day ♥

BTW, Bill Mantlo also created White Tiger, the first Puerto Rican superhero. I'm going to channel Anthony Mackie and say that Marvel needs to make a White Tiger movie, I don't care if it makes $5, and send it to Bill Mantlo so he can see it, too.
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Y'all, me and my girls [ profile] redcandle17 and [ profile] theladyscribe saw GOTG last night and it was soooooo good. Highly recommended, two thumbs (or tentacles) up, certainly the funniest MCU movie so far and full of the Power of Friendship, brightly colored action, and glee.


Also, predictably fandom is already doing the concern-trolling handwringing over Gamora's portrayal in this film. I find it amazing that when we do get action heroines in Marvel films, the fandom rallies to downplay her accomplishments and compare her unfavorably to Natasha, proving once again that no matter what, female characters will be marginalized and be pitted against one another.

In defense of Gamora )
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Queen Lucy has signed on to a role with Marvel's Agents of SHIELD. She will probably be playing a Mary Sue crafted from Joss Whedon's masturbatory fantasies, but allow me to indulge my hope for a minute that she will instead be playing Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, a spy and Nick Fury's long-time love interest. My first choice for Contessa is Monica Belluci, but if we cannot have her, then Lawless is more than acceptable.

I also demand that Agents of SHIELD recreate this iconic Nick Fury moment on the show, with Samuel L. Jackson and Lucy Lawless. Every element about this image is priceless.

-- unconscious white woman on the floor
-- shirtless Nick Fury
-- shirtless Nick Fury riding a jet-propelled motorcycle
-- shirtless Nick Fury riding a jet-propelled motorcycle, firing with a gun in each hand while smoking a cigar

This would be the most compelling moment of television ever.
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Casting news from the Daredevil set! Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica from True Blood) has been cast as Karen Page on the Netflix Daredevil series. She's a New York native with an astounding set of blue eyes, so this is pretty cool news.

Y'all may have heard that Rosario Dawson is also on Daredevil; she's apparently got a pivotal role, but Marvel is being secretive about exactly who she is playing. I was thinking she was going to be Karen, but since Deborah's playing Karen that can't be it. She's probably going to be either Elektra or Maya Lopez (Echo). My money is on Maya. I suppose there's an outside chance that Rosario could be Typhoid Mary? She's another native New Yorker who grew up in a squat and everything, so you can hardly get more authentic than Rosario Dawson.

Butters and Fazekas, the producers of the upcoming Agent Carter series, also gave an interview. No real spoilers, as Marvel is keeping them tight-lipped as ever, but they did reveal that Dum Dum Dugan will appear; that Markus and McFeely wrote the pilot; and that Peggy is "strong, she's independent, but she's in a world where, after the war, strong and independent woman isn't what people want."
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[ profile] theladyscribe and I attended Marvel's sneak peek of Guardians of the Galaxy on July 7! It was in IMAX, so booo because my inferior eyeballs can't see properly in those glasses, but whatever.

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Very interesting find! The actual dogtags Chris Evans wore in the first Captain America movie turned up for auction. Source.

His dogtags read:

987654320 T42 O

The 'O' is his blood type, the 'P' stands for Protestant (so MCU Steve is not a Catholic!). 'T42' indicates he had a tetanus shot in 1942. There is no 'next of kin' or address on the dogtags, so Steve presumably had no permanent residence at the time he enlisted.

Also, this may be an unpopular opinion, but I am so glad CA:TWS jossed the idea of Steve and Bucky growing up in an orphanage together. They tend to be written as co-dependent as it is, it would only have been ten times worse if it was canon they were scrappy little orphans with no one in the world but each other.
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I am currently praying on my hands and knees for Guardians of the Galaxy to spawn a really kinky, iddy fandom. I want all the tropey idfic! Badwrong Gamora/Nebula pseudo-incest fic! AUs where Peter is prince of the Spartax and he conquers Hala/Earth/Zen-Whober and takes Ronan/Drax/Tony Stark/Gamora as his body slave but they FALL IN LOVE dun dun dun! Tentacle penises and other bizarre alien anatomy! Sex pollen! Yes, even the inevitable Rocket/Groot porn. Just please let this fandom fulfill some of its potential and not degenerate into fluffy coffee shop AUs.

This is a good post explaining and deconstructing some of the common SJW fallacies that infest fandom spaces. Good reading for anyone who's been like "Wait, did this heifer just exploit MY experiences to further HER agenda, and I'm supposed to be GRATEFUL? WTF!"

I found it on the intarwebs: For anyone who's been beating themself up for sacrificing their ethics for Chik-Fil-A's delicious waffle fries, please watch DWV's "Chow Down (at Chick-fil-A)". They are so fierce I can hardly handle it! The rap break is so 90's Left Eye Lopes, nice work.

BTW, my best friend attending Mississippi College with one of the Chik-Fil-A heiresses, who drove a cow-themed car. Yeah!
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Charlie Cox, a boyishly handsome British actor who's background is more Brideshead Revisted than Hell's Kitchen, is our new Matt Murdock in Marvel's upcoming Daredevil series for Netflix!

My next question is... who's going to be Elektra? Typhoid Mary?! Can we hope for a version of Typhoid Mary that is actually identifiable as the comics character? (the Typhoid Mary from the terrible Elektra movie is Typhoid Mary-in-name-only) Who's going to be the new Bullseye?

I'm curious as to whether they'll redo the Elektra saga, which was already adapted for the 2003 Daredevil movie. So far, superhero remakes have shied away from redoing storylines from earlier movies. But the Elektra saga is so iconic that I can hardly imagine Marvel skipping over it. Quesada said filming will start soon in Brooklyn and Long Island City, and as LIC is basically right now the road from me, I'm thinking of scouting out locations that look like they could pass for 1980s Hell's Kitchen and seeing if I can catch them filming.

I'm starting a prayer circle now that ScarJo puts in an appearance as Black Widow (Matt is her former boo-thang in the comics).
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The news broke that, due to "differences in their vision of the film", Edgar Wright and Marvel have parted ways on the Ant-Man movie. On the surface, this doesn't seem like that big a deal -- except that Edgar Wright has been working on this movie for over eight years and he was the driving force behind it getting greenlit in the first place. Moreover, Marvel is still planning to use his script and keep the release date, which is in summer of next year.

Shocking! I wonder when Edgar Wright will go on a twitter rant and spill the beans about what happened. Personally, I don't know if its even feasible to make the movie at this point -- Marvel will have to find a director in the next few weeks and that director will only have about 6-7 months to get the movie out in time for editing, marketing, and making the release date. That's a tall order!

If it were up to me, I'd probably scrap the project altogether, but can they even scrap it without screwing up their plans for other MCU movies? We know so little about the Ant-Man movie, but it may be integral to Marvel's plans for its cinematic universe. About the only thing that can be said is that Wright's firing makes it all the more obvious that Marvel is willing to ditch anyone who won't cooperate with them, no matter how many years they'd put into the project. Don't squabble with Marvel over paychecks, don't blab secrets, and sure as hell don't try to commandeer a project from Marvel or you WILL be eliminated with extreme prejudice. It happened to Terrance Howard, to Edward Norton, Patty Jenkins, and now Edgar Wright. As far as Marvel is concerned you are replaceable. On one hand I'm like "damn that's cold" but on the other hand I have to think that's why all the movies have been so cohesive so far.
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I'm so tired of seeing comments like "Marvel couldn't be bothered to get Russian names right! Black Widow's name makes no sense! LOOOOL".

1. Black Widow was created in 1964. This is before the internet, before Google; there was no Skyping some Russians to do some Russopicking. The Iron Curtain was in full effect. Very little was known about life in the Soviet Union, VERY few Americans could visit the USSR for any reason, and VERY VERY VERY few people from the USSR ever set foot on American soil. Are we so short-sighted and spoiled by the overwhelming access to information at our fingertips today that we can't comprehend that when Stan Lee wrote Tales of Suspense #52 (along with the 35 other comics he wrote that month) that the extent of his knowledge about Russian names, culture, or the KGB was limited to whatever could be found in an encyclopedia? Have any of y'all ever cracked open a fucking encyclopedia in your lives? Never mind, don't answer that.

2. Actual Russians keep pointing that that Natasha going by 'Romanoff' in the MCU is likely a personal choice she made, due to her spending the majority of her professional life in an Anglophone environment. Hell, Zola even calls her "Romanova, Natalia Alianovna" when he addresses her in CA2: TWS, suggesting that is indeed her official name and that Romanoff is just how she chooses to anglicize it. (In the comics she is variously called Romanoff, Romanov, Romanova, etc.)

3. DUH of course most of the Marvel Russian/Soviet characters are going to have surnames from famous individuals -- who else were Americans going to hear about in that time period? Artists, royalty, and cosmonauts, that's about it. Frankly, I'm grateful that Stan Lee didn't just slap some random syllables together into some godawful 'foreign-sounding' mishmash and call it a day (ie the Japanese manga-ka method).

4. 'Alianovna' isn't a Russian patronymic, true. Alian is probably Bashkir, Tatar, or even a Caucasian (ie Georgian, Circassian, etc.) name. Big surprise, Natasha may not be a full-blooded ethnic Russian! Another possibility is that Alian is actually an unusually transliterated version of the name Ulyan (Julian), which is a Russian male name.
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Finally we get a clear look at Lee Pace as one of the baddies from the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy!


BTW, this means both of Crystal's husbands are now in the MCU -- Pietro/Quicksilver in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Ronan in Guardians of the Galaxy. Obviously we need an Inhumans movie so we can have a Crystal! Or hell, just give Crystal her own movie. I'm down. Who's with me?!

Chris Pratt (Peter Quill/Star-lord) is so cute on Twitter, retweeting fans' Star-lord fanart and talking up how great Batista and his other co-stars are. They seem like such a great cast. And of course Chris Evans is in love with Pratt, too. I can't wait for a press tour.

On a completely unrelated note, the revelation that the Game of Thrones showrunners offered the Yara (aka Asha of book canon) role to Lily Allen, Alfie Allen (Theon)'s real-life sister, just solidifies for me the vileness of those producers. Don't get me wrong, I can kink on fictional incest. But there's something so wrong about offering a part to an actress just so she can get felt up by her own brother for chuckles. Fuckin' gross.
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So far, mothers have been almost as conspicuously absent from the Marvel Cinematic Universe as they were from most of Disney's princess movies. Tony Stark's mother, Maria, who in the comics he loved so much he named his charitable foundation after her, barely warrants a name, as her husband takes center-stage in Tony's daddy issues. Steve Rogers' mother, Sarah, who was a truly remarkable woman (she raised Captain America. You bet your ass she was remarkable) is only mentioned briefly after her death. So far the only MCU mom who we ever get to see on the big screen is Frigga.

I was surprised to see when I checked the Guardians of the Galaxy IMDB page that Meredith Quill -- mother of Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord -- appears in the movie and she's being played by British actresss Laura Haddock (DaVinci's Demons). Not only that, but Haddock even briefly speaks about the part to a magazine, saying: "My part is very personal, very important to the story, but quite a small part. But [still] very important certainly to [Star-Lord's] journey." Plus, Meredith comes along with a sister, a mother of her own, and a female best friend!

This tells me a few things:

1. There will be a flashback to Peter's conception/childhood
2. Meredith Quill and her fate are considered important enough to the story that she will be portrayed onscreen
3. Meredith will interact not only with her son, but also with female relatives and a female friend

That right there is three things I was not expecting from this movie. I hope that soon we will be seeing GoTG on the big screen, and getting to empathize with Meredith Quill's human frailties and quirks, her love for her child, and her fate.

Meredith and Peter from Guardians of the Galaxy #0.1.
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[ profile] redcandle17, remember when we were discussing the very important subject of Sebastian Stan's eye color? I think I found the perfect pic. The dark makeup helps his eyes stand out from his face.

In other news, I am legit considering buying The Architect on Amazon Prime just to see SebStan's sex scene with Paul James. I can't believe that no one's put that up on Youtube or even gifed it or anything. You disappoint me, fandom.
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I had muchly fun at the NYC Carol Corps/Kamala Korps meetup last night! We visited Midtown Comics and now I have a tiny bobbleheaded Galactus. I regret nothing.

During a discussion about Marvel's future properties with my fellow CC/KK members, I brought up my casting hopes for Iron Fist/Danny Rand. Like so many, I'm hoping for an Asian or Asian-American actor to play Danny Rand.

I'd also really like to see a mixed-race Danny Rand. )


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