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As a follow up to this post, here's some more cognates for personal names to be found in the Indo-European Indian languages (ie Sanskrit and its descendants) and their cousin languages in Europe.

Vrka and Ulfr, Cú, Wulf, etc.
Vrka (Sanskrit) and its cognates such as Virk, derives from the PIE root *dhohus, wolf. Wolves and their domesticated kin, dogs, inspired names for children across the various IE cultures. There's a ton of wolf+compound names such as the Greek Lykourgos (wolf worker) and the Sanskrit Vrkakarman (wolf worker).

Govinda and Boann
This matched pair comes from opposite sides of the IE world. Boann (Bóinn) is the Irish goddess who created the river Boyne and gave it her name. Govinda is a name of the Hindu god Krishna, referring to his youth as a cowherd. The initial elements of both come from PIE *gwous, cow. The second element in both appears to mean "white".

Susrava and Euklees
Both names mean something to the affect of "having great fame, renowned". Both initial elemets come from PIE *su, "good, noble, excellent". Their second elements come from PIE *klewes, which is obvious enough in the case of the Greek Euklees. How that morphed into srava seems odd until you see the Slavic slav and the Avestan sravah, then you start to see how k>s and l>r.
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Got to thinking today about which Indo-European derived Indian names (ie names from languages such as Sanskrit) are cognates with other names in their related cousin languages, such as English or Russian or what-have-you. Came up with a handful but surely there are many others:

Girish and Goran
Derive from the PIE root *gworh, "mountain, mountain forest". Became giri in India, whence comes Girish. In the Slavic languages the same root became gora, as Goran. The same root gave Albanian gur, "rock", and Old Prussian garian, "tree". The English term, "mountain", derives from PIE ?*men, "project, stick out", which also gave Welsh mynydd, "mountain", and Latin mons, "mountain".

Devdan and Theodore
Dev- and Theo- come from the same PIE root *deiwos, "god". Compare the Indian dev to Avestan daeva and Old Church Slavonic diva, both meaning "demon". This pair (dev/theo) can also get other cognates such as Devi and Thea. The second element comes from PIE *deh, "to give", which spawned Sanskrit dadami, danam and Greek didomi, doron. This pair of names mean "Gift of God".

Eugene/Eugenia and Sujana
PIE *gehn is the root of Greek genos, "race, kind", and the Vedic janas, "race clan". Their other common element is PIE *esu, "good, noble, excellent", which in Greek became eu and in Sanskrit su. In Hittite we find the same root as assu. So Eugenia and Sujana both mean "Well-born, nobly-born".

Raja and Rex
Both appear to come from PIE *hreg, "straightens, ruler." Their feminine versions, Rani and Regina, respectively, are also cognates. What's sort of weird is that the same root gives us various words for "right, correct, straight, lawful", etc., that sort of thing, such as Irish diriug, "straight". We might think of an ancient PIE king as the man who 'makes things right', so to speak.

Madhukar and Melissa
While not perfect cognates, they come from the PIE *medhu, "honey, mead." In Greek this root transformed into meli, from whence comes Melissa. The Hittite milit, "honey", is very similar. The Indian madhu can be compared to the Slavic medvedi, "honey-eaters", which means bear.
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I was inspired a while back to try to figure out what was the first gay kiss shown on-panel in a Marvel 616-verse comic book, and that in turn led me to collecting a list of 9 gay kisses to date. My criteria were as follows;

1. That the kiss be on-panel
2. That it be lip-to-lip, and have either an implied or blatant sexual/romantic/erotic element to it
3. That it be between two members of the same sex

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Something I have rarely mentioned on this lj is my other great love, genealogy. It's a natural progression from my love of history to genealogy; studying genealogy forces you to measure history in human lifetimes. It's also given me a new appreciation of American history. My most recent immigrant ancestor arrived in 1800 from Ireland; do you have ANY IDEA how many James Kellys are in the 1790 Ireland census? Fuck's sakes, his parents couldn't have named him Barnabus or Xerxes or something?

Anyway, something exciting I've been researching lately is my genetic genealogy. My mtdna results from SMGF have just come in, and I'm in haplogroup H (aka "Helena" from The Seven Daughters of Eve). This is a huge haplogroup, so I'll need more testing to determine my subclade.

Obviously, since I'm female I don't possess a Y-chromosome, but it's still cool to find out my male cousins' results. My biological father's y-line is R1b, a common haplogroup in the British Isles, France, Spain, and Portugal. Another of my lines on his side is HUDSON, which turns out to be R1b1b2. The R1b group is extremely large, and very common throughout Europe and North Africa.

On my mother's side, her father is I1, a haplogroup common in Scandinavia. That side is almost certainly Scottish or from the borderlands of northern England, so it seems likely we had a Viking somewhere in there. The most surprising is my BROCK ancestors, originally from Germany, who tested J2B, which is found primarily in the Arab countries, the Mediterranean, the Caucasus, Turkey, India, and Jewish populations. One of this BROCK family's closest matches was to a family named Abraham in Iraq.
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Because, whoa, I can't believe no one ever did one before, and Glowstick Chick, who created the DC version, gave permission for it to be modified -- The Marvelverse Random Pairing Crack Generator.

My first result was Thanos/Nick Fury. WTF.
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An attempt to list the Marvel Comics-based slash fanfic (except X-Men slash) that's available on LJ. Additions? Comment.

I'm specifically focusing on rare pairings (which is, y'know, everything aside from X-Men and Young Avengers). No Ultimate-verse or movieverse fic, please. Also, no DC/Marvel crossovers, not because they aren't the shit, but because they really deserve their own listing.
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My Young Avengers Longmire challenge has so far been a rousing success.

The Porntagenet Longmire challenge wasn't quite as successful, but both myself and [ profile] arriterre did contribute, so awesomeness.
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Odd little mini-project here. Working from Court, Household, and Itinerary of King Henry II (Robert Eyton) and Eleanor of Aquitaine: Lord and Lady (Bonnie Wheeler & John Carmi Parsons), I'm attempting to date where and when, approximately, the children of Eleanor and Henry II were conceived.

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For those who missed my announcements on the [ profile] plantagenesta and [ profile] oltramar comms, be sure to check out my Personal Appearances of Medieval People Project. What did king so-and-so look like? What color were queen such-and-such's eyes? I've collected accounts from as many eyewitness and near-contemporary sources as I could find. And if you've seen the project before, please note I've made major updates recently!
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Here's a little listing I've been working on regarding various Marvel characters and how old they were during a certain time period. If you're one of those people who's going to lecture me about how continuity doesn't matter, or whatever, just do us both a favor and pass on by. This is my little pet project that I'm working on and adding to.

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