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So [ profile] strawberispring posted a couple scans of Wendell Rand'Kai and Davos being gay for each other and then she and I got to talking about it.

Mississippienne: davos should really rub it in dannys face. "i did your daddy! nyah nyah!" and danny should be like "wtf creeper stay away from me"
[ profile] strawberispring: I think it'd be a great way to win a fight. "I HAD SEX WITH YOUR FATHER" and Danny would just stop and adopt a horrified expression
Mississippienne: lol but now im imagining davos yelling "PSYCHE!" and then running away like a little girl
[ profile] strawberispring: complete with giggling into his palms
[ profile] strawberispring: I do like how with all the mystical Kung Fu, Davos's plan to get rid of the original Iron Fist is to shoot him.
Mississippienne: now im imagining wendell and davos being all like those 2 girls in hot shots, part deux. Davos: "Why should you concern yourself with the feelings of one insignificant roommate? One fabulous day, one incredible experience." "
Mississippienne: wendell: "I had no idea it meant so much to you. "
Mississippienne: davos: "I remember that day as if it were yesterday. The exhilaration of experimenting, sharing something so new, so dangerous, so intimate."
Mississippienne: wendell: "And I'll never forget the look on your face. The way the sweat glistened on your hard body"
Mississippienne: davos: "Then you tied my ankles. Tighter. Tighter. "
Mississippienne: wendell: "But it just wasn't right. It wasn't natural. Bungee-jumping is just too dangerous a sport!"
[ profile] strawberispring: YES! That is exactly what it is
Mississippienne: poor wendell/davos
[ profile] strawberispring: yup. They're like a car driven by a dog. Impossible, adorable and yet doomed to crash.
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[00:13] Mississippienne: hey yknow that game where you include the predator in the plot of any movie and make it more awesome? we should do that with daken
[00:13] strawberispring: ...i agree
[00:14] Mississippienne: sleepless in seattle. meg ryan and tom hanks yearn for each other. daken fucks them both.
[00:14] strawberispring: face/off. nicholas cage and john travolta switch faces. daken fucks them both.
[00:15] Mississippienne: labyrinth. david bowie takes teenage jennifer connelly to the enchanted world of the labyrinth. daken fucks them both.
[00:15] strawberispring: mamma mia. girl invites her three prospective fathers to her wedding without telling her mother. daken fucks them all
[00:17] Mississippienne: inglorious basterds. brad pitt leads rag-tag group of nazi-killers to assassinate hitler. daken fucks them all.
[00:17] strawberispring: the goonies. a young sean astin leads a group of rag-tag kids in search of pirate gold to save their soon to be demolished neighborhood. daken fucks them all except chunk
[00:19] Mississippienne: halloween. jamie lee curtis is menaced by her serial killer brother. daken fucks them both.
[00:20] strawberispring: the breakfast club. molly ringwald and co. have to spend a saturday in detention and learn not to let social circles dictate their lives. daken fucks them all
[00:22] Mississippienne: little nicky. devil prince adam sandler romances patricia arquette while trying to stop the nefarious plans of his evil half-brothers. daken fucks them all.
[00:22] Mississippienne: ...while eating popeyes chicken
[00:24] strawberispring: mighty ducks. emilio estevez coaches a team of rag-tag kids (including joshua jackson) to win the peewee hockey tournament. daken fucks them all
[00:24] strawberispring: and scores the winning goal
[00:24] Mississippienne: with his pants down
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[00:06] Mississippienne: and now theres some crap about the upcoming crossover where doom apparently captures storm, not for hot adulterous sexings, as i would hope, but for public execution
[00:06] Mississippienne: because doom is that stupid
[00:06] strawberispring: ...does he know how many people he's going to piss off?
[00:07] Mississippienne: hed publically execute the queen of wakanda
[00:07] Mississippienne: whos also an x-man
[00:07] strawberispring: clearly he thought this through
[00:07] strawberispring: i imagine doom's plans are written out
[00:07] strawberispring: he starts writing them, gets to step one
[00:07] strawberispring: and then just scrawls "RICHAAAAAAARDS" over an over again
[00:07] Mississippienne: 1. capture storm
[00:07] Mississippienne: 2. RIIIIICHAAAARDS
[00:07] Mississippienne: 3. ???
[00:07] Mississippienne: 4. profit!
[00:08] strawberispring: and really it's just "capture susan richards" with her name crossed out and storm's written above it
[00:08] Mississippienne: i will forgive all if however the solicits lie and it really is storm running off with doom
[00:09] Mississippienne: because that would be so epic and soap opera-y
[00:09] strawberispring: and i would buy storm/panther if it concluded with t'challa standing outside castle doom with a boombox, playing 'in your eyes'

And later...

[00:43] strawberispring: "lady medusa? while i know you speak for our lord, king black bolt and i do not question his rulings but...why would we need to build a neiman marcus on the moon?" "...SHUT THE FUCK UP, THAT'S WHY!"
[00:44] Mississippienne: medusa has to bitch slap some hoes
[00:44] Mississippienne: fear her pimp hand
[00:44] strawberispring: pimp hair
[00:44] Mississippienne: of course
[00:45] strawberispring: now that she's ruler of attilan, i imagine things are going to get pimptacular
[00:45] Mississippienne: crazy yolandos are gonna be throwing they titties against the windshield of medusa's fly ride
[00:46] strawberispring: while crystal remarks in an even tone "there sure are a lot more titties nowadays"
[00:46] Mississippienne: medusa lifts her chalice, pours some wine on the ground and dedicates it to 'my homies who could not be here today'
[00:46] strawberispring: when she enters a room, she has made it a law that 50 cent's 'p.i.m.p.' must be played
[00:48] Mississippienne: when she conducts council meetings, scantily clad dancers swing about on poles in the middle of the conference room
[00:48] Mississippienne: it makes foreign dignitaries uncomfortable... in their pants
[00:48] Mississippienne: except for doom, who calls that 'tuesday'
[00:48] strawberispring: namor's fine with it as long as the dancers wear blonde wigs and answer to 'susan'
[00:49] strawberispring: also, all alpha primitives now have to wear 'do rags
[00:50] Mississippienne: and by royal decree, only medusa is allowed to have a 'pimp limp'
[00:50] strawberispring: the rest of the royal family is now mandated to get tattoos in old english on their fingers
[00:51] Mississippienne: medusa's says 'BADASS MUTHAFUCKA"
[00:52] Mississippienne: maximus' is 'MOM' and 'DAD'
[00:52] strawberispring: crystal's just say 'WHORE' and 'SKANK' at her sister's behest "i don't really ag--SLAP-"
[00:53] Mississippienne: what does black bolts say? it needs to be something insanely epic
[00:53] Mississippienne: like 'THE LAST THING' and 'YOU'll EVER SEE'
[00:54] strawberispring: oh FUCK yes
[00:54] strawberispring: then they got lazy and everyone else's is just their name
[00:54] strawberispring: she also tried installing hydraulics on lockjaw
[00:55] Mississippienne: and rims
[00:55] strawberispring: "well he already had a hood ornament"
[00:56] Mississippienne: actually i think maximus should have 'MEDUSA'S BITCH' tattooed on his chest
[00:56] strawberispring: i agree. and tear drops tattooed on his face for how many times he's been throwing in inhuman jail
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Mississippienne: dakens all "i just wanted to see if you're everything they said you were" as he and skaar gaze into each others eyes, backlit by the sun
suzy trackmarks: Too bad Skaar's just, like, an episode of To Catch a Predator

Mississippienne: also LOL daken uses his daddys head for a shield
suzy trackmarks: at which point Logan becomes Homer Simpson
suzy trackmarks: WHY YOU LITTLE
Mississippienne: D'OH
Mississippienne: as daken zooms away on his skateboard
suzy trackmarks: I kind of want Simpson-style fanart of Logan strangling Daken now
Mississippienne: omg and x23 is lisa. ARGH I CANT UN-SEE IT
suzy trackmarks: oh God yes. Laura, Lisa...pretty similar. It gets Daken to stop, though.
Mississippienne: also, the leader is all pedobear in this
Mississippienne: "go ahead bruce, bond with that magnificent son of yours!"
Mississippienne: wtf. whats next? "take him for walks in the park, cook pancakes and bacon, bathe in sparkling mountain springs with that young adonis -- one day, he will belong to... THE LEADER!"
suzy trackmarks: I just pictured Bruce and Skaar all ^__^ and splashing each other in a pool
Mississippienne: while the leader watches, thru his binoculars. from across the street. in his skeevy motel room. in his underwear. "soon, the leader strikes! mmm, the water glistening on his chesticles... yes, i covet your... power."
suzy trackmarks: The Leader is now the pervert on Family Guy
suzy trackmarks: I declare it canon

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A little follow-up on Daken and Luna's cozy family-life.

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So to understand this you need to know that [ profile] strawberispring had a cracked out dream that Daken and future!Luna ended up together in the future and had two children. This sort of insanity demanded discussion.

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Me and [ profile] ang_band have been happily talking about our hypothetical "Juergen" series, of which "Dark Horse Bet" is the only written piece. Basically, it's an AU branching off about Tbolts #101, where Zemo and Songbird have a baby.

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This is the only sort of RPS I approve of -- the fully consensual kind!

Mississippienne: *weeps*
scandalmonger: ;__;
Mississippienne: *tragic flailing*
scandalmonger: *comforts*
Mississippienne: *purrs*
scandalmonger: Wait, I'm the one getting disappointed. *flails*
Mississippienne: *pours water on head, sputters* what now? oops. *cuddles*
scandalmonger: *murmurs*
Mississippienne: wow, this is uncomfortably close to femslash. *sultry look*
scandalmonger: *cops a feel*
Mississippienne: *giggles*
Mississippienne: *simpers*
scandalmonger: *croons*
Mississippienne: *bats eyelashes*
scandalmonger: *heavy look*
Mississippienne: *soft whimper*
scandalmonger: *soft hush*
Mississippienne: *slowly pulls off socks one by one*
scandalmonger: *eyes follow each sock*
Mississippienne: *lascivious smile*
scandalmonger: *moistens lips*
Mississippienne: *traces collarbone with fingertips*
scandalmonger: *clutches waist*
Mississippienne: *strokes hair*
scandalmonger: *looks deeply into eyes*
Mississippienne: *sighs with contentment*
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Me and [ profile] ang_band (formerly Remix) discussing horseshoe crabs, natural selection, and why I'd make an excellent undersea monarch.

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Me and Caia discussing the importance of post-threesome ettiquette, and stoned SHIELD directors muttering songs by Iron Butterfly.
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[ profile] remix17 and I were discussing this clip from the "300" movie:

[ profile] remix17: omg xerxes isn't blinking D=
[ profile] mississippienne: hes a god, biotch! gods dont blink!
[ profile] mississippienne: they have slaves to blink for them!!!
[ profile] remix17: he also has silky smooth skin
[ profile] remix17: like a baby
[ profile] mississippienne: yesssss
[ profile] mississippienne: and hes like 8 feet tall
[ profile] remix17: he's all "bask in my glow"
[ profile] mississippienne: the real xerxes really was loony tunes
[ profile] mississippienne: herodotus, the ancient greek historian, tells of an incident where one of xerxes' bridges was destroyed in a storm
[ profile] mississippienne: so xerxes had the ocean lashed to punish it
[ profile] mississippienne: he LASHED THE OCEAN
[ profile] remix17: ....
[ profile] remix17: that is brilliant
[ profile] remix17: xerxes is so zemo
[ profile] mississippienne: he is!
[ profile] mississippienne: thats why i love him
[ profile] mississippienne: hes totally my type
[ profile] mississippienne: of, uh, fictional character
[ profile] mississippienne: also, check out how when xerxes goes in for the vaguely gay shoulder rub, leonidas just stands there, as though waiting for a massage
[ profile] mississippienne: *giggles*
[ profile] remix17: "mmmm fighting is so tiring..."
[ profile] remix17: omg he does
[ profile] remix17: he was all expecting it
[ profile] mississippienne: "xerxes' jewelry... so sparkly... hypnotized..."
[ profile] remix17: look at leoni...leo...whoever!
[ profile] remix17: omg his acting
[ profile] remix17: so contrived
[ profile] mississippienne: awwwz
[ profile] mississippienne: i heart leonidas
[ profile] mississippienne: hes adorkable. hes this badass warrior king but he jokes and fools around and gets massages from 8-foot-tall god-kings and makes funny faces
[ profile] mississippienne: and his abs! his pecs! his, ah, presence!
[ profile] remix17: i like his cape
[ profile] remix17: it looks really comfy
[ profile] mississippienne: its his pimp cape

(LJ-ify your IMs before pasting!)
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Convo with remix on the Marvelverse Crack Pairing Generator. Also? Zemo needs a mail-order Russian bride.
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From an AIM convo with [ profile] remix17 in which we ponder what would happen if Zemo from Marvel's Thunderbolts and the late, lamented Spoiler from DC's Batbooks got their own sitcom.
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You know it had to happen eventually. From AIM convo with myself and [ profile] caia_comica
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It's decided. Cap and Zemo need to have a dance-off.

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German, world domination, Cap, and Zemo. And kissing.

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Mississippienne: but rose, i want you to know...
Mississippienne: through all the trials and tribulations, the good times and the bad, the thousands of miles seperating us...
Mississippienne: i still drink to forget you
starbringer59: XD
starbringer59: You're a babe.


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