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[ profile] theladyscribe and I attended Marvel's sneak peek of Guardians of the Galaxy on July 7! It was in IMAX, so booo because my inferior eyeballs can't see properly in those glasses, but whatever.

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Can anybody hook a girl up with a high rez picture of the Winter Soldier's file from Kiev?

In lieu of payment, gaze upon Anthony Mackie's beautiful eyelashes.

A Sam-centric fic is coalescing right now. For my WWE peeps, I'm also working on the next chapter of The Maelstrom's Cup, which should be out soon-ish.

I get so much secondhand embarrassment when I go on Tumblr looking for pics (okay, Tumblr gives me a LOT of secondhand embarrassment for a lot of reasons), but especially when I see posts and reblogs about "weaponized femininity" and "eyeliner so sharp it could cut your basic face off" and fantasizing about ruling men with their sexuality. There are not enough eyerolls in the world. Tumblrina, you are 14-years-old and you spend 20 hours a day on your Tumblr. You ain't running the streets in your stilettos, if you can even walk in them, and men are not video game characters that can be controlled if you find the right keysmash.

I Netflix'd the movie Angel Heart, starring Mickey Rourke pre-uglification, Robert Deniro, and Lisa Bonet. I thought it was shockingly good, very beautifully-shot and the scenes in New Orleans filled me with nostalgia. If you're looking for a noirish horror movie on Netflix Instant, highly-recommended.

I also Netflix'd Political Animals for SebStan, which was good, as well as a couple episodes of Gossip Girl, also for SebStan, which was so bad that I screamed due to the burning in my eyes and backed out. Sebastian, I know you had to pay the rent, but you didn't have to stoop so low. You could've come to me, we could've worked something out.
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EDIT: Enjoy (?) this puzzling meta analysis of CA:TWS in which the plight of the Winter Soldier is explicitly compared to that of Muslim women wearing hijab. Because that's totally an obvious metaphor or something.

This is the very final note of the film, in the second stinger, and is a given for fans of the comics. Of course the “real” Bucky is going to re-emerge from “inside” the Winter Soldier, proving the indomitability of the human spirit. Of course he’s going to join the ranks of the wounded warriors, who are troubled (but not too troubled) by the violence they’ve been involved in. It is the UHS that white feminists go looking for “under the burqa,” the UHS that is waiting to be told that it is free to participate in any sanctioned sexual category, and free to participate in any form of marriage or family deemed acceptable in the West. And so on, and so on. This is the liberated UHS that operates as the ideal global consumer: completely free of unacceptable “superstition,” free of any deeply imprinted cultural trace. There should not be, inside the Winter Soldier, any “old” or “real” Bucky.

Someone's filling my prompt over on marvel-cinekink! It's Winter Soldier faking being Bucky and it's so good and I'm so excited about it. Everyone go read (CNTW, in progress).

[ profile] redcandle17, I am looking for that Russian-language dirtybadwrong Brock Rumlow/Winter Soldier fic for you, it's on somewhere and I just need to dig it out. A friend of mine grew up in Soviet-era Azerbaijan so I may run some of the more difficult words past her so we can understand the translation more fully ("This is the Russian word for rimjob! What in the world are you reading?!").

Some more thoughts after having seen Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier for the second time.

I didn't realize before that Natasha actually struck him in the eye. If Bucky hadn't been wearing some kind of magic bullet-repelling sunglasses, he'd have a bullet in his brain.

Bucky seems to favor his human hand when firing and knife-fighting, saving the metal arm for blocking attacks, punching, and ripping things apart. At the end, when he hits flesh wounds on Steve twice before plugging him through the abdomen, I wondered if his aim was off because he was firing with his metal hand (his right arm being broken). I'm full of questions about the prosthetic arm -- how much sensation does he have? Obviously he can sense pressure to some degree, or else he'd never be able to handle ammunition, etc. But can he sense heat? Cold? Can it be removed? How heavy is it?

[ profile] redcandle17 pointed out that not only does Bucky choose to jump after Steve at the end, he then swims ashore with one broken arm, a metal arm, while dragging Steve's unconscious body.

While we're at it: fanpoodles, your opinions on Captain America tell me way more about YOU and YOUR damage than they do about Captain America, the character, man, or franchise, WW2, or 40s mores. I really cannot see how you could watch two Captain America movies and one Avengers movie, and come away thinking that Steve would pinch a woman on the ass, be surprised at racial integration, or have problems accepting a black man (or a black woman for that matter) as an authority figure. Do you think Peggy Carter would've put up with any man telling her to get in the kitchen and make him a sammich? How can you think Steve, who had a black soldier and a Japanese-American soldier in his Howling Commandos, and who in comicsverse had a close childhood friend who was gay (Arnie Roth), and who almost married a Jewish woman (Bernie Rosenthal), would belittle minorities? How can you believe that Steve, who grew up in the politically volatile NYC of the 1930s and 1940s and attended artsy-farsty school, would be a stereotypical Bud Light-swilling Republican?

It's more realistic! Fuck you.
Cap's more interesting if he's a racist, misogynistic homophobic prick! Fuck you.
He's called Captain America! Well, people call you a dumb motherfucker, you don't see me holding it against you.
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Fashionably late to the party! (what can I say, YOU try getting tickets to a box office smash movie in NYC on short notice *grumbles*)

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So it seems to be official that Aaron Taylor-Johnson (best known for Kick-Ass) and Elizabeth Olsen (best known as "the Olsen twins' little sister") are going to be playing Wanda and Pietro in the next Avengers movie.

I am side-eyeing certain people on Tumblr who're pissed off because Aaron and Elizabeth aren't half-Jewish, half-Romany like their characters. First of all, Aaron IS part Jewish (and please note that no one seems to care that neither Michael Fassbender nor Sir Ian are Jewish in the least). Secondly, a lot of Roma are very fair and many are indistinguishable from their European cohorts -- have we learned nothing from the recent high-profile cases in which blonde blue-eyed children have been seized from their families because of course such children couldn't be born to Gypsies, only for social services to shamefacedly return them when it turned out that they are, in fact, the natural children of their parents. I would have been delighted to have real Romanies (are there any half-Jewish, half-Romany actors who're fluent in English out there?) or even just authentic Eastern Europeans to play the Maximoff twins, but I resolve to see what Aaron and Elizabeth can do.

There've been some hints that Rhodey (Don Cheadle) is going to have a substantial role in the second Avengers flick, which I hope means either he's joining the team, or that they're setting him up for a solo movie. Omigod, what if we get War Machine throwing down against Ultron?! Y'all!
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It appears to be confirmed: Paul Rudd has been cast as Hank Pym in the Ant-Man movie. Since I only know Rudd as Josh from Clueless, I am fairly neutral about this news, but of course I'm hopeful that he will be able to play Hank in all his dorky, and utterly bizarre, glory.

AFAIK neither Janet nor Scott Lang have been cast yet.

Here's my theory about how the MCU is going to go, based on what movies have been greenlit, and what little we know about them:

1. Guardians of the Galaxy is set for an August 2014 release. I think it's pretty obviously going to be Avengers 3, Part 1 -- this is the movie that's really going to set up Thanos for the third Avengers flick.

2. Avengers: Age of Ultron is set for May 2015. Surprise surprise who the main baddie is. The studios keep saying that Hank isn't connected to Ultron in this continuity but I think that's a red herring. They also swore up and down Paul Rudd wasn't going to be Hank, and look what happened.

3. Ant-Man is set for July 2015. Interestingly, the movie's release was moved up a few months from November despite the fact they didn't even have the lead actor until like this week. This suggests to me that Ant-Man is meant to ride the wave of excitement that Avengers: Age of Ultron is going to generate.

4. The next property that seems to have the most momentum is Doctor Strange. That's the one Feige keeps bringing up, anyway. There also seem to be tentative plans for a Black Panther movie and one starring a Marvel heroine (Black Widow seems to be the most likely candidate).

5. Avengers 3, which might be the untitled project with a 2017 release date (just a guess based on the amount of time between Avengers 1 and 2) is going have Thanos as the baddie with, presumably, a modified Infinity Gauntlet story.

6. With the Blade rights have reverted back to Marvel, and the success of the previous Blade trilogy, I'd be surprised if Marvel didn't reboot that franchise as they did with Ghost Rider.

That being said, after Loki, Thanos, and Ultron, the next most iconic Avengers villain would probably be Kang the Conqueror, but putting him onscreen will probably pose a bit of a challenge, just because of his time travel schtick. You could do a Korvac saga with little problem and hell, we've already got the Collector onscreen, so just cast a Carina and go for it.
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1. This movie is the best sort of scifi, which is to say its less about the gadgets and CGI and more about contemporary issues blown up large on the big screen: the widening gap between the haves and have-nots, access to health care, and the exploitation of workers by corporations.

2. Basically every heroic/semi-heroic/neutral character is Latino (even Matt Damon's character is clearly intended to be a white Latino/Brazilian). And the black guy lives at the end.

3. This is what Social Justice rhetoric would produce if Social Justice Warriors were not stupid, misguided, and also useless.

4. Diego Luna is beautiful and perfect.

5. Sharlto Copley is apocalyptically scary!

6. Nails that "ten minutes into the future" vibe.

7. The movie assumes the audience possesses enough intelligence and attention span to comprehend a movie that's 3/4ths in English, 1/4th in Spanish/French/smattering of Afrikaans.

8. Diego Luna's Julio and Matt Damon's Max are very slashable (I'm waiting, slashers!)

9. Several VERY good action scenes, jump scares, and genuine tension, as well as some decent twists.

10. Despite the break-neck pace, the movie actually develops all the characters, including the supporting ones like Kruger's cronies and Spider, allowing them to have depth, flaws, and ethical dilemas.
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I recently discovered the existence of Mandingo (1975), a movie most relevant now as one of the inspirations for Django Unchained. Mandingo is based on the 1957 novel, and stars James Mason, NWA's Mr. Universe, Ken Norton, and Ken Norton's ass.

If you thought Django Unchained was offensive, Mandingo may actually cause you to spontaneously combust.

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Saw Django Unchained last night, and I was blown away! I knew I would like it going in, as I've liked almost all Tarantino's stuff and this sort of over-the-top historical revenge fantasy is the sort of thing I live for. Inevitably, there's a fair amount of controversy surrounding the movie (some of which from people who haven't actually seen it). Below, you will find my thoughts and opinions on Django Unchained, along with some shippy thoughts because, well, that's me.


Warning for slavery-related horror and language!

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Although Green Lantern was a terrible fucking movie, I wish nothing but the best to Ryan Reynolds (Hal) and Blake Lively (Carol) on the occasion of their marriage. May they spawn many adorable lil' Star Sapphires and Green Lanterns of their very own. Before he was Hal Jordan, Ryan Reynolds was also Hannibal King and Deadpool, and was formerly married to ScarJo (Black Widow). Who would've ever imagined Wade and Natasha being married, in any universe?

In other news, Anna Paquin (Rogue) recently gave birth to twin boys. Mazel tov!
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File this one under Weird Shit I Over-Analyze: This is my attempt to fanwank the existence of Zira and her cubs, and explain the chronology thereof, from The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride, the direct-to-video sequel to Disney's The Lion King. I love both these movies, although the first is clearly superior. There's been a bit of debate and confusion about some things in the sequel, some of which are minor nitpicky bullshit, and some of which are probably legit questions.

I will assume everyone is familiar with TLK. In the sequel, we meet the villainess Zira, Scar's mate and the mother of three cubs (Nuka, Vitani, and Kovu) who she's raised to carry on her psychotic vengeance against Simba, the rightful king of the Pridelands. She is a remarkably scary villain for any Disney movie.

The unanswered questions raised by the existance of Zira and her children are as follows:

A) If Zira was Scar's queen, why didn't she take part in the confrontation between Scar and Simba at Pride Rock in the first movie?
B) Kovu explicitly says that Scar was NOT his father. His brother Nuka also mentions that Scar "took them in". Behind the scenes, we know this is because Disney doesn't want any accusation of incest around the relationship between Kovu and Kiara, Simba's daughter. If Kovu were Scar's son, he would be Kiara's first cousin-once removed.
C) But if Kovu (and presumably Zira's other cubs) weren't Scar's children, why did he take Zira as his queen and accept her cubs as his heirs?

Of course, some of this could be due to an unreliable narrator. Almost everything we know about Zira's past comes from her mouth, and the mouths of her children, whom she's raised. Quite possibly she's portraying her relationship with Scar the way she saw it or wishes it was.

Here's my fanwank:

I figure Zira was a rogue lioness who fled another pride while pregnant, possibly after a hostile takeover by a new male, and then made her way to the Pridelands. Scar took her in and she was so grateful that she became psychotically attached to him. Maybe he found Zira, with her powerful personality, useful to keep the other lionesses in line.

Kovu and Kiara at the beginning of TLK2 look to be exactly the same age, which suggests that Kovu was either not born yet or a newborn when Scar was killed and Simba took back the throne (maybe Kiara was conceived during the "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?" sequence in the first movie). That would actually explain why Zira wasn't involved in the Scar vs. Simba battle -- she was either heavily pregnant or had just given birth.

So Zira flees with her cubs and the other lionesses who were either loyal to Scar or (just as likely) too scared of Zira to go against her. Simba proclaims them exiles and Zira bides her time, mourning over Scar and her son's 'stolen crown'. When actually Scar probably never loved her or planned to leave anything to her cubs, and in all likelihood was using her pathetic devotion to his own ends.


May. 7th, 2012 05:35 pm
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NO SPOILERS version: it was a bit different from what I expected. The Whedonisms weren't annoying, everyone got their moment to shine, and Black Widow haterz can go sit on a stick and rotate. Avengers is so big and bombastic, its more like 3 movies crammed into one.

SPOILERS ahoy, so don't come cryin' to me, behbies.

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So I was rewatching one of my favorite teen movies last night (my other favorite being Clueless), the John Hughes classic The Breakfast Club. I enjoy pretending that this movie speaks to my 80's teen years, despite the fact that I was a zygote when this movie was filmed in 1984. Anyway, what I'm getting at is the contrast between this, my favorite Hughes movie, and Pretty In Pink, my least favorite Hughes movie. I dislike PiP because of one reason, and that reason's name is Blane.

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HAHA I totally forgot about this movie! And to think I saw SWAT in theaters when it came out, and never realized until today that Colin Farrell (Bullseye) and Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye) are onscreen together. Look how babyfaced Renner is, and thrill to Farrell's terrible American accent.

Speaking of unexpected pairings, check out the intense LesYay between Natalie Portman (Jane Foster) and Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow) in this interview. Kind of makes me want Jane/Natasha fic, notgonnalie.

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Over the last couple of nights, I've sat down and watched a couple of the HELLRAISER movies from the '80s, which despite being low-budget horror flicks and, yes, very very '80s, are not bad. I thought to myself, Self, this franchise is 25 years old and comprises 9 movies. They've really milked this concept for all its worth. What new ground can the next (inevitable) HELLRAISER movie cover?

And then the solution came to me in a flash of inspiration, like Athena springing fully-grown from Zeus's head.


After a drunken one night stand with Pinhead, our intrepid heroine Kirsty Cotton discovers that she's KNOCKED UP. Hilarity ensues as Kirsty and Pinhead embark on a new journey together, the journey of parenthood. Can Pinhead balance fatherhood with his, uh, 'career'? And most importantly, can Kirsty and Pinhead find true love? Find out next summer, in... HELLRAISER X: KNOCKED UP. Rated PG.
Don't miss the due date: 06/06/16

At last, the HELLRAISER movie the whole family can enjoy!

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So I saw Captain America today and I am all a-squee!

Short, no-spoilers version: They did Steve justice. The movie is at least as good as Thor and Iron Man.

Plus, they crammed a LOT into this movie. It was a very ambitious effort, and they succeed on almost every point.

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Since everyone and their dog have weighed in on Green Lantern and X-Men Colon First Class already, I figured I might as well throw my cheap two cents in. No real spoilers, so I'm not hiding it behind a cut.

GL is way too derivative of every other comic book movie. There's a scene early on that's reminiscent of the Iron Man/Iron Monger fight in the first Iron Man movie, and the scene where Hal is trying to activate the titular lantern is a rip-off of Peter Parker's attempts to learn to use his web-shooters in the first Spider-Man movie, down to the cutesy catch phrases. The romantic Hal/Carol scenes reminded me of the Clark/Lois stuff from the '70s Superman flicks. Hal's daddy issues could've been lifted from the Daredevil movie, replacing boxing with fighter planes. It's like they put every other comic book movie into a blender, colored the resulting concoction green, and hoped we would be too distracted by Ryan Reynolds' beautiful eyes to notice.

And I agree with [ profile] mike_smith when he says that the movie really stumbled in not leading with its A-material, which in this case is Hal vs. Sinestro. Instead, we get Hector Hammond awkwardly shoehorned in halfway through the movie, but nobody wants to watch a Green Lantern movie where GL fights Hector Hammond. It's like if the X-Men franchise had saved Magneto for movie three, and the first movie had been the X-Men fighting, I dunno, Arcade or some crap.

The real standout of the movie is Mark Strong as Sinestro, because HOLY CRAP, he looks like Sinestro walked off a comic book page and became flesh and blood before your eyes. It's a shame that Strong's Sinestro wasn't in a better movie.
It's a little like Liev Shrieber as Sabretooth in Wolverine, in that you know the movie is gonna be a turd, but the actor looks like the comic book character come to life and not an actor pretending to be the comic book character.

Mark Strong as Sinestro looked so amazing that I found myself wishing they had cut out a lot of the CGI characters and just used real actors with makeup. GL is filled with cartoony CGI characters, and bizarrely, even though they spent like 300 million on this movie, it looks really cheap. Thor cost half that and looks way better and more professional. I'm not really sure where all that money went. To keep Ryan Reynolds' hair styled just so?

As for X-Men: X Harder, they really should just have called it Xavier and Magneto and cut the titular X-Men out completely, because they barely did anything. You could've removed all the X-Men from the movie and barely affected the plot. For that matter, the collection of characters for the X-Men is so random (Banshee? Angel Salvadore? Darwin? Havok?) that it's obvious they were selected purely for their powers and not for character purposes. That is also the only explanation for the otherwise inexplicable inclusion of Riptide, a Marauder so obscure I at first thought he was the Avengers villain Whirlwind, as a lackey of the Hellfire Club. For that matter, the Hellfire Club is sort of pathetic, as it only has two members, Kevin Bacon and Fake Emma Frost, plus two third-string supervillains as lackeys.

And I don't care what they say, that is NOT Emma Frost. She is not cutting, seductive, or nefarious. January Jones just looks bored and a little awkward prancing around in her underwear and doing whatever Kevin Bacon tells her to do. They slapped a name on her and called her Emma Frost, but she's no more Emma Frost than Cillian Murphy was the Scarecrow in Batman Begins.

The only reason to see this movie is because Charles and Erik are so, so married. I'm not even kidding. I seriously thought for a moment there that Magneto was going to ask Xavier to marry him at the end. It should've had a kiss. I think they both kinda wanted it (then again, it IS 1962; they may not even know two men CAN kiss each other).

If GL looks cheap. X-Men: Electric Boogaloo looks rushed. It seems like the movie was pumped out in very little time and honestly it's all Bacon, Fassbender, and Macavoy can do to keep it from fraying around the edges. If you're gonna see it, see it for the epic Xavier/Magneto manlove.
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I saw it last night, and was very squee. It officially joins my personal canon trilogy, which includes The Terminator, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, and now Terminator Salvation.

Also, I don't know much about Sam Worthington other than I am going to be Mrs. Sam Worthington one day.
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1. In "Things You See In A Graveyard", behind Rotti there's a glimpse of what appears to be a live feed into Shilo's room. EWWW ROTTI U PERV.

2. One of my favorite moments is when Nathan headbutts Rotti's henchgirl. Goddamn.

3. Amber is ALL OVER Nathan during the scene where Rotti tells him to take Mag's eyes. She wants him SO BAD while Nathan barely seems to notice her existence. When he shoves past her to leave, she sort of stumbles backwards into Luigi's arms, then jerks away and throws herself on the couch.

4. My new favorite moment is Amber kicking Graverobber during the deleted "Come Up And Try My New Parts" scene. She's so put in MORE WORK, motherfucker. It's almost enough to make me a Gramber shipper. Almost.

5. My friend Kevin has decided that Paris Hilton is hot, but only as Amber. My other friend Jeff is now officially bi for Graverobber.


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