Jan. 28th, 2013

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Found an English translation of this document, dated January 19, 1235. Ramon de Penyafort was a canon lawyer who worked under Pope Gregory IX; this document, composed by himself and the pope, was meant to clear up some issues the Latin Christian community in Tunis was having at the time. It's an interesting glimpse into what was going on in the Catholic communities in North Africa: talking about everything from whether it was okay to sell nails to the Saracens to whether or not you could stay married to your spouse if they converted to Islam. I'm just going to quote a few of the most interesting responses here -- credit to John Tolan for the translation.

7. Also, some capture Jews or Saracens, especially women, and take them into the lands of the Saracens, by force or not, and make them declare to the Saracens that they are Christians; they then sell them, as Christians, to the Saracens. We ask whether such people are excommunicated for the insult they proffer to the Christian name through this kind of sale.
We respond: they are not excommunicated, but they sin mortally.

9. Also, certain Christian captives, men or women, live with Saracens who have infant children. We ask whether we can advise such Christians to secretly baptize these infants, without the knowledge, will or consent of their parents, in the hope that, should some of those thus baptized die before they reach the age of discretion, they may be saved. For we may presume that those who have been so baptized, once they reach the age of discretion, would be displeased if they were to learn that they had been baptized in this way.
We respond: let them be baptized.

11. Also, if one person in a married couple sinks into heresy, whether the one who remains in the faith may communicate or cohabit with him.
We respond: he can, if he wishes, as long as it is without insult to the Creator, and if it does not lead him into mortal sin. Yet, by the authority of the Church, it is safer that he refrain from such cohabitation.
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More terrible than the bed bugs crawling up your legs! Hell, more terrible than the herpes crawling down Paris Hilton's legs! It's Social Justice Warrior language-policing time again, in which a bunch of goons who barely passed Sociology 101 clutch their pearls and tell us all how badly we human.

When you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes back.

For those who haven't got a spare brain cell to sacrifice to this nonsense, here's a quick rundown: Author writes a fic. Author writes Character A calling Character B a silly word that's meant to be a playful nickname. Readers call out Author for using this word. Author is shocked. Author apologizes. Author edits fic. SJWs scream at Author. Author grovels. This is reported to Fanficrants. FFR posters clutch their pearls.

And by the way--

You read that write, ladies, gents, and gentlequeers. The "slur" word? Potato. I guess it's triggery because of, um, all those times people have been falsely accused of being starchy tubers? I dunno.

One soul on FFR said, quote:

Agreed. The OP seems to believe that the author needs a white knight to defend them from an "angry SJW", when in fact the anon was likely expressing how much slurs can hurt in general, and the OP was choosing to focus on how that one anon was somehow "disproportionately offended" over a slur that is in fact hurtful to far more than just one person. Slurs, whether said in ignorance of the fact a word is a slur or not, still harm people, and said people have a right to be angry when this sort of thing is not isolated cases stemming from ignorance. It's systemic, and ignorance perpetuates it.



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