Apr. 24th, 2013

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Got to see Steel Panther in concert last night at Irving Plaza, and they blew the roof off the place! It was so much fun, just as I'd hoped it'd be. My ex opened for them a few years ago, and had only good things to say about the experience, so I was hyped up. I have never danced so much during a show! I sang along with every song until my voice blew out! They bantered a lot during the show, and were every bit as funny as they are in interviews (Steel Panther gives the best interviews of any band aside from maybe GWAR). Satchel looked very sexy, he's incredibly toned and muscular in person. He licked his guitar at one point (I'm so sorry I don't have footage of it!). Michael Starr got emotional at one point and told Satchel he loved him, to which Satchel said, "Uhhhh, I'm really fond of you, too." LOL


While I was watching the opening band, this mega-hottie walked over to me and introduced himself. He was the total bad boy type -- long blond hair, leather jacket, the works. The type that would give your mother heart palpitations if you brought him home. Of course, he is in a metal band. Because in my head I will always be the gawky ugly girl from middle school, I can hardly believe this is happening to me. I will never get over dating hot rocker guys and having them flirt with me at shows.

"Kid, how old are you?" I asked him.
"I just turned 23."
"Oh! You are 23 years old!"
"Yeah, you must be what, 22?" he asked me.
"That is an AMAZING guess!" I said. It was nowhere near the right guess, but it was an AMAZING guess nonethless! Y'all, I am closer to 30 than to 22. After the show, he took me outside and showed me his motorcycle (that's not a euphemism or anything, he really did have a gorgeous motorcycle). Anyway, here's a photo of us that didn't come out well, but I kinda like it. I think it looks artistic.



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