Jun. 30th, 2013

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There's something to be said for that initial phase of infatuation, when you're taking the first tentative baby-steps into something which might become something with a guy, that all-too-brief phase where he's absolutely infatuated with everything about you. All your mediocrities, all the things about you which you which you are iffy about or think could be improved, and he's glorying in those same things. Everything about you is new and rapturous.

The guy I just started seeing, he was stroking my hair tonight and telling me that I have the most wonderful hair he's ever touched. Y'all, my hair has split ends. I dye it at home with henna. But he can't see any of that. My hair is mine, and that makes it wonderful. He thinks my eyes are beautiful. He thinks my skin is beautiful. We were cuddling under the bower at the Chess House in Central Park, watching the fireflies, and he held me and told me, "You're like a cloud. It's like I'm holding a cloud, you keep changing around the edges, and I just want to hold on. You're so soft and warm. I want to keep holding you."

I hope all y'all get to have those moments, at least once in your life. There's nothing quite like it.


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