Jul. 16th, 2013

transemacabre: (Rose Red)
I attended RAW tonight in Brooklyn and OH BOY do I have feels!

-- I marked out like a maniac to see the Shield AND the Wyatt Family! Holy shit! The Wyatt Family's entrance is so awesome to see live. Of course I was having a religious experience over getting to see Dean, Seth, and Roman in the flesh. And what flesh it is!
-- Ryback and the Brooklyn Brawler had a dark match, and there was actually a little chant going for Brooklyn Brawler. :)
-- RVD was totally like "Go easy on me, Jericho! I just got back last night!"
-- During the segment where Paul Heyman was refusing to answer questions about his betrayal of CM Punk, I said to my friends, "He's acting like they were dating or something." Then when Punky called him out, and Heyman went into his speech, I said, "Wow, they WERE dating."
-- Brock Lesnar's biceps are so huge I could clearly see them from Row 222.
-- Vince McMahon must be so grateful that CM Punk's name sorta sounds like "Cena sucks", so that the commentators can pretend the crowd is chanting for Punky when they were really chanting "Cena sucks".
-- The crowd was really bored during the Orton vs. Fandango match, and you could tell Orton was pissed off.
-- My babies Dolph and AJ broke up! That kiss she gave him when he was down and out was hot in a sick, terrible way. This is the episode of bad breakups: AJ and Dolph, Damien and Cody, and now Heyman and Punky's bitter divorce.


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