transemacabre: (Rose Red)
transemacabre ([personal profile] transemacabre) wrote2014-09-18 11:48 pm

Talking that Frenchy talk

On a comm, there was a request for people to record themselves speaking in their second language. So here's my contribution, a snippet of a poem in French Creole by Pierre Dalcour.

Record and upload voice >>

Found this cool video of Ronda Rousey (Olympic medalist; current UFC Women's champ; also an actress) practicing some moves with Gilbert Melendez (former two-time Lightweight champ in the UFC). Great demonstration of skill. Don't make my mistake and read the Youtube comments, as they will give your eyeballs herpes.

While I'm at it, standing ovation for this excellent bit of Kree world-building fridge horror meta. Puts a whole new spin on Ronan's hateboner for Xandar.

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