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Over on Reddit, Adam Cole (pro wrestler) did an AMA and I asked him a burning question...

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-- I was screaming at my screen, "CENA YOU BASTARD GO BACK FOR ZIGGLER!"

-- Stephanie screaming like her Horcrux was being destroyed.

-- Prediction: Seth Rollins decides to pretend that the last few months didn't happen and shows back up acting like everyone's friend.

-- LOL at Seth's vocal appreciation of the way Luke Harper manhandles Ziggler.

-- Bray Wyatt demanding that Dean "punish" him with the chair... oh LAWD

-- Sting shows up to the Invasion 13 years late.


Nov. 4th, 2014 04:50 pm
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My BF loves him some Rihanna. Loves loves loves her. So yesterday we were talking about the whole situation with Chris Brown and how he kept winning awards and shit.

BF: How did he get away with that? Big Lurch didn't get away with it. [Big Lurch is a rapper who killed and cannibalized a woman while high on PCP]

ME: Yeah, but they found that woman's flesh in Big Lurch's stomach.

BF: So everyone thinks it's okay so long as Chris Brown didn't kill and eat Rihanna?

Pretty much, baby. Pretty much.
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It sounds like we will be getting three different black guys in the next Avengers movie. SPOILERS )

Also, everyone on Tumblr freaking out about Wanda and Pietro being 'neo nazis', CALM YO TITS. If you think Marvel is going to portray two of their superheroes as Neo Nazis, then you are an idiot. Yes, an actual idiot. I always doubt that we have anything to worry about as far as Wanda and Pietro getting screen time; "emotionally unstable, incredibly powerful girl in a co-dependent relationship with overprotective male" is exactly the dynamic that gets Joss Whedon's gears turning.
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This whole "not like other girls" thing that pops up here and there is the speshulest snowflake thing to ever speshul snowflake. It's not like you aren't a carbon-based lifeform like other girls, you were just a tomboy or you like math. These things are well within the usual range of experiences for women the world over. Do you really think that you have some special character or a depth of feeling unknown to any other girl in existence?

"Not like other girls": assuming that everyone else fits 100% into the role society pushed on them and that you and you alone rebelled or felt unsuited for what the world expected of you. There's always a faint whiff of disdain towards traditionally feminine girls, as well. Let me tell you something -- my BFF is the most traditionally feminine girl I know. She bakes, she knits, she loves horses and romance novels. She's also a biologist with a second degree in math. Another friend of mine glories in all things feminine, and she's a military vet who slept with her M-4 on her bedpost. Don't go assuming that because you aren't privy to our secret selves and inner worlds, that we are without them.
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I don't know that much about hockey RPF, but all I want to say is that if this fandom has not yet produced a Blades of Glory AU, then pack it up, it's over. The fandom is a failure.

This has been a public service announcement by moi.
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1. A Black Widow movie GODDAMNIT

2. Chris Evans announces his engagement to [ profile] theladyscribe

3. Spoilers for the upcoming DC movies, like that time WCW spoiled the outcome of the WWF championship match before it happened.

4. They ceremoniously light the Ant-Man footage on fire, promise to do better next time.

5. Movies starring Chris Pine, Chris Tucker, and Chris Jericho.
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There are already people on Tumblr who want to fuck Ultron.

Get me a young priest and an old priest. We have to exorcise Tumblr.

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I don't know what's going on, it must be full moon or something, because the fake geeks are coming out of the woodwork. I'm not hating on anybody if they're not into comics or whatever, but don't go shooting your mouth off, acting like you know something, when the facts are easily Googleable.

Example one: "That would be a snappier answer if Whedon had invented Buffy" (uh, he DID invent Buffy). Scroll down to see this comment.

Example two: "Man, [Wanda and Pietro] weren't even raised by Romani parents, they were raised by Bova and the rest of High Evolutionary's weird animal hybrids after Anya died."

Oh my fucking god. Django and Marya Maximoff absolutely DID raise 616 Pietro and Wanda, and they absolutely were their parents. They were not their parents biologically, that being Magneto and his wife Magda, but they were their parents in every way that counted. They fed them, clothed them, loved them. They were Pietro and Wanda's mom and dad. Bova only took care of them for maybe a few weeks at most after Magda died. They were this old when Django and Marya Maximoff adopted them:

I'm also a-gog at some of the Tumblr people freaking out over Wanda and Pietro's Jewishness being erased in the movies. First of all, we know next to nothing about MCU Wanda and Pietro. All we know is that Aaron Taylor-Johnson's gone on record saying they're Gypsies from Eastern Europe. 616 Wanda and Pietro are not just half-Romani by blood (through Magda) they were raised as Romanies by Django and Marya. More than that, neither of them even knew they were half-Jewish until well into adulthood. They didn't know Magneto was their father! Magda killed herself to cover her tracks and keep the twins from them! 616 Wanda and Pietro are only Jewish by heritage, and that heritage was kept from them for most of their lives. There are better examples of Jewish heroes if you're looking for representation.
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Johnny Gargano has found slash fic of himself and Chuck Taylor.

For the record, if any pro wrestlers ever happen across this lj and read erotic slash fanfic of themselves as written by moi, I am not responsible for any hurt feelings because my fic is always about your character, not you as a person. That being said, if my erotic slash fanfic inspires you to have sex with the co-worker I paired you with, please send me pics. That would be cool. Sincerely, moi.
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I realized I never posted these here, even though I wrote them years ago!

Author: Yours truly.
Characters: America. No pairings.
Genre: Angst (is environmental horror a genre?)
Rating: M for Mature, for possibly disturbing implications and imagery. No violence, adult language, or sexual content.
Warnings: Dark themes, psychological torment, possible eating disorder (warning to be on the safe side). This story was written without political agenda, although I could see how it might be viewed otherwise, and it is not a reflection of my own thoughts or feelings or criticism of any kind. Sometimes art is just art.
Summary: Written for the kink meme; this version is somewhat edited and cleaned up. America is aware of his flaws and the mistakes he has made, but is powerless to stop himself.

Read more... )

This next one is a little hard to classify because it's not exactly fanfic, but not quite a fan poem or filk, either. Think of it as the sort of thing England might've made Colonial America recite to learn his letters.

Title: Alphabet
Characters: England, Colonial America
Rating: T for Teen
Warning: Dark imagery and disturbing themes presented in a whimsical manner

A is for Africa, from which we fetch our slaves )
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Today was the first day of Comic Con, which is also my only day of Comic Con, so I was determined to fit in as much as possible into the one day that I had. I attended two panels with [ profile] theladyscribe: one was about writing diverse characters, and the other was librarians talking about censorship. The first panel was okay, but was more about general "how to start writing", rather than really focusing on writing characters very different from yourself. Four of the panelists went on and on about Google Earth, to the point where I was like, "Is Google paying them to get name-dropped at this thing?" I was expecting the librarian panel to be boring, but it was actually quite interesting. The librarians had their shit together -- they had notes in front of them, they had their points they wanted to make, they had citations -- I like that level of dedication.

I prowled about the vendors and Artists Alley to see all the treasures for sale and take pics of cosplayers, and y'all I MET PETER S. BEAGLE and bought a DVD of The Last Unicorn which he autographed for me in three separate places.

My last NYCC event was the panel for James O'Barr's The Crow, which turned out to be exactly the kind of panel I like: no bullshit, no slides, just James O'Barr hanging out with a few dozen fans and answering questions. He talked about the Crow movie that's in development, and he seems cautiously optimistic; apparently, it's an adaptation of the comic, not a remake of the 1994 movie. They're looking to film in Detroit ("It's a ready-made apocalyptic wasteland") and Tom Waits is interested in appearing as the shopkeeper, Gideon. A fan asked if he'd spoken to Brandon Lee's family about the new movie; O'Barr said that he had spoken to Shannon Lee and that she was understanding. He told us about how Hollywood dicked over Alex Proyas, the director of the 1994 movie, and that most of the songs from the first movie's soundtrack were done as a favor by bands that O'Barr was friendly with (the exception being The Cure). He also declared, "I don't give a damn about Kitty Pryde" when a fan asked him if he read mainstream comics.

Back with cosplay pics later!
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I set for myself the goal of rewatching XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS in it's entirety. XENA was my jam when I was a wee fanthing, and definitely shaped a lot of my id. I'm now three episodes in, so I'll post my recaps.

S1 E1: Sins of the Past )

S1 E2: Chariots of War )

S1 E3: Dreamworker )

In unrelated news, someone make [ profile] theladyscribe write that MCU baseball AU where Tony starts his own minor league team and Bucky is the pitcher who lost an arm so he has to learn how to pitch right-handed. I want to read it but not to write it.
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Your daily dose of Tumblr Stupid: "What kind of nasty able-bodied gaze is necessary to probe that deep into a character’s medical care?"

A) Bucky is A FICTIONAL FUCKING CHARACTER. He is not a real person! You cannot violate the privacy of someone who doesn't exist!

B) You can’t say a mobility/access device breaks someone’s bodily integrity, not even in the context of a failing in medicine to inform the patient. You don’t get to decide what is or isn’t integral or belonging to the body. Oh, fuck you. Why is it the people who scream "ABELISM!" the loudest are always the most abelist cuntfaces imaginable? Bucky was not a 'patient' of HYDRA. He was a prisoner of war and a guinea pig. They did not give him 'medicine'. They grafted a metal arm onto his body to turn him into a killing machine against his will!

C) Disabled people have a right to refuse assistive devices. Bucky was not given a chance to exercise that right. If he went to Tony Stark or T'Challa or whoever and said, "Get this thing off me, remove as much of it as possible," that would be his right. It's also goddamn abelist to presume that a disabled person would of course be happier with an assistive device than without one, even against his will!

D) Can we stop cowering to these people? "Thank you for calling me out! Thank you for not letting me slide!" Grow some balls/ovaries. Anyone who 'calls you out' is not necessarily in the right. Sometimes they are motherfuckers like otterplotter (who is, by the way, according to his own Tumblr, "non-visably disabled." So it's not like he knows anything about having A FUCKING KILLER CYBORG ARM FORCED ON HIM.) These motherfuckers want to see us grovel, see us apologize. They want to suck the joy out of everything, even speculating and writing meta. Filthyyuckystevebucky is so groveling that I half expect him/her to lick otterplotter's taint in gratefulness for being "called out". Have some self respect, jesus fuck.
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Whenever I forget why I hateread Tumblr instead of getting my own, a gem will pop out like a dingleberry from a wildebeest's ass. More often than not, it's some variation on "skinny bitches have it soooo easy so who cares about your skinny bitch tears wah wah" but this one heaps race on top. I just love it when the self-appointed warriors of virtue tell me and people like me to shut the fuck up. My favorite part is the half-hearted way the author shoehorns in "fat women of any other race", as its obvious she could give less of a crap about fat non-black women but is obligated to include them anyway for SJW cred.

Also, on what planet is Nicki Minaj even remotely fat? She weighs like 105 lbs. Her proportions are ideal -- big breasts, tiny waist, huge ass. She is very conventionally attractive. Not only is the standard for skinny unrealistic, so is the standard for fat.

Some GOTG recs while I'm at it:

catch me drinking of your wine by egelantier is post-movie Nebula fic, and it's about her finding messages from Gamora and along the way starting the long, hard road to finding herself. Read it and then go cry.

Probable Cause by manic-intent is set pre-movie, and it's a very plotty fic about Denarian Garthan Saal and Peter Quill taking on a star-spanning crime mystery. It's slash, but my only complaint is that the pairing and the porn seems like an afterthought: it could easily have been a gen fic. Nonethless, it's very well-written.
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Just got back from seeing Guardians of the Galaxy again.

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There's a lot of great IAMA (I am a.... ask me anything) posts on reddit's IAMA community, but one of the most unusual and fun to read is the one about the white American guy who chucked it all and moved to Uganda to make cannibal/zombie action movies in the fledgling Ugandan film industry. It's the kind of thing you just can't make up. Also, the main director he works with (Nabwana IGG) is totally down with other foreigners coming to Wakaliwood to be in his movies. [ profile] theladyscribe, you wanna get some plane tickets and go be action stars in Uganda?

Thanks to the aforementioned Scribe of Ladies, I now have an A03 account! There's nothing there yet because I used it purely to make Yuletide nominations, but I will put something up there soon-ish.

One of my co-workers ran into Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica from True Blood) today here in NYC, and reported that she had blonde hair (for her role as Karen Page on the Daredevil series?!). According to her, Deborah is super-duper nice and quite tall, like 5'10.
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I just discovered there's a video for Mickey Avalon's song "I'm Hot", and more importantly, I discovered that the video is Mickey dancing on stage in a strip club and giving a woman a lap dance while she stuffs money in his jeans.


Giffed for your enjoyment.

The video dates from two years ago, so it may or may not predate Magic Mike, which is the only thing I can think of with male strippers. It's surprising how something so simple can still be a little shocking. There's sexy girls dancing with him on stage, but Mickey is the stripper; he's the one grinding for money, he's the one giving the camera come-hither looks, he's the one getting felt up.

One day I want to write an essay about the male response to Mickey Avalon based entirely on Youtube comments. My boyfriend is the one who introduced me to Mickey, and he told me, "On Youtube, every other comment is from a dude saying 'He's a fag, he's a fag, he's a fag!'". There is something about Mickey that freaks them the fuck out. I seriously think it's because Mickey is so open about whoring himself but also being into girls, and in music videos he presents himself as a sex object, so even though a lot of his lyrics put him squarely into the "take ya home and fuck ya twice guy" braggadocio category, guys still find him threatening. Between raps about sexing up ladies, Mickey will casually mention "truckers get my number off the stalls at rest stops" and his male porn star buddies. The audience is never able to let their guard down entirely (and yet they still seek out his videos. Hmm.)
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My man-creature thinks that I should have names for my kenpo moves, like how pro wrestlers name their finishing moves (or, if you're a nerd, kinda like how anime characters will call their attacks). He suggested that the triangle choke should be The Morrissey, after the lyrics "Smother me mother" from one of Morrissey's songs. I think I'll name my other moves after punk bands.

Finger rake to the eyes = Stiff Little Fingers
Hammerfist = Minor Threat
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On a comm, there was a request for people to record themselves speaking in their second language. So here's my contribution, a snippet of a poem in French Creole by Pierre Dalcour.

Record and upload voice >>

Found this cool video of Ronda Rousey (Olympic medalist; current UFC Women's champ; also an actress) practicing some moves with Gilbert Melendez (former two-time Lightweight champ in the UFC). Great demonstration of skill. Don't make my mistake and read the Youtube comments, as they will give your eyeballs herpes.

While I'm at it, standing ovation for this excellent bit of Kree world-building fridge horror meta. Puts a whole new spin on Ronan's hateboner for Xandar.


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