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Birthdate:Dec 6
Location:Elmhurst, New York, United States of America
Twiggy welcomes you to my eljay

Things You Will Not Find Discussed on This LJ:
1. The Japanese language.
2. Any TV show that's not OZ or Samurai Champloo. Yes, including that one. And that one. No, I've never seen an episode of that one either and don't care to.
3. My vagina.
4. Your vagina.
5. Jebus.
6. Anime other than Samurai Champloo.
7. Furries.
8. Warren Ellis.
9. Celebrities.
... there's probably more. I will probably add to this list later. This is a VERY fannish lj, and you will see next-to-nothing about my private life. I am also GAY-FRIENDLY and SLASH FRIENDLY. Still want to friend me? Read the following:

All right, folks. This shouldn't have to be as hard as has been. So, because lately I've been having trouble with some folks on my flist, here's the lowdown on my FRIENDING POLICY.

If you want to friend my journal, that's great. THUMBS UP. Go right ahead, you don't have to ask me. But please be aware that if you friend me, I will READ YOUR LJ and I may, from time to time, be compelled to REPLY to your posts. I know, duh, right? But I've had some problems with a couple of folks recently who are shocked, SHOCKED I say, that I dare to read and comment on their LJs -- even though they friended me first. So there ya go. Friend me, it's all good, but I will read and may reply to your posts. Tamam? Tamam.

Policy on TRIGGER WARNINGS: In my fanfic, I will warn for all common triggers, including: Rape/non-con, dubcon, sexual abuse and pedophilia, sexual situations, suicide, self-harm (eating disorders, cutting, etc.), gore, violence, drug use, slurs and other hate speech. If the situation calls for it, I may warn for additional things like miscarriage. I will not warn for pregnancy or things like snakes and insects. If you cannot handle creepy-crawlies or pregnancy, consider yourself warned here and now. My fics have been given a basic rating to specify which is their target age group. Most of my fic is suitable only for adults. Some of my older fic was written before adding trigger warnings was common and may not have warnings yet. Read at your own discretion.

ALSO: I am not your internets therapist. This is my happy place. I will not friend people who discuss their eating disorders, cutting, or other self-harm. It's your lj, post what you want, but I have to take care of ME first and foremost and I will not subject myself to that. These are my boundaries.
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