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Just got back from seeing Guardians of the Galaxy again.

1. When Gamora objects to Ronan sending Nebula to Xandar after the Orb, it's on the grounds that she (Gamora) knows Xandar, and Nebula doesn't. What would a daughter of Thanos have been doing on Xandar? Did she assassinate someone there in the past? Or does Gamora's familiarity with Xandar pre-date Thanos, dating back to her childhood with her real parents?

2. Ronan totally didn't realize Gamora had betrayed him. When he's talking to The Other, Ronan says that Gamora got herself captured, but she may yet escape the Kyln and bring the Orb with her. It's The Other who tells him his contact inside the Kyln reported that Gamora had other plans for the Orb. This brings up some interesting points: (A) There's someone in the Kyln spying on behalf of Thanos; (B) this person does not report to Ronan, or he would've known that Gamora betrayed him.

3. I'm 99.9% certain that I saw a tiny flag of Missouri on the hospital desk next to bb!Peter when he's listening to his walkman. There's also a portrait of President Reagan on the wall.

4. When the other prisoners capture Gamora, it's a guard who tells them to finish her off in the showers! He's wearing a blue guard's shirt! Proof that at least some of the Nova officers are as corrupt as Rocket claims they are.

5. There's lots of little reaction shots from Nebula in every scene with Ronan and/or Thanos. She's always listening, thinking, and reacting, even when she doesn't vocalize.

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