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BIG SPOILERS if you haven't watched any promos or live under a rock or something and don't know anything about Cesare and Lucrezia Borgia.

Fictional incest this way... )

OH LAWD! It looks like they are going there. As approximately 90% of The Borgias fanbase is only watching the show in rapt anticipation of the day when Cesare and Lucrezia finally do it, the reaction from fans has been equal parts gloating and joyous weeping. Can I get an amen?

(His breathy whisper of "At last" as they go to kiss gets me, hard.)
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Well, Avengers: The Children's Crusade (starring the Young Avengers, plus Magneto and Quicksilver) has turned out to be...

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Why yes, I ship Doctor Doom in a het pairing, thanks to Doctor Doom and the Masters of Evil. And when I saw this prompt over on [ profile] marvelkink_v2, I knew only two people on the internet would dare to fill it, and Paul Tobin doesn't keep a livejournal as far as I know. So you get me instead.

Title: Incarnation of Temptation
Rating: T for Teen
Pairing: Doctor Doom/Princess Python
Summary: Post-mini series, Doom requests the pleasure of Python's company at a ball in Latveria.

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I dunno how frequently I'll be online after this Thursday, as I'm going to be building houses for poor people in New Orleans and I don't yet know how much internetin' I'll be doing.

Hushed My Voice (ASOIAF, Theon/Cat, prompt: breastfeeding/pregnancy)

Kiss Me, Kate (Marvel Rare Pairs, Clint/Kate or Hawkeye Squared)
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Night before last, I had a dream that Phil Urich (the not-evil Green Goblin) and Mattie Franklin (Spider-Woman III) fell madly in love. See, this is what reading "Loners" has done to me already. It's brought on an attack of het!


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