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Because I love shit like this, I posted my predictions about what an active fandom for the Plantagenet dynasty of medieval England would look like, in some alternate universe in which history!fandom is a thing. For those who don't wanna go to FFA, here's the meat of the post:

Henry II: Popular with shippers, either with Eleanor or Thomas, with a small but vocal Rosamund contingent.
Richard I: Almost entirely slash, mostly with Philippe II, Saladin, insert-random-troubadour-here, or one of his brothers. Rough trade/sexual predator characterization.
John: Totally gets the Loki/Draco in Leather Pants treatment. Actually, I could easily see his entire character being taken wholesale from fanon!Loki.
Henry III: Ignored.
Edward I: Portrayed as The Devil. In some particularly OTT fics he may even sexually abuse his son/Gaveston/both/everybody.
Edward II: TONS OF FIX-IT FIC. Anything that isn't fix-it fic is coffee shop or university AUs where he and Gaveston get their happy ending. Despenser will be largely ignored and you will never see fic about his other 'favorites'. The Isabella/Roger Mortimer shippers will be the Harmoanians of the fandom.
Edward III: Will either be written as guilt-ridden over the death of his father, or as a psychopath. There are no popular ships for him although some will fangirl or fanboy his wife Philippa.
Richard II: So ~sensitive and ~romantic and ~misunderstood. Fic will be similar in flavor to E2, but with fewer happy endings and more pretentiousness. Most likely to be written as trans*.
Henry IV: Passionate H4/R2 shipper crew. He will be written as more sympathically guilt-ridden than E3.
Henry V: Died young and left a good-looking corpse, and will probably have a healthy fandom that will ignore all the asshole stuff he did. Will be widely OT3d with Katherine and Owen Tudor.
Henry VI: No fandom to speak of.
Edward IV: He and Elizabeth will be a popular het pairings. Will also be shipped with his brother.
Richard III: Woobie.
Henry VII: (Not a Plantagenet but whatevs). Disliked.
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An Eaglets fic, starring John and Richard and a certain lady. Sexual situations.

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A little ficlet, Far Greater staring a young Eleanor of Aquitaine.

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