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I can't believe I actually had to explain to someone on FFA that Sebastian Stan is not a character, but an actual human being, during a discussion about SebStan's fanbrats calling him things like "Romanian trash" and suchlike on his instagram. WTF. Either they have no idea what they're talking about, or their grasp of reality is so shaky that they can no long comprehend the difference between an actor and the character he plays.

Is anyone attending Special Edition: New York con on the 14th-15th? I will be there working part of both days, but I will have some free time and we can go see some panels. There will be a lot of creators there, so this is a great opportunity to get some stuff signed.
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All y'all know y'all jealous of my brand-new Poison Ivy Converse sneakers -- it's MY BIRTHDAY.


/flicks hair over shoulder
/struts off
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Got to see Steel Panther in concert last night at Irving Plaza, and they blew the roof off the place! It was so much fun, just as I'd hoped it'd be. My ex opened for them a few years ago, and had only good things to say about the experience, so I was hyped up. I have never danced so much during a show! I sang along with every song until my voice blew out! They bantered a lot during the show, and were every bit as funny as they are in interviews (Steel Panther gives the best interviews of any band aside from maybe GWAR). Satchel looked very sexy, he's incredibly toned and muscular in person. He licked his guitar at one point (I'm so sorry I don't have footage of it!). Michael Starr got emotional at one point and told Satchel he loved him, to which Satchel said, "Uhhhh, I'm really fond of you, too." LOL


While I was watching the opening band, this mega-hottie walked over to me and introduced himself. He was the total bad boy type -- long blond hair, leather jacket, the works. The type that would give your mother heart palpitations if you brought him home. Of course, he is in a metal band. Because in my head I will always be the gawky ugly girl from middle school, I can hardly believe this is happening to me. I will never get over dating hot rocker guys and having them flirt with me at shows.

"Kid, how old are you?" I asked him.
"I just turned 23."
"Oh! You are 23 years old!"
"Yeah, you must be what, 22?" he asked me.
"That is an AMAZING guess!" I said. It was nowhere near the right guess, but it was an AMAZING guess nonethless! Y'all, I am closer to 30 than to 22. After the show, he took me outside and showed me his motorcycle (that's not a euphemism or anything, he really did have a gorgeous motorcycle). Anyway, here's a photo of us that didn't come out well, but I kinda like it. I think it looks artistic.

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GUY AT BAR LAST NIGHT: Are you into Soundgarden? Chris Cornell?
ME: My ex was obsessed with Chris Cornell.
GUY: Really? Like, sexually? That's weird.
ME: Yeah, but he's bisexual so its not as weird as it might otherwise have been.
GUY: He's a good-looking guy.
ME: That he is.
GUY: You're hotter than Chris Cornell.
ME: Thanks. I don't think I'm hotter than Jared Leto, though.
GUY: Maybe not. But Jared Leto is only like 5'4.
ME: Really? At least I'm better than him at something.
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Just got home from the concert in Huntington, NY! Some observations:

1. Opening act was The Pretty Reckless, who were actually okay. The frontwoman is apparently someone famous, but since I haven't watched TV regularly in several years, I got no clue what she's famous for. She was about the size of my pinky finger, and as any of my flisties who've met me in person can attest, I am about as big around as the average American's wrist, so you can imagine how tiny she was.

2. Manson looked fabulous. He was not fat at all, and trust me, I was looking. No, he is not heroin thin AntiChrist Superstar-era Manson, but for a 43-year-old man, I think he's in good shape. He should fire his wardrobe person though, as they dressed him in this kind of frilly jacket thing with about three layers, which makes him look puffier than he is.

3. Manson sounded fabulous. This surprised me, because you can clearly tell how years of singing plus substance abuse have done to his voice on the albums. I was expecting his voice to be shot. While he's not as powerful as he was 20 some odd years ago, he still sang his ASS OFF.

4. Twiggy looked fetching in his dress. I was in the third row, so I was only about 20 feet away from him for most of the show. He was very animated, mouthing along to the lyrics in "Antichrist Superstar" and bouncing around on the stage and doing his "Twiggyisms", which are odd sort of jerky moves that probably look cool in his head, but look adorkable in real life. Fred was on the other side of the stage, so I couldn't see much of him, but I yelled "We love you Twiggy! We love you Fred!" anyway.

5. No Marilyn-on-Twiggy molestation this concert, but they had several cute moments. Marilyn used the micstand to mime a fishing rod and pretended to reel Twiggy in. <3 During "Personal Jesus", when he got to the lyric "Someone to hear your prayers, someone who cares", Marilyn grabbed ahold of Twiggy and gave him this INTENSE LOOK and it was like WHOA.

6. During "Disposable Teens", some girl behind me grabbed me by the skirt and humped me. She then fled the scene before I could defend my honor.

7. Marilyn threw a bunch of water bottles into the crowd. I saw Twiggy throw at least one pick, and after the show Jason threw his drumsticks into the crowd, but alas I caught none of them. :(

8. Someone threw a cup of beer and so my hair smells like beer. I saw several cups flung onstage, but as they were all plastic no one was hurt. Manson, Twiggy, and Fred stayed professional and simply ignored them.

9. Manson seemed completely sober and was chatty, which was nice since I don't like it when a band trudges out, plays a bunch of songs, then shuffles off stage, like Tool did when I saw them back in January.

10. Marilyn blew kisses at us at the end!
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I dumped my boyfriend last night. It hurt a lot but I will be all right. I made it through every other night of my life without him before seven months ago, and I will make it through the rest of my life without him from now on. [ profile] redcandle17 sent me a lovely LJ gift, a red rose. I could've cried, I thought it was so sweet of her.

I got a Targaryen pendant from the HBO store in NYC and I haven't taken it off yet. It's warm from my skin.

Today I saw Thor, and the hype is not for nothing. It draws you away from this world for a couple of hours into a beautiful and epic world of its own, and that is what I needed today. It is much more faithful to the comics than I thought it would be, and the characters (especially Loki, who may be the most complex Marvel movie villain to date, along with Magneto) are given great psychological depth. And yes, it's very slashy and shippy and there's already a kink meme at [ profile] norsekink!

A concern

Mar. 14th, 2011 02:35 am
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I've seen this sort of sentiment in various fannish places, but most recently and most persistently on [ profile] fandomsecrets, a number of statements that all follow a set pattern:

I know that as a bisexual/POC/disabled/bipolar/whatever person, I should like X, but secretly I don't...

I think most recently I've seen this on FS as "I know that since I'm bipolar, I'm supposed to like Emilie Autumn, but I can't stand her." Now quite apart from whether or not you happen to like EA (I adore her music, and consider myself a fan; that doesn't mean I approve of everything she says or does), I'm completely befuddled by this idea that there's anything that we're supposed to like or appreciate, based on whatever feature or circumstance in our lives, just because SOME people who happen to share that feature or circumstance like that particular thing.

I mean, so far as I'm aware, there's no manual on how to be a 'proper' bisexual, or an exam you must pass on what it takes to be a 'real woman', or anything of that ilk. Where did this concept even come from, of feeling inadequate because you don't like X, Y, or Z? Shouldn't we have the power and the freedom to fucking like something or not? Isn't that part of being a fully realized person, to make your own choices and judge something for yourself? There's still not, to the best of my knowledge, some foaming-at-the-mouth fannish militia composed of crazies going door-to-door beating up people for not liking the 'right' things (honestly, they're all too busy dating Snape on the astral plane). There's no manifesto on how to be a POC/asexual/deaf/etc. in fandom, and it'd be spectacularly presumptuous of someone to write one and think they speak for everyone. I think what makes me saddest in the FS examples is that the secret-makers obviously feel bad enough about it to want to keep their feelings secret, but inadequate enough about it to need to express those feelings, somehow.

It makes me think of something I see everyday, more so now that I've been living in NYC: women who seem hesitant to make a STATEMENT about anything, so that while talking about even the most inane subjects, they must pitch their sentences to make a statement sound like a question. "So I went to the store~? And I bought some milk~? And Tom called me~? And was like shocked~?" It's like they're waiting for the universe to agree with them, to tell them what they're saying is correct, when all they're doing is just making a simple sentence about their day! It's okay to make something into a statement. It's okay to just plain not like Emilie Autumn, if that's your prerogative, and it's okay to be bipolar and not like EA. There's no list of requirements you have to fulfil! Like something or don't like it, or be 'meh' about it, it's fine, but don't let it eat you up!
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1. Holy shit, strippers earn every dime they make and THEN SOME. That class kicked my ass, and it was an intro class. We learned a little floor work, two spins (fireman's spin and ballerina spin, both demonstrated competantly if unsexily on Youtube) and also how to undulate down the pole until you're lying on your back on the floor, which is loads of fun, incredibly sexy, and ridiculously challenging to do. For realz, I will NEVER look down on strippers who do intricate pole work. I have a dance background (ballet, jazz, bellydancing) and that's the only thing that saved me in this class.

2. Maybe I'll finally get those cut upper arms I've been dying for since like 2004.

3. CRAP, that metal pole burns when you try to slide down it! We learned how to hook our foot and hang onto the pole with our knees, and OWWWW. The instructor told us you get used to it quickly, and she's right -- even by the end of the class it was better, but the first time it feels like the hide's being rubbed off you is almost enough to make you quit in the first ten minutes.

4. There's a real art to the transitions between tricks, when you're doing floor work or getting back up for another twirl on the pole without looking robotic or stilted. Real strippers, who do this for an entire show in heels while also removing clothing, make it look easy, but that's the thing about any art form -- the experts make it look easy when its not.

5. My ridiculously gorgeous and intimidatingly buff instructor has only been pole dancing for FOUR YEARS. She said she's studied dance for years before that, but holy shit, if she can become an expert in four years, surely to God I can at least become competent.
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Awwww~! No, that's not my boyfriend, but this song was made for me.

"Jessica" by Eric-Christian Alexander.

In other news, I bought a copy of Danzig Baldaev's Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopedia, Vol. I, so if anyone needs information about those tattoos for fannish purposes, lemme know and I'll do my best to look it up for you.
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I have a crazed Israeli boss named Itzik. This is a small sampling of ridiculous crap he's either told me or I've overheard him say.

Firstly, everything Itzik says is in ALL CAPS.



Sometimes he lectures me about things... that I'm not sure why he's lecturing me about them.

Me: "Um, okay. I'll keep this in mind."

His attempts to show concern are laudable, yet strangely laughable.

Me: "You don't pay me enough for me to do cocaine."
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[ profile] caia_comica and I attended the Archie Meets the Punisher showing of Superheroes Who Are Super last night, which is a live word-for-word performance of comic books. It was amazingly HILARIOUS and AWESOME! I thought Caia and I would hurt ourselves laughing. And and and! After the show, I met the Punisher (Ray Fallon)! And I have a photo to prove it!


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Yesterday I got to go to The Franklin in Philly with [ profile] caia_comica and her friends Rachel and Maria, which was killer fun, but sadly I didn't get to spend nearly enough time flirting hanging with Caia and the girls. My team had to leave to have dinner with some associates, and on our way we were nearly run over by a CBS@3 anchorwoman's SUV. Good times.
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I had this amazingly detailed dream last night that Hank Pym and his daughter, who for some reason was Laurie from Watchmen, were rescuing survivors from New York City after a zombie apocalypse. There were intense scenes of Laurie fighting her way out of a skyscraper while fending off the undead. I'm not sure what this means for my psyche.


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