Aug. 12th, 2014

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There's a reason I hateread Tumblr and don't have one of my own -- because I would be picking fights all damn day long, and I have a real life, a job, and gentlemen admirers. I ain't got time for that shit.

Black dude makes a vine asking why it's wrong for white people to make racial jokes. Tumblr responds by calling him a coon. For fucking real, I don't even necessarily agree with the black dude's point, but calling him a coon?! I bet you ten bucks the SJWs calling him that are white. It's amazing to me how many racist terms have made a come-back on Tumblr among SJWs. I grew up in Mississippi and I never heard anyone called that. Don't get me wrong, I heard some racist shit growing up, but 'coon' was from some other era; it's something a white overseer on Roots would've called slaves. Tumblr has saved 'coon' from the dustbin of history and put it to work for it's intended purpose: to belittle black people who they don't like. Great job, Tumblr.

The next example is a bit more nuanced. Tumblrite Desidere has taken MedievalPOC/Girljanitor to task for being a liar, a fraud, and an all-around horrible human being. It's nice to see someone fighting the good fight against MPOC, especially as Desidere is herself Chicana and therefore MPOC can't silence her by calling her a racist. Thing is, I went to check out Desidere's tumblr to see what's she's all about, and every other post on that thing is about white people. "White people this", "white people that", lol white people, white people ~feelings, interspersed with a kitty gif. I went back 9 pages on her tumblr, which is going back, uh, 4 days or so, and I think I saw one post about Chicano/Latino culture. She is so focused on white people that it skeeves me the fuck out. I'm white and I don't think about white people as much as Desidere does. Is there seriously nothing else going on in her life? Get a hobby or something.


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