Oct. 8th, 2014

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Your daily dose of Tumblr Stupid: "What kind of nasty able-bodied gaze is necessary to probe that deep into a character’s medical care?"

A) Bucky is A FICTIONAL FUCKING CHARACTER. He is not a real person! You cannot violate the privacy of someone who doesn't exist!

B) You can’t say a mobility/access device breaks someone’s bodily integrity, not even in the context of a failing in medicine to inform the patient. You don’t get to decide what is or isn’t integral or belonging to the body. Oh, fuck you. Why is it the people who scream "ABELISM!" the loudest are always the most abelist cuntfaces imaginable? Bucky was not a 'patient' of HYDRA. He was a prisoner of war and a guinea pig. They did not give him 'medicine'. They grafted a metal arm onto his body to turn him into a killing machine against his will!

C) Disabled people have a right to refuse assistive devices. Bucky was not given a chance to exercise that right. If he went to Tony Stark or T'Challa or whoever and said, "Get this thing off me, remove as much of it as possible," that would be his right. It's also goddamn abelist to presume that a disabled person would of course be happier with an assistive device than without one, even against his will!

D) Can we stop cowering to these people? "Thank you for calling me out! Thank you for not letting me slide!" Grow some balls/ovaries. Anyone who 'calls you out' is not necessarily in the right. Sometimes they are motherfuckers like otterplotter (who is, by the way, according to his own Tumblr, "non-visably disabled." So it's not like he knows anything about having A FUCKING KILLER CYBORG ARM FORCED ON HIM.) These motherfuckers want to see us grovel, see us apologize. They want to suck the joy out of everything, even speculating and writing meta. Filthyyuckystevebucky is so groveling that I half expect him/her to lick otterplotter's taint in gratefulness for being "called out". Have some self respect, jesus fuck.
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I set for myself the goal of rewatching XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS in it's entirety. XENA was my jam when I was a wee fanthing, and definitely shaped a lot of my id. I'm now three episodes in, so I'll post my recaps.

S1 E1: Sins of the Past )

S1 E2: Chariots of War )

S1 E3: Dreamworker )

In unrelated news, someone make [livejournal.com profile] theladyscribe write that MCU baseball AU where Tony starts his own minor league team and Bucky is the pitcher who lost an arm so he has to learn how to pitch right-handed. I want to read it but not to write it.


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