Aug. 24th, 2013

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1. This movie is the best sort of scifi, which is to say its less about the gadgets and CGI and more about contemporary issues blown up large on the big screen: the widening gap between the haves and have-nots, access to health care, and the exploitation of workers by corporations.

2. Basically every heroic/semi-heroic/neutral character is Latino (even Matt Damon's character is clearly intended to be a white Latino/Brazilian). And the black guy lives at the end.

3. This is what Social Justice rhetoric would produce if Social Justice Warriors were not stupid, misguided, and also useless.

4. Diego Luna is beautiful and perfect.

5. Sharlto Copley is apocalyptically scary!

6. Nails that "ten minutes into the future" vibe.

7. The movie assumes the audience possesses enough intelligence and attention span to comprehend a movie that's 3/4ths in English, 1/4th in Spanish/French/smattering of Afrikaans.

8. Diego Luna's Julio and Matt Damon's Max are very slashable (I'm waiting, slashers!)

9. Several VERY good action scenes, jump scares, and genuine tension, as well as some decent twists.

10. Despite the break-neck pace, the movie actually develops all the characters, including the supporting ones like Kruger's cronies and Spider, allowing them to have depth, flaws, and ethical dilemas.


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