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Whenever I forget why I hateread Tumblr instead of getting my own, a gem will pop out like a dingleberry from a wildebeest's ass. More often than not, it's some variation on "skinny bitches have it soooo easy so who cares about your skinny bitch tears wah wah" but this one heaps race on top. I just love it when the self-appointed warriors of virtue tell me and people like me to shut the fuck up. My favorite part is the half-hearted way the author shoehorns in "fat women of any other race", as its obvious she could give less of a crap about fat non-black women but is obligated to include them anyway for SJW cred.

Also, on what planet is Nicki Minaj even remotely fat? She weighs like 105 lbs. Her proportions are ideal -- big breasts, tiny waist, huge ass. She is very conventionally attractive. Not only is the standard for skinny unrealistic, so is the standard for fat.

Some GOTG recs while I'm at it:

catch me drinking of your wine by egelantier is post-movie Nebula fic, and it's about her finding messages from Gamora and along the way starting the long, hard road to finding herself. Read it and then go cry.

Probable Cause by manic-intent is set pre-movie, and it's a very plotty fic about Denarian Garthan Saal and Peter Quill taking on a star-spanning crime mystery. It's slash, but my only complaint is that the pairing and the porn seems like an afterthought: it could easily have been a gen fic. Nonethless, it's very well-written.
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While everybody was lolzing at Dashcon's stunning display of incompetence, the Welcome to Night Vale fandom was running a ficcer out of town in a vicious and grudgy witch hunt.

sodomquake, a ficcer and official WTNV contributor, was subject to a witch hunt based on her having written some non-con fic that featured (sometimes, not always) underage characters. Deets on her fic ) She was doxxed and forced to delete her fic and tumblr out of fear of losing her RL job as an educator (of college students, not little kids, before anyone starts clutching their pearls).

This kind of shit is why I'm so cagey about what I do when I meet fannish people IRL. Several times at meet-ups people have asked me where I work and I give them an uneasy smile and change the subject. Ain't no way I'm trusting any of y'all not to be bitchy grudgewankers the first time we have a disagreement about your thoughts on yaoi or what-the-fuck-ever. The first time I heard about doxxing was like 12 years ago in X-Men fandom -- we just didn't call it that then -- it's been going on that long.

Anyway, [ profile] theladyscribe and I had an interesting talk about what in their writing gives it away that a ficcer is British, American, or Australian. There's been a big influx of British/Australian writers into Captain America fandom and oh boy is it obvious. It's not just vocabulary that's a giveway like calling an apartment a "flat" or saying that Steve and Bucky grew up on a "council estate", there's also grammatical structures, especially in dialogue, that clue me in that the author is British. For example: dialogue like "Oh, so you'd like to join me for dinner, then?" There's a tendency to British ficcers in particular not to write blunt, direct sentences. They like to front-and-back-load dialogue with fillers like 'then', 'so', 'perhaps', 'quite', etc. It sticks out especially when the characters in canon don't structure their dialogue anything like this.

Americans also have a tendency when speaking in a slang manner to drop some constructions like simple present tenses. "Where we going?" as opposed to "Where are we going?" British/Australians seem to do this less.

And every time I write a post about ameripicking, there's always some blithe soul who pipes up with "I'm American and I use those Britishicisms in daily life!" Bitch, am I writing the fucking fanfic about you?
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Finally we get a clear look at Lee Pace as one of the baddies from the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy!


BTW, this means both of Crystal's husbands are now in the MCU -- Pietro/Quicksilver in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Ronan in Guardians of the Galaxy. Obviously we need an Inhumans movie so we can have a Crystal! Or hell, just give Crystal her own movie. I'm down. Who's with me?!

Chris Pratt (Peter Quill/Star-lord) is so cute on Twitter, retweeting fans' Star-lord fanart and talking up how great Batista and his other co-stars are. They seem like such a great cast. And of course Chris Evans is in love with Pratt, too. I can't wait for a press tour.

On a completely unrelated note, the revelation that the Game of Thrones showrunners offered the Yara (aka Asha of book canon) role to Lily Allen, Alfie Allen (Theon)'s real-life sister, just solidifies for me the vileness of those producers. Don't get me wrong, I can kink on fictional incest. But there's something so wrong about offering a part to an actress just so she can get felt up by her own brother for chuckles. Fuckin' gross.
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Merry Christmas, y'all!

So it seems its confirmed that Baron von Strucker will be sharing big bad duty in the second Avengers flick with Ultron. I am assuming he will have commandeered HYDRA after the Red Skull's apparent demise in the first Captain America. He's a little bit of an odd choice -- I would've thought Strucker would be saved for a Cap movie -- but then I remembered Wanda and Pietro are gonna be introduced in this movie and a terrible suspicion came upon me.

A terrible, vile suspicion.

A terrible, vile, horrifying suspicion.

So in the comics Wanda and Pietro's pop is Magneto, and it's kind of a big deal, if you know anything about their characters. Thing is, dear old dad is the property of Fox, which will continue churning out X-Men movies until the heat death of the universe, so there's no way Marvel Studios is getting its hands on Magneto any time soon. So instead Whedon picks out this megalomaniacal European nobleman villain with a set of mutant boy/girl twins of his own to be co-antagonist of the next Avengers movie...

I think Whedon is going to merge Wanda and Pietro with the Fenris twins and substitute Baron von Strucker for their father in place of Magneto. You heard it here first kids.
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I should have skin as thick as steel-reinforced concrete by now, but still I am disappointed in the cattiness I see in fannish circles, including lj and tumblr. It pisses me off ridiculously because, let's face it, fandom is predominantly a female space, and yet a lot of the catty, shaming, jealous comments are coming FROM women AT women. There's a lot of lip service paid to the idea of being feminist, not body or slut-shaming other women, and 'girl power', but often the women getting the most static are the most accomplished, independent, and outspoken women.

You might think that fandom would embrace someone like Kate Upton, who's not only beautiful and a successful model, but also looks like she eats on a regular basis and isn't afraid to call out bullshit when she sees it. But on ONTD all I see when a post about her shows up is snippy little comments about her weight, attractiveness, or implications that she should "know her place". Are y'all for fucking REAL? I've also seen a lot of troubling comments about Zoe Saldana, that she's not "black enough" or whatever. Like there is some World Authority on Blackness sending down mandates from on high.

Other case is that of Sam Taylor-Wood, accomplished director and photographer, and her husband, actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson, best known for playing the titular role in the Kickass series. He's 23 years younger than her, and the fanbrats are forever saying that he's going to leave her any minute, that Sam is too old/haggard/ugly for him, all sorts of nasty things. Look, obviously Aaron loves her. They're married, they have two kids together, and he took her last name for fuck's sake. You know what, I hope those two stay together FOREVER. I hope, of all the celebrity marriages, those two go the distance and fanbrats everywhere scream into their pillows in frustration that Aaron goes home to Sam every night.
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I read a fic recently where Bruce Banner thought of a napkin as a 'serviette', and this came to mind. There's been a backlash over Americanisms in British fandoms, notably Harry Potter; there's websites and lj comms devoted to helping Americans British better in their fics. But there's sadly little on the reverse.

The thing is, Bruce Banner is astoundingly unlikely to use such a distinctively un-American word for something as everyday as a napkin. Even I only know what a serviette is because I read a Britpicking website, and I can wax lyrical on the history of huscarls for fuck's sake. Bobby Drake is even less like to use the word 'Bloody' in the typical British manner. But I'm American and I spell everything with extra 'u's and go 'Pip pip, guvnah!', you cry. Listen up, fanpoodle. Just because you're such a Britophile that when you sneeze The Doctor feels a light breeze caress his left testicle, does not mean that Bruce Banner and Bobby Drake are the same way.
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Yes, ladies and gentlenerds, that is a prompt on norsekink with a trigger warning for VILLAIN LOKI.

Trigger warning. Must I repeat it? There is someone out there warning for Villain Loki, because presumably somebody else might be triggered by this concept! What freaking movie did these people see? Who out there is having an attack of the vapors over the idea that Loki might be a villain?

Woobie Loki who tried to commit genocide? Woobie Loki who implictly threatened to do something Not Nice to Jane Foster? Woobie Loki who lied to his brother about their father being dead? Woobie Loki who is invading the earth realm in the next movie?

THAT Loki? You mean to tell me he's the bad guy?! Perish the thought! My world is crumbling around me at this revelation! All I have lived for is lies! Oh, the humanity! Oh, the insanity!

What madness is this! Odin have mercy on us all!
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Y'know, I'd have more regard for the Social Justice Warrior crew on LJ and in fandom if I didn't keep catching them saying fucked up shit about people in interracial relationships. Because... wow. Is this what people mean when they talk about "hipster racism"? I've come across SJWs saying that a white person in an IR relationship with a black person must have some kind of sick sexual fetish (because of course no white person would fall in love with a black person because of his or her personal merits! Perish the thought!). And of course, a black person loving a white person has been corrupted by The Man, and has only attached themselves to the whitey because of their own self-hatred and disdain for their own race (therefore robbing any black person who's ever been in an IR relationship of their agency and right to make their own decisions as a responsible adult).

This manages the rare feat of being incredibly insulting to both white AND black people! And mixed people, for that matter, who I'm sure have been sitting on PINS AND NEEDLES to hear a Sociology 101 graduate tell them how their parents' relationships are based on fetishization of race. Not to mention what I've seen said or implied about Mestee/MGM (multi-generationally mixed) people like yours truly, who have our own deeply complex histories -- but none of that matters because we have "passing priviledge"... which is truly like missing the forest for the trees. My ancestors didn't do passeblanc for the LULZ, but because they lived in Mississippi in one of the most racist societies that has ever existed on planet Earth. I will NEVER judge them for their choices. They did what they thought was best at the time.

Sometimes, I think what I've seen on LJ is more upsetting than the blatant racism I've encountered in person from redneck good ol' boys -- because at least the good 'ol boys never claimed to be on my side.

Allow me to quote one particularly nauseating example of what I'm talking about. A white guy posted his concerns about his dad's less-than-welcoming of his black girlfriend, and this poster (who's username I am not going to reveal to protect the dumbass) had this to say to him:

It sounds to me like you are pretty young, and you are really in to the idea of having a black girlfriend. My impression is that it makes you feel extra hip, edgy, and progressive. And writing up this drama for yourself where your dad is a huge racist makes the whole thing feel even more important and righteous. It's you against the man, man! [...] Her race isn't your story. You are an ally, but it doesn't become your fight by virtue of some kind of sexual osmosis. And a girlfriend isn't a fashion accessory or an Obama bumper sticker.

Oh, wow! What a string of assumptions. First of all, the white guy said he's in a long-term relationship with his lady love, so it's hardly a screw 'em and leave 'em disposable relationship. If he's pissy at his dad for not being nice to her, it implies he's really serious about this girl. I love how his concern for her is twisted into a lecture on how she's no more than an "Obama bumper sticker" to him. Fortunately, dumbass poster was called out by a couple of people and quickly apologized.

I guess what I'm trying to get at, is that maybe we should all be a little more respectful of people, and in the case of their personal relationships, we need to remember to mind our own damn business. And speaking only for myself, I'd really appreciate it if certain people took a long hard look at themselves. It all reminds me of a brilliant lyric from Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame:

And he saw corruption everywhere except within...
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So I get online tonight and try to update one of my fills on [ profile] norsekink only to find, to my surprise, that my username has been banned. Um, okay, I received no warnings nor can I think of anything I did that would warrant a banning, but the comm is switching maintainers right now and maybe someone pushed a wrong button somewhere, IDK. So I messaged one of the mods about it.

Just now, on a hunch, I went and looked at the link to one of my old fills on NK. IT'S GONE. Someone went and deleted every last chapter of The Thousandth Man! If I hadn't copied it to this lj, it'd have disappeared into the gaping maw of the internet. Who would do this? And why? So bizarre!


Mar. 17th, 2010 01:48 am
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Okay, WTF? #1 for the day: this fandom secret proclaiming Veronica Varlow's homeliness. Veronica, for those not in the know, is Emilie Autumn's Girl Friday and goes on tour with her. She looks like this. Why yes, that Veronica. She's a homely, homely girl. Srsly, WTF? Not only is the standard of beauty unrealistic, but so is the standard of ugly!

WTF? #2 is this post on Little Details, not so much for the post itself, which is a harmless enough inquiry about how gay people were treated in c. 12th century Ireland, but for the response down the thread in which some blithe soul proclaims, "Somehow, this doesn't quite sit right with me."

WTF? Um, I'm sorry? Maybe you could invent a time machine and go back to 12th century Ireland and take up the subject with the natives. People in the medieval period had a different viewpoint on homosexual acts than your average livejournal-patrolling modern-day fangirl. The Church was not cool with the gays. There was no Gay Pride Movement. There wasn't a concept of a homosexual identity. I mean... they had a different culture. If it doesn't 'sit right with you' then, um, good for you? I guess? I tried to add some information that was actually worth a goddamned thing, but it remains to be seen if it was taken.
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Okay, so I saw Ninja Assassin for my birthday, and I loved it. Not a deep movie by any means, but one that more than fulfills the promise of its title: it's about Raizo, a NINJA who is also an ASSASSIN! And he has a DARK PAST! And he fights a shadowy CLAN of EVIL NINJA ASSASSINS! He ANGSTS! He is joined by Mika, a BEAUTIFUL Europol agent who is also fighting the EVIL NINJA CLAN! Together, they kick ass! And have UST!

On [ profile] fandomsecrets, there's a secret lamenting how there's no fandom to celebrate how awesomely shippable Raizo/Mika are. Fangirl reaction: lots of Raizo/Mika shippers and several haters who declare that, among other things, Mika is "annoying" and a "useless bitch".

Open spoilers for Ninja Assassin )
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So today I tried to read the Skaar Son of Hulk TPB to get caught up for the upcoming Wolverine/Hulk/Skaar/Daken fourway battle in Incredible Hulk #603. Four issues into it, Skaar has said two lines: "&*%^ the Prophets" and "Stupid softskins."

WTF. The entire thing is nothing more than Skaar grunting and punching aliens, while other aliens monologue and provide exposition.
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I have just defriended a person that was on my flist for reasons that I would like to discuss more fully with all of you. This person, whom I friended because we had fannish interests in common, posted about their self-injury. This sort of thing has reached the breaking point with me. I am here for fannish enjoyment. I am not your counselor, I am not responsible for your well-being, and I am not going to sit here and have to look at post after post about y'all cutting, starving, drugging, or otherwise harming yourselves.

If you wish to post about such things, then you are welcome to do so in your own lj which is defriended from mine. I am tired of this drama and I simply am not going to put up with it anymore. I have personal problems of my own but I do not post them here for the public or my friends to see. If I have to be a bitch to protect myself from the pain you are causing yourself and others, then so be it. This lj is a very special happy space for me; this is where I go to play and relax and laugh. Do not take a dump in my goddamned sandbox.
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So I've been writing up a storm over on The Repo! kink meme and really enjoying myself. It's pretty PR0N0, so consider yourself warned if you decide to check it out. Anyway, an Anon (nothing against him/her being Anon, it's a kink meme so we're all Anon) is angry at my characterization of Graverobber/Shilo. I explained why I wrote them like I did and why the story went where it did, and the Anon responded WITH CAPSLOCK OF RAGE!!!!

I just really need to rant about it. I mean, how the hell are you supposed to write this pairing and not have it be a little bit disturbing on some level or another? Shilo's a 17-year-old girl who's been locked in her bedroom her entire life. Graverobber's a 28-year-old drug-dealer who robs graves. The power imbalance in any relationship between them should be fairly obvious.

I really did sit down and think it out before I ever started writing. He is fond of her, and he truly has convinced himself he's doing what's right for her, but Graverobber is not about to move to the suburbs and get a dog and a mortgage. He really does think he's doing her a favor: getting her off the streets (or in this case, out of the cemetery) for a couple of days, feeding her, buying her clothes, and leaving her a bus ticket. Of course, we (the audience) know that what he's doing isn't right, and I (the author) do not inherently agree with his actions. I thought I did a good job of putting in a lot of hints as to Graverobber's true intentions -- he thinks of Shilo as his 'child bride' when checking them into the motel, he doesn't get a room with two beds, he puts her in the bed with him, he constantly considers abandoning her. Graverobber justifies everything he does to himself as being in Shilo's best interests. He doesn't force himself on her, and makes an early attempt to back out, but when she shows a bit of willingness he gives in pretty easily. I didn't intend for it to come across as perfect and romantic and wonderful, but I guess I went a little too far.

[ profile] midnight_united, I'm sorry I inadvertantly started anything resembling a flame war in your lj, and after we've been friends for only a day. I really did not mean to. Repo! is such a small fandom that I would never want to stir up any shit and alienate anyone. It does suck for me in the sense that I was really enjoying myself and having a good time, and I thought I was entertaining folks and not pissing them off. That's not my intention in any way. I try not to harsh the squee, y'know?
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So my post about Jim Hammond roasting Hitler like a hot dog somehow got derailed with anti-Soviet wank. Now how one leads to the other is anyone's guess. Yeah, the Soviets weren't warm and cuddly and hells yeah Stalin has a lot to answer for, but to be fair to them the Soviets were fighting the NAZIS to defend their HOMELAND. I'd be so bold even to say they were the backbone of the fight against Hitler. It's no insult to anyone else to give the Soviet soldiers who fought, bled, and died a little respect. Is it too much to ask to give them their fair share of the glory? Apparently yes, because they were led by STAAAALIIIIN and that cancels out any bravery and sacrifice on the part of his soldiers. I'm not ignoring the USSR's faults and Stalin's viciousness, but it's not like the US government was a fucking paragon of virtue during this time period either, and we still don't disrespect our grandfathers who fought against the Nazis or Imperial Japan.


Aug. 4th, 2008 04:42 pm
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I am seriously on the verge of defriending [ profile] poor_skills. The information is fabulous but the people... are not. It's overtaken with the 'poor elite' who start jumping all over anyone who is deemed 'not poor enough' or who's dealing with a difficult situation.

For instance, right now there's a single mom in SoCal asking about teaming up with another single mom to rent a house and split bills. She's getting a lot of static just short of calling her an unfit mother. WTF? What's she supposed to do, shove the kids back in her fucking womb? And since when did kids need their own rooms? Millions of kids the world over share a single room with their entire families and do just fine. As for living in SoCal, yes it's expensive, but there's dozens of circumstances that could explain a single mom living there -- a job that offers health insurance she or her kids desperately need, proximity to family or the kids' dad, any number of things. We don't goddamn know, and its none of our business.

An earlier case was a woman inquiring about food for her pit bull mix. She was finding it hard to afford dog food and wanted to know if there was somewhere she could go to get some. Everyone starts yelling "REHOME HIM!" at her, as though homes for pit bull mixes are plentiful. They're often wonderful dogs, but NOBODY WANTS THEM. A lot of landlords and even some cities ban them outright. If she took that dog to a shelter, the odds that it'd be euthanized are pretty good. So what the hell is she supposed to do, swallow her pride and scrounge around for food, or dump it to be euthanized?

It's gotten so bad the mods have locked the comm, and almost every newbie starts their post with, "I'm sorry if this isn't on topic [i.e. poor enough to suit the 'poor elite'], but..."
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I guess all y'all might as well quit your jobs now, because it looks like Angelina Jolie is going to get every role you'd ever go up for. First she was Marianne Pearl in A Mighty Heart and now she's Fox in Wanted. Angelina is apparently as black as Hollywood is willing to go for anymore. What's next?

Through the magic of digital technology, Angelina Jolie will star as all three Pointer Sisters!
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All right. See that sign right there on the beach? It says LEAST TERN NESTING AREA. That means your punk ass better not go over in there, because there are some birds getting they freak on. And yet what is this SHIT? You and your ugly-ass family right up in the middle of the nesting area.

What the fuck, can't some birds FUCK anymore without being scared off by your flubbery white ass? The next time I see some ignorant mutherfuckers stomping around in that nesting area, I will shove my BOOT so far up your ASS you will be tasting Timberlands FOR WEEKS.

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Can I call a moratorium on bragging about some witty/badass thing you supposedly said? Right now over on [ profile] metaquotes there's some major wankage going on over this post some guy made claiming that he told off a father of two noisy kids. The whole thing reeks of "CHILDFRI PWR OMG", too smug and glib to be a real anecdote. Even if the story's true, it's lame. Regardless, boasting about yourself being badass on the internet is pretty pathetic. Go get a fucking hobby or something, write some fanfic, post photos of your refrigerator magnet artwork or something that's halfway admirable, and EARN your accolades.

For those who are going "Arrgh! A paragraph! Brain! Cannot! Take!", here's my post summarized succinctly:

Bragging about self + obviously made-up story = FAIL. One-celled lifeforms > you.
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I swear to God I will cut the next motherfucker who uses the word 'USian' instead of 'American'. I WILL CUT YOU, MOTHERFUCKER.


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